Borderlands 2 a must-own RPG shooter


The gaming industry feels trapped by a bottleneck of military-themed shooters, so the release of a freewheeling, gun-crazy, madcap return to Pandora comes at the perfect time.

The makers of this franchise know they hit most marks on the initial go, so reinventing the game in this sequel took a back seat to refinement and enhancement. Elements that seemed just OK in the original are now fully realized.

For the uninitiated, Borderlands takes place on Pandora, where rival gangs and unscrupulous companies attempt to plunder the place for resources. This, naturally, leads to chaos and few quiet places where a bullet is not whizzing by. Players choose one of four standard classes of warrior and have at it. From the moment gamers emerge from the wreckage of their thrashed transports, it's clear that anarchy is the only thing in charge of this landscape.

Borderlands 2 offers beautiful scenery and wickedly goofy characters as it makes a strong challenge to Skyrim and others in the battle for "stop and smell the roses" glory. A few glitches here and there don't halt this steam train, and it's an instant must-own for fans of role-playing shooters.