Daily log: 10-3



Bay Park Community Hospital

Brandy and Richard Taylor, Toledo, girl, Oct. 1.

Salena Quinn, Toledo, boy, Oct. 1.

Michelle Oday, Toledo, girl, Oct. 1.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Brittany Garza, Toledo, girl, Oct. 1.

Jessica James, Sandusky, boy, Oct. 1.

Melissa and Bryan Dick, Toledo, girl, Oct. 1.

Toledo Hospital

Laurie and Matthew Dewitz, Whitehouse, girl, Oct. 1.

Sarah and Matthew Deland, Toledo, boy, Oct. 1.

Sabrenia Jordan, Toledo, boy, Oct. 1.

Priscilla Coley, Toledo, girl, Oct. 1.

Britney Sisson, Toledo, girl, Oct. 2.

Monica Mazziotti, Sylvania, boy, Oct. 2.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Oct. 1, 2012

Joshua Coleman, 25, IT technician, and Ashley Floriana, 22, cosmetologist, both of Temperance.

Robert McGhee, 53, of Calion, Ark., and Beverly Foster, 57, retired, of Toledo.

Stephen Robinson, 60, retired, and Colleen Ebel, 44, attorney, both of Waterville.

Cyrus Chan, 35, doctor, of Holland, and Suzie Hhi, 31, product manager, of Kentwood, Mich.

Anthony Orr, 41, merchant marine, of Mobile, Ala., and Laquita Jackson 32, nurse assistant, of Toledo.

Xingjian Jin, 25, student, and Deng Pan, 27, student, both of Toledo.

Jeffery Radcliffe, Jr., 23, commercial roofer, and Megan Sheehan, 27, outside sales representative, both of Toledo.

David Perdeau, 54, truck driver, and Joyce Hun, 59, payroll specialist, both of Toledo.

Scott Czubek, 31, electrician, and Casey Dunkle aka Nosker, 28, teacher, both of Sylvania.

Victor Moreno Castro, 36, and Melissa Medlen, 28, social worker, both of Maumee.

Terry Glosser, 18, U. S. Army, Bowling Green, and Kiaya Glenn, 18, of Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Robert Smith, 30, press operator, and Julie Roughton, 26, special education teacher, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Applegate, Morris, Jr., 74, Brooklynn Park East, congestive heart failure.

Archibeque, Arselia, 89, Avalon Place, Parkinson’s disease.

Borkowski, Sueann, 68, Sun City Center, Fla., anoxic encephalopathy.

Boyd, Tom, 84, Millbury, Ohio, cancer.

Hoy, James, 65, Kansas, Ohio, chronic liver disease.

Hughes, Anthony, 49, Airport Highway, pending.

Keysor, Kyle, 79, Zephyrhills, Fla., sepsis.

MacFarlane, Shirley, 53, Havre Street, multisystem organ failure.

Maloney, Marianne, 92, King Road, Sylvania, senile dementia.

Nowicki, Daniel, 91, Perrysburg, sepsis.

Phillips, Natalia, 91, Clark Street, dementia.

Small, Charles, Jr., 72, Cherry Lake, Sylvania, intracerebral hemorrhage.

Wagner, George II, 53, South Lallendorf Road, Oregon, leukemia.


Crime reports

Felonious Assaults

Raymount Moore, assaulted on street at Broadway and Bowman. William Allen, assaulted at residence in 3100 block of Glenwood.

John White, assaulted at parking lot in 100 block of South Byrne.Brian Barry, assaulted at yard in 200 block of White.

Lance Carlton, fired at and grazed by bullet on street in 1100 block of Woodstock.

Jason Anderson, shot on front porch of residence in 3300 block of Wilson Place.


Samuel Brown, threatened with baseball bat and robbed of cash at parking lot at North Hawley and Nebraska.

Emily Hughes, assaulted and robbed of purse with medicines, cash, bank card, makeup, and personal papers on street at Lewis and Cloverdale.

Derek Brown, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash at parking lot in 4600 block of Monroe.

Edward Shaw, assaulted and robbed of car on street at North Detroit and Pasadena.

