David Letterman drubs John McCain

David Letterman is none too happy with Republican presidential candidate John McCain after the senator canceled and appearance on his show.
David Letterman is none too happy with Republican presidential candidate John McCain after the senator canceled and appearance on his show.

"...as human beings we are capable of making sense of situations based on the thinnest slice of experience."

Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink and The Tipping Point.

BEWARE THE WRATH OF DAVE: Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain stiffed David Letterman by bailing out of an appearance on his show and really hacked off the comedian. At least Letterman offered him a ride to the airport. (RL)

OLD SCHOOL (NO, NOT THAT MOVIE): This week's movie selection is none other than Citizen Kane, regarded by almost every movie critic and film historian as cinema's greatest acheivement. But really, how many people have seen it - outside of film students? A half-dozen perhaps? Well, this weekend is as good a time as any to watch Orson Welle's 1941 masterpiece, and to see for yourself the film well from which almost every director has since drawn. If nothing else, you'll finally get the "Rosebud" reference. (KR)

WE LOVE THESE GUYS: Not to go to the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert well too many times, but these guys offer some of the most cogent commentary out there on the issues of the day. (RL)

THIS JUST IN: Clay Aiken is gay. The American Idol star is on the cover of People magazine with a big headline that proclaims "Yes, I'm Gay." Still awaiting a reaction from the Clay Nation. (RL)

THIS JUST IN, PART II: OK, we have to admit it, the Thin Slices staff - most of us at least - have never been big Clay Aiken fans. But Bob Dylan? Oh yeah. And we're excited about the upcoming release of his latest box set, which includes a killer outtake of one of his best late-career tunes, "Mississippi," which is available here for free. (RL)

REVISITING DAVID BLAINE: The Thin Slices staff told you about illusionist David Blaine hanging upside down in Central Park for a few days. We thought it sounded weird and a bit dangerous, until we saw this take on the stunt. Hard not to agree that standing up every 15 minutes or so and getting a check up from a doc doesn't sound so scary. (RL)

JUST THE FACTS: Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open. He can eat just one Lay's potato chip. He can slam a revolving door. And this Sunday, he's scheduled to speak at the "We The People" political film festival at Kent State University. (RS)

ONE SHARPIE: How can just one Sharpie change the world? Take a look. And then there's the experience of Terrell Owens (KC)

TOPSY TURVY TV: The days of the old-school networks dominating the Emmy Awards are over and likely never to return. Instead it's the CWs, Comedy Centrals, and HBOs that own the awards and smart alecks like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart prove that's a good thing "because America needs a prune." (RL)

DAVID BLAINE IS AT IT AGAIN: This time the illusionist is hanging upside down in Times Square, which is harder than it looks (if that's possible).." (RL)

TRAVIS TRIALS: Getting ready for the upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour game? Game companies Neversoft, RedOctane and Activision went looking for a drummer to beat on the game's kit to see if it could take the punishment of millions of teens. One of their test pounders was none other than former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, injured in a plane crash early Saturday morning in South Carolina. The game is expected to be available for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360 consoles on October 26. Barker will be out longer than that but is expected to make a full recovery. (KC)

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