Daily Log: 11-27



Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Claudette Hopings, Toledo, girl, Nov. 23.

Amanda and Cristoval Mendoza, Monroe, boy, Nov. 24.

Toledo Hospital

Rianna Mosley, Toledo, boy, Nov. 25.

Crime reports


Joseph Lengel, Jr., shot and fatally wounded at fitness club in 700 block of Warehouse.

CreJonnia Bell, shot and fatally wounded at residence in unit block of West Weber.

Felonious assaults

Antonio Green, stabbed at residence in 800 block of Main.

Naomi Smith, stabbed at residence in 5900 block of Livingston.

Tonya Cason, stabbed at residence in 200 block of Kevin.


Michael Berry, assaulted and robbed of cash, plane ticket, and ID card on street in 3100 block of Cherry.

Sunoco and Gary Eishen, store clerk robbed of one or two cans of beer at convenience store in 3500 block of Hill.

Clifton Gardner, occupied dwelling in 700 block of Tecumseh shot into.


Craig Dippman, cash and tools from bar in 1300 block of Front.

Marc Hirschl, handgun, stereo system, clothes, change jar, and wallet with personal documents and papers from residence in 3100 block of Meadowbrook.

Janney's Ace Hardware, snow blowers from business in 5800 block of Secor.

Tania Collins, computers and video game system with games from residence in 800 block of Hildebrand.

Asianna Jenkins, cash, TV, laptop computer, and pair of boots from residence in 3400 block of Gibralter Heights.

Broadway Mini Mart, cash, cigarettes, and cigars from convenience store in 1100 block of Broadway.

Rebecca Mackey, TV, jewelry, and DVD movies from residence in 4300 block of West Alexis.

Star Beauty Supply, boxes of wigs from business in 3000 block of Monroe.

Rossana Perera, cash, jewelry, laptop computers, TV, and lock box with personal documents from residence in 3900 block of Kimberton.

Chitanna Mack, jewelry, computers, cell phone, and coats from residence in 600 block of Pinewood.

Gloria Wright, laptop computer from residence in 1200 block of City Park.

Shevella Pettaway, jewelry, TVs, and video game systems with games from residence in 700 block of Tecumseh.