Daily Log: 10-4



Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Julissa Hyslop, Toledo, girl, Sept. 30.

Michelle Dotson, Toledo, boy, Oct. 1.

Ashley Harding, Toledo, boy, Oct. 1.

Amy and Ron Vandrock, Martin, Ohio, boy, Oct. 1.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Andrea and Brandon Strickland, Walbridge, girl, Oct. 2.

Toledo Hospital

Melissa and Joe Beilke, Defiance, boy, Oct. 2.

Kelli and Eric Kadel, Toledo, boy, Oct. 2.

Monique Legree, Toledo, girl, Oct. 2.

Brenda and Mark Janowiecki, Jr., Defiance, boy, Oct. 2.

Crystal Lee, Temperance, boy, Oct. 2.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Oct. 2, 2012

Joshua Mercer, 28, mechanic, and Jennifer Leach, 25, hairdresser, both of Toledo.

Michael Calkins, 26, engineer, and Kimberley Schreier, 24, accountant, both of Toledo.

Robert Heuring, 33, factory worker, and Sarah Mozena, 27, both of Oregon.

Bryan Jagodzinski, 24, landscaping, and Sabrina Burch, 24, both of Toledo.

Michael Barney, 31, self employed, and Amber Jackson, 30, nurse, both of Sylvania.

Steven Peacock, 46, pipe fittet, and Mary Mason, 48, medical transcriber, both of Toledo.

Kyle Kinsey, 24, welder, and Grace Henry, 24, night auditor, both of Oregon.



Lucas County

Bennett, Phillip, Sr., 75, Torrance Drive, heart disease.

Bockbrader, Margaret, 54, Green Springs, Ohio, anoxic brain injury.

Dawson, Phyllis, 52, Paulding, Ohio, respiratory failure.

Dupre, Frank, 73, West Alexis Road, Sylvania Township, subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Griesheimer, Joseph, 65, South Avenue, heart disease.

Jones, William, 53, Bennett Road, hypertensive heart disease.

Keeps, Ruby, 92, Collins Street, coronary artery disease.

Keil, Richard, 81, Old State Line, Swanton, congestive heart failure.

Lammie, Donald, Sr., 86, Northville Drive, Alzheimer’s disease.

Nichols, Michael, 44, Wauseon, esophageal bleeding.

Perry, Colin, 2, South Detroit Avenue, pending.

Rada, Kelly, 38, Broadway Street, pending.

Rodgers, Richard, 58, Seventh Street, Maumee, pulmonary fibrosis.

Weavers, Alcon, 75, Monroe Street, sepsis


Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Carl Johnson, assaulted in 3000 block of Tremainsville.

Joe Wilson, assaulted outside bar in 100 block of Main.

Emily Caton, assaulted in vehicle by residence in 3700 block of Berkeley.


Mark Martin, assaulted and robbed of wallet with cash and personal documents at parking lot in 3100 block of Lagrange.

Verizon Wireless, clerk robbed of smart phone on display by man with gun at chain store in 3000 block of Glendale.

Pamela Jackson, threatened with handgun and robbed of purse with cash, credit cards, and personal documents at apartment complex in 3300 block of Arlington.


Katherine Zawodny, jewelry box, earring box, jewelry, and makeup from residence in 1200 block of Higley.

Karen Harris, TV from residence in 700 block of Chestnut.

Dwiana Frazier, TV from residence in unit block of West Oakland.

Tonya Leonard, jewelry, TVs, computer, and video game systems from residence in 200 block of Floyd.

Dwight Jones, Jr., medicine, DVDs, and video game system with controllers from residence in 2900 block of Albion.

Oma Taylor, medicines from residence in 1000 block of Gribbin.

Brittany Fonseca, TV and video game system from residence in 900 block of Artis Place.

Dean Willard, copper plumbing from residence in 700 block of Yondota.


Linda Stetler, purse with cash, bank card, checkbook, eyeglasses, and personal documents outside store in 4900 block of Jackman.

Denise Baker, laptop computer and cell phone from office in 2000 block of Brookdales.

Tiffany Johnson, duffel bag, purses, wallet, cash, bank cards, digital camera, and pairs of sunglasses from vehicle in 3700 block of Elmhurst.

Manuel Gonzales, tools from residence in 600 block of Prouty.

Raymond Hayton, firearms from residence in 500 block of Prouty.

Mercades Nicholson, video game systems and pairs of sneakers from residence in 1400 block of Tecumseh.