Suburban crime log: 12-1




Scott Michael, GPS unit and binoculars from vehicle at residence in 300 block of Canal.

Richard Fries, cash from vehicle at residence in 1100 block of Maple.




Neil Schwab, 1000 block of Rose-dale, 2002 blue Dodge Dakota truck from 1600 block of Michigan.

Wallace Builders, Brooklyn, Mich., aluminum brake from construction site in 100 block of Riverside.

Jonas Graber, Grabill, Ind., power tools, air compressor, electrical power cords, and air hoses from trailer at construction site in 100 block of Riverside.


Perrysburg Township


Todd Long, unknown person broke into residence in 10000 block of Wyandot, loss undetermined.

Lewis Blanchard and Tanglewood Golf Course, unknown person broke into business in 9800 block of Dowling, no loss reported.


Todd Hager, 7200 block of Fremont Pike, chairs and miscellaneous items from 11000 block of Avenue.




Sylvania Towers, miscellaneous building supplies from business in 5300 block of West Alexis.


Flower Hospital, assorted snacks from hospital in 5200 block of Harroun.

Ryan Spear, 5700 block of Summit, temporary license plate from vehicle in 4700 block of Charlesgate.


Sylvania Township


Louis Osborn, known person broke into residence in 5900 block of Chaney, no loss reported.

Ester Ulrich, TV from residence in 6200 block of Bonsel.

Stephen Spohler, TV, video games, Star Wars figures, Blu-ray player, BB guns, computer router, computer, and computer accessories from residence in 2600 block of Wilford.

Carie Beckham, laptop computer and TV from residence in 5900 block Artwell.


Gregory Kopan, Corey, keys, wallet and contents from 2800 block of North Reynolds..




Michael Romanowicz, 1200 block of Grassy, iPod, watch, jacket, clothing, and gym bag and contents from vehicle in 500 block of Maybar.

Willis Sowie, speakers, gun holder, shotgun, and slugs from vehicle at residence in 100 block of Bergin