Daily Log: 11-19



The Toledo Hospital

Nicole and Matt Holdship, Toledo, girl, Oct. 30.

Cassey Outland, Erie, Mich., girl, Aug. 19.

St. Luke's Hospital

Danielle and John Moses, Toledo, girl, Nov. 17.

Lindsey and Mike Wenzke, Toledo, boy, Nov. 17.

Bay Park Community Hospital

Marshawn Calhoun, Toledo, girl, Nov. 17.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County, Nov. 15, 2012

Reginal Reese, 25, trainer, of Pretiss, Miss., and Alexis Ortega, 19, cosmetologist, of Oregon.

Paul McKenzie, 41, student, and Rachel Laursen, 44, student, both of Toledo.

James Zoltanski, 30, supervisor, and Dana Goundrey, 37, bartender, both of Toledo.

Matthew Rinkowski, 31, sales representative, and Jean Dennis, 30, physical therapist, both of Monclova Township.

Jacob Rumpf, 31, and Christie Dawley, 26, assistant teacher, both of Toledo.

Nicholas Kelley, 25, and Aimie Tinsley, 28, factory worker, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Galbraith, Carlotta, 57, Grand Rapids, Ohio, pending investigation.

Gatwood, James, Jr., 69, Monroe Street, cancer.

Groszer, Andrew, 80, Gracewood Road, sepsis.

Halley, Ernest, 58, Fremont, cardiomyopathy.

Hansen, Richard, Sr., 90, Vosper Court, pending investigation.

Hart, Maria, 86, Nebraska Avenue, dementia.

Hayes, Logan, 7, Webster Street, Sylvania, pending investigation.

Hayes, Madalyn, 5, Webster Street, Sylvania, pending investigation.

Hayes, Paige, 10, Webster Street, Sylvania, pending investigation.

McConnell, Fannie, 86, North Berkey Southern Road, Berkey, coronary artery disease.

Perry, James, 54, Wayne Street, pending investigation.

Riedel, Doris, 87, Ottawa Lake, Mich., failure to thrive.

Robinson, Bobby, 75, Junction Avenue, heart disease.

Ross, David, Sr., 52, West Alexis Road, pending investigation.

Sprague, Gordon, 72, Pickle Road, Oregon, brain tumor.

Toles, Eddie, Jr., 79, Angola Road, Swanton, anoxic encephalopathy.

Young, William, Jr., 78, Hamilton Street, failure to thrive.

Zaborowski, Edward, Jr., 62, Pinecrest Drive, alcoholic cirrhosis.


Crime reports


Howard Mayo, cash and jewelry from residence in 4100 block of Templar.

Katelin Short, safe, jewelry, DVD player, and personal documents from residence in 200 block of Beecher.

Emma Urbina, camera, TV, computers, safe box, karaoke system, and video-game system from residence in 300 block of West Oakland.

Raquia Mitchell, TV and video game system with game from residence in 100 block of East Woodruff.


Jamal Walker, personal documents from residence in 2100 block of Joffre.

Megan Lee, wallet with cash, debit card, driver's license, and personal papers from hair salon in 800 block of West Alexis.

Robert Saggese, check and briefcase with personal papers from vehicle in 4100 block of Harvest.

Kristi Weiss, purse with bank cards and personal documents from vehicle in 4800 block of Monroe.

Laura Ruch, purse, jewelry, cell phone, keys, debit card, camera, and personal documents from vehicle in 1700 block of Adams.

Korey Pavlika, cash, car radio, auto programmer, and bow with accessories from vehicle at Berdan and Bellevue.

Ryan Phillips, subwoofers, amplifiers, radio, and speakers from vehicle in 3800 block of Drexel.

David Peckinpaugh, laptop computer, bookbag with personal papers, medicines, school books, and phone chargers from vehicle at Jefferson and 18th.

Jacqueline Wilder, cash, checks, makeup bag with makeup, and briefcase from vehicle at Reinwood and Tetherwood.

Kinzua Consulting LLC and Gail Hanson, cash, bank cards, store cards, cell phone, makeup, and keys from vehicle in 5000 block of Monroe.

Shirley Carpenter, credit card from residence in 1500 block of Airline.

Zackery Stevens, subwoofers and amplifiers from residence in 6100 block of Hill.

Dalia Underwood, purse, food-stamp card, debit cards, and personal documents from vehicle in 1100 block of East Bancroft.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Virginia Vrahiotes from Theodore Vrahiotes.

Raymond Sheets from Julia Sheets.

Patricia McIllwain from Jeffery McIllwain.

Jeffery McIllwain from Patricia McIllwain.

Haithan El-Hindi from Melisa El-Hindi.

Maria Alonzo-Wilson from Christopher Wilson.

Jane Howard from Brian Howard.

Amy Seel from John Seel.

Pamela Neuenschwander from Robert Neuenschwander.

Cathy Bergquist from Robert Bergquist.

Matthew Mulkey from Aleya Mulkey.

Merlin Cox from Pamela Cox.

Rex Smith from Colleen Smith.

Colleen Smith from Rex Smith.

Valorie Frantz from Charles Frantz.

Charles Frantz from Valorie Frantz.

Raymond Reidling from Monique Reidling.

Monique Reidling from Raymond Reidling.

Alan Starkey from Amber Starkey.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Vicki Snyder and John Snyder.

Kimberly Tullis and David Tullis.