Suburban crime log: 11-3


Harbor view


William Melot, cash from residence in 400 block of Harbor View.


Lake Township


Carl Thomasson, property stake from yard of residence in 6600 block of Emch.

Judy Hogan, prescription medication from residence in 3600 block of Eastpointe.

Kristine Goldstein, cash from vehicle at residence in 4600 block of Libbey.

Maranda Cisneros, Vaness, Toledo, iPod from 5600 block of Emch.




Matthew Gross, leaf blower, chain saw, climbing saw, and pole saw from tool box of vehicle at residence in 300 block of Wrexham.

Jonathan Fiscus, iPhone head phones and drum sticks from vehicle at residence in 1200 block of Cass.

Alan Wright, TV from residence in 600 block of West Williams.

Proedge Lawn Care Limited, Albon, Holland, two backpack leaf blowers from trailer in 1500 block of Holland.

Mary Pfoutz, 500 block Southfield, bronze vase from cemetery in 800 block of West Wayne.




Northwood Estates, unknown person broke into residence in 1900 block of Tracy, no loss reported.

Woodville Skate Park 2, cash and cash registers from business in 2600 block of Woodville.


Jam Tire, Inc., assorted batteries from vehicles parked on lot in 6200 block of Fairfield.

Troy Fowler, personal checks from residence in 200 block of Orchard.

Deanna Barror, 100 block of Dillrose, credit card and bank card from 2400 block of Potomac.




Ted DeChristopher, political signs from yard of residence in 500 block of East Indiana.

Shell Gas Station, political sign from business in 900 block of West Boundary.

David Albring, political sign from residence in 500 block of East Indiana.

Charles Pfleghaar, political signs from residence in 400 block of West Front.

Gregory Eppink, cash from vehicle at residence in 3500 block of River Ridge.

Sara Wood, iPod, cell phone, and charger from vehicle at residence in 26000 block of Lake Vue.


Perrysburg Township


Nick Orrison, sunglasses, MP3 player, and change from vehicle at residence in 29000 block of Fox Creek.


Springfield Township


Subway and Ronald Bergfeld, employee subjected to robbery attempt at restaurant in 6800 block of Spring Valley.


Cui Chen, jewelry from residence in 1200 block of Plum Grove.

Michael Goodell, handgun and video game system from residence in 600 block of Clarion.

Teresa Cowens, laptop computer with accessories from hotel in 6100 block of Trust.


Hawthorne Suites, TVs from hotel in 6100 block of Trust.

Justin Schwind, video games with accessories from residence in 1800 block of North McCord.

Krystal Ramos, purse with cash and bank card from vehicle in 7500 block of Airport.

Taylor Schreiber-McCan, assaulted by burglar at residence in 8100 block of Dorr; no loss reported.




Sylvania Recreation Corp., unknown person broke into business in 5900 block of Garden Park, no loss reported.


Stacy Speegle, 8000 block of Bittersweet, bank card from 6600 block of Maplewood.

Lucas County Solid Waste Management District, 1000 block of Matzinger, aluminum cans from 7500 block of Sylvania.

Christina Siddens, Luddington, Toledo, credit cards from purse in 6600 block of Sylvania.

Gregory Johnson, credit card from residence in 5400 block of Bonniebrook.


Sylvania Township


Halloween Town, children’s Halloween costumes by three women who fled store.


Iman Mohamed, unknown person broke into residence in 7200 block of Jamesford, loss undetermined.

Tien Le, cash, purses, and jewelry from residence in 5800 block of Wyndstone.

Neil Dodrill, handgun from residence in 3200 block of Corey.

Toni Clark, video game, video controllers, CDs, and DVD movies from residence in 6100 block of Greenacre.

Susan Tucker, TV, police scanner, and handgun from residence in 7900 block of West Central.

Head Over Heels, cash drawer from business in 7500 block of New West.


Mark Poseler, 3700 block of Hill, wallet and contents from vehicle parked in 6800 block of West Central.

Jamie Heltman, Liberty Hi, Bowling Green, jewelry from 2700 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Toledo Pipe Transport, assorted batteries from vehicle parked on business lot in 8500 block of Central.

Cinco De Mayo, cash from business in 6900 block of West Central.

Troy Young, white 2003 Pontiac Grand AM, tools, and wallet and contents from driveway of residence in 4500 block of Gilhouse.

Christine Cowdrey, bicycle and ring from residence in 3200 block of North Centennial.


Whiteford Towhship


Tyler Tobias, generator and drill system from van in 4800 block of Smith.