Thomas Rowley, robbed of pocket watch and wallet with cash, stamp card, and ID card at Curtis and Roff.

Dennis Dixon, assaulted in parking lot in 5700 block of Jackman by man who had broken into camper at that location; no loss reported.

Juan Ensley, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash outside residence in 900 block of West Woodruff.

James Pennington, threatened with handgun, assaulted, and robbed of cash in front yard in 400 block of Dexter.

Thomas Farley, assaulted and robbed of jewelry, pack of cigarettes, lighter, and wallet with cash and personal documents outside convenience store in 600 block of Oak.

KeyBank, bank employees threatened with handgun and robbed of cash from bank drawers in 2100 block of South Byrne.


Anne Richardson, bicycle and lawn mower from shed in 5600 block of Douglas.

Buckeye Telesystem, checkbooks, laptop computers, tools, and testing equipment from vehicles in fenced lot in 4800 block of Angola.

Federal National Mortgage Association, copper wire and water heater from residence in 4500 block of Jackman.

Nicholas Kerschner, watch, DVD player, and video game system from residence in 200 block of Steadman.

Shantia Hamilton, TVs, video game systems with accessories, laptop computers, and jewelry chest with costume jewelry from residence in 1200 block of Peck.

Ruth Mudryk, gas cans, snow blower, and lawn mower from garage in 1800 block of Bond.

James Demecs, wireless headphones with charger from residence in 400 block of 2nd.

Desiree Diakonis, TVs, brand name watch, video game system, and digital camera from residence in 4400 block of North Lockwood.

Majesta Bain, TV, laptop computer, video game systems, and nail polish from residence in 1400 block of Brooke Park.

Philip Apodaca, tattoo machines and video game systems with games and accessories from residence in 3600 block of Revere.


William Redlin, medicine from correctional treatment facility in 1100 block of Jefferson.

Thomas Turner II, equipment from tool trailer at yard in 4700 block of Ryan.

Nidal Yassine, navigation system, CDs, and wallet with cash, bank cards, and personal documents from vehicle in 1900 block of Rose Arbor.

Norma Prater, smart phone and laptop computer from residence in 3700 block of Frampton.

Concepcion Posas, purse with store cards and personal documents from seniors’ home in 2500 block of Seaman.

Roy Dixon, handgun from residence in 4300 block of Merry.

Lincolnshire Association, cash from neighborhood association in 3700 block of Manchester.

Vivian Hannah, keys and wallet with cash, bank cards, and personal documents from residence in 5800 block of Tetherwood.

Deana Gormley, purse with cash, checkbook, and personal documents from vehicle in 1600 block of West Sylvania.Brittany Martin, tires and purse with food stamp card, medicines, and personal documents from vehicle in 200 block of Licking.

Lisa Thomas, benefits card from front porch of residence in 300 block of Langdon.

Michelle Meyer and Bobby Srihavong, subwoofer and textbooks from vehicle in 1700 block of Brownstone.

Tricia Proudfoot, bank card and cash from vehicle in 400 block of East Broadway.

Terrance Kujawa, tools and lawn maintenance equipment from residence in 1000 block of Kipling.



Lucas County

Charzetta Blackmon-Murray from Aaron Murray.

Janette Cooper from William Cooper.

Mark Peace from Loni Peace.

Elizabeth Buckles from Garrett Buckles.

Hiley Lemons from Kyle Lemons.

Alan Yates from Brandie Yates.

Nickol Campos from Ruben Campos.

Chantelle McBride from Jesse McBride.

Armando Flores from Gina Flores.

William Ethridge from Arina Ethridge.

Judy Walker from Vernon Colbert.

Jennifer Schumacher from Douglas Schumacher.

Alicia Dandino from Patrick Dandino.

Kevin Reynolds from Joanna Reynolds.

Joanna Reynolds from Kevin Reynolds.

Scott Hammer from Melissa Hammer.

Sonya Arquette from Brian Arquette.


Kathryn Westbrook and Derick Westbrook.

Adam Spitler and Kimberly Spitler.

Heather Eppard and Chad Eppard.