Suburban crime log: 11-24


Bedford Township


Beverly Kinsey, safe with cash from bar in 7400 block of South Telegraph.

Edward Christian, generator, air compressor, tool chest, and tools from garage in 6700 block of South Telegraph.

Libbey Kaczorowski, iPads with accessories, drill set, video-game system, and jewelry from residence in 1400 block of Bedford.


Erie Township


Gwendolyn Tucker, video game system and TVs from residence in 6600 block of South Telegraph.


Kenneth Pavlica, tools from vehicle trailer in 6600 block of South Telegraph.


Harding Township


Janice Jordan, lawn and garden maintenance equipment from garage in 11800 block of Shaffer.

Walter Travel Trailers Inc., TV from recreational vehicle at fenced lot in 12500 block of Airport.


Jerusalem Township


William Lajti, copper pipes from garage in 9800 block of Seaman.


Gary Meinke, welder from garage in 10900 block of Corduroy.


Lake Township


William Wensink, tool chests, assorted tools, two kerosene heaters, and two gas cans with gasoline from residence in 27000 block of Cummings.




James Olszewski, jack and power tools from vehicle parked at home in 1100 block of Anderson.

Charlie Dodge, tires and rims from vehicle parked on lot in 700 block of Illinois.

Chad Neipp, assorted tools from vehicle parked at home in 1300 block of Cromly.

Herb Moore, 900 block of West Wayne, wallet and contents from 100 block of Golden Gate.

Bradley Buchanan, West College, Walbridge, assorted power tools from vehicle parked in 500 block of Illinois.


Monclova Township


Brandywine Country Club, TV from country club in 6900 block of Salisbury.

MaKenzie Cowden, cash from residence in 10100 block of Maumee Western.




Owens Community College, Oregon, Perrysburg Twp., laptop computer from 200 block of Gardner.

John Forkner, Lakeville, Ind., toolbox, clothing, shoes and boots from vehicle in 2400 block of Oregon.




Charles Maze, golf clubs and tools from garage at residence in 300 block of Crestway.

Dolores Mathle, 5300 block of Jacobs, several tools from garage in 2100 block of Arkansas.


Isaiah Brossia, Southpoint, Millbury, rear license plate from vehicle parked in 3100 block of Christine.

Catrina St. John, video game, video cartridges, headphones, and charger from residence in 1100 block of South Wheeling.

Thomas Tapp, Nancy Tapp, and Phyllis Baker, cash, jewelry, identification card, and bank card from residence in 2500 block of Eastmoreland.

James Stasa, cash from vehicle parked at residence in 3300 block of Hazelton.

Maurice Davis, 3100 block of Lantern, wallet and contents from 400 block of South Wheeling.

Annette Archambo, bank card from residence in unit block of North Stadium.

Jack Gast, gasoline from vehicle parked at residence in 400 block of Mountainbrook.

Janet Buschmann, gasoline from vehicle parked at residence in 2400 block of Luther Hills.

Shaun Peiffer, front and rear license plates from vehicle parked in 3100 block of Corduroy.

Ryan Waltz, backpack-style blower from vehicle parked in 2100 block of Woodville.


Perrysburg Township


Perrysburg Car Wash, cash from coin machine in 27000 block of Oakmead.

Tanglewood Golf Course, unknown person broke into business in 9800 block of Dowling, no loss reported.


Trea Borders, Wayne, Ohio, iPod from classroom in 9300 block of Buck.

American Steel Treating, 10,000 pounds of scrap metal from business in 29000 block of Glenwood.


Spencer Township


Mark Griffith, audio equipment and CDs from vehicle in 2000 block of South Berkey Southern.


Joyce Lee, purse with Taser and bottles of perfume from vehicle in 6000 block of Knights Inn.


Springfield Township


Justin Nagypaul and Kevin Cunningham, threatened with handgun and robbed of video-game system with accessories at driveway in 2800 block of Quarry.


Matthew Guy, Austin Maier, Dan Cervi, and Patrick Hohenberger, TV, computer, and video-game system with accessories from residence in 6600 block of Dorr.


Autumn Hetzel, car stereo from vehicle in 2100 block of Country Trace.

Kenneth Hume, hunting equipment from vehicle in 1700 block of Sudbury.

William Hoag, farm equipment from property in 6600 block of Nebraska.

Kurt Thomley, cash from vehicle in 6200 block of Sugarberry.

Danielle Moses, cash from vehicle in 6200 block of Sugarberry.

Eric Parchment, speaker and amplifier from vehicle in 2000 block of Country Trace.

Beverly Byer, DVD player, backup camera monitor, and briefcase with personal paperwork from vehicle in 6700 block of Dorr.




Charlie Kemp, change and key from residence in 5600 block of Acres.

Manubhal Patel, cash and assorted jewelry from residence in 4300 block of Todd.


Aaron Hassell, roofing shingles from home in 5600 block of Elliott.

Advance Auto Transport, truck batteries from vehicle while parked in 5800 block of Monroe.

Joshua Cash, Airport, Swanton, earphones, gloves, face mask, and turnpike toll transponder from vehicle while parked 5200 block of Harroun.

Swissaire Apartments, air conditioner from 4600 block of North Holland Sylvania.

Linday Boxell, 6600 block of Carritown, wallet and contents from 6800 block of Sylvania.

Scott Wilson, bicycle from residence in 4600 block of Charlesgate.


Sylvania Township


Emily Johnson, known person broke in home in 6200 block of Greenacres, loss undetermined.

Annette Clark, assorted jewelry from residence in 8800 block of Red Hawk.

Eric Dilley, jewelry box from residence in 9600 block of Wolfinger.

Su Ning, cash, jewelry, gold coins, and personal papers from residence 2500 block of Live Oak.

Nmaryam Azadi, 3800 block of Sulphur Spring, stove and copper pipes from property in 4400 block of Standing Timbers.

Jaisie Gerity, cash from residence in 5900 block or Rega.


Steven Smith, Spruce, Sylvania, laptop computer, case, and school book from vehicle while parked in 5100 block of Monroe.

Erin McGinnis, 5400 block of Marriat, wallet and contents from 7700 block of West Central.

Linda Hughes, assorted jewelry from residence in 2700 block of Sweetbriar.

Amy Brummett, jewelry from residence in 3200 block of North McCord.




Craig Burtch, handgun and medication from residence in 200 block of Harrison.


Washington Township


Betty Siegwald, TV and video game from residence in 100 block of Moss Creek


Ashley Sutter, prescription medication from vehicle parked at residence in 100 block of Apple Creek.

Anthony Demuth, navigation device and iPod from vehicle while parked at residence in unit block of Lemon Creek.

Jason Bonds, change from vehicle parked outside residence in 200 block of Moss Creek.

Nancy Hill, handgun from residence in 100 block of Apple Creek.

Robert Reinhart, Carhart jacket from vehicle parked in unit block of Cypress.