Suburban crime log: 12-29


Suburban Crime Reports

Bedford Township


Debra Gehring, bottles of liquor from bar in 1600 block of Smith.

Kamlesh Shah, gas furnace, air-conditioner coil, and washing machine from motel building in 6200 block of South Telegraph.

Marilyn Swisher, cash, coin sorter, and portable music player from residence in 500 block of Smith.


Rebecca Harris, purse with bank card and gift cards from store in 3400 block of Sterns.


Erie Township


David Baumgartner, laptop computer, digital camera, cash, and