Kellie Pickler is back with a new album and a fresh atttiude

Kellie Pickler's new self-titled album is an attempt at crossover success.
Kellie Pickler's new self-titled album is an attempt at crossover success.

" human beings we are capable of making sense of situations based on the thinnest slice of experience."

Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink and The Tipping Point.

SHE'S BAAAACKK: American Idol country girl Kellie Pickler is back with her second album and its lead-off single, "Don't You Know You're Beautiful," and an interview with People magazine in which she says she recently suffered from depression. (RL)

GOOD DAY, AY?: As a kid in the '70s, I watched Saturday Night Live, to see Mr. Bill. As a teen in the '80s, I tuned in to SCTV to watch Bob and Doug McKenzie. I quickly grew out of watching the Play-Doh figure meet his various gruesome demises, but I never grew tired of watching two beer-swillin', back bacon-lovin' stereotypes from the Great White North. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, who play Bob and Doug, respectively, improvised most of their two-minute segments on SCTV. You get the same feeling of looseness in many of their scenes in Strange Brew, the 1983 McKenzie brothers film. No, the comedy wasn't the hit everyone thought it would be, but it's an either you-get-it-or-you-don't comedy, and for the hosers who do get it, Strange Brew, is a howlin' good time chock-full of classic lines most males in their mid-30s and older can recite on request. So watch the movie this weekend; I'll be in the cafeteria sellin' smokes. >. (KB)

HEY! LEGO MY LEGO: One of the most famous and durable toys of all time, the LEGO, is celebrating it's 50th birthday. Blade Staff Writer Kirk Baird will have a feature on the colorful bricks in Sunday's paper and the popularity of the toy has never been greater, which these utensils prove. (RL)

TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE: And neither does the national debt clock, which is officially too big. Think maybe we ought to pay a few bucks back? (RL)

SHE MADE HIM DO IT: Christie Brinkley's most recent ex, Peter Cook, will be on Barbara Walters Friday to tell the world that ... he's not a pervert. And, uh, he cheated on his supermodel wife with a teen because he wasn't getting enough emotional support. Maybe he can also explain why other celebs have strayed from significant others that most guys drool over. Meantime, Brinkley's officially a free woman. (RS)

WHO YA GONNA CALL? Someone is selling a restored Ecto-1 car from Ghostbusters on eBay. Check it out, if you have $45,000 lying around. (RS)

COLBERT FOR PRESIDENT: His bid for president may not have worked out in the real world, but it looks like Stephen Colbert will get another shot in Marvel's comic book universe. He's set to appear in an issue of Amazing Spider-Man that hits the streets Oct. 15 and will do battle with the villain Grizzly. (RS)

TOP SECRET: UT band guy lets this slip during the recent Ball State-administered stomping at the Glass Bowl. Secret Rockets football strategy revealed. (KC)

FAMILIAR FACE: Smile for the camera O.J. - again. (KC)

MORE EVIL?: Evel Knievel had a dark side? Go figure. This link is worth the price of admission just for the photo. (KC)

D'OH!: So Homer Simpson goes to vote and ends up getting sucked into a giant shredder that chews him up and spits him out. That seems pretty normal for the hapless Homer, but as he's getting pulled into the mean machine he manages to take a pointed - but funny - shot at Ohio. (RL)

MIXED MESSAGES: Jennifer Love Hewitt fires back at those unflattering paparazzi. Then offers TV Guide a mixed message based on an innocent misunderstanding. You go, girl. (KC)

GOODNIGHT KIMBO: The Slice - diced? Say it ain't so, Kimbo. What to do now? We can't even pronounce Seth Petruzelli. (KC)

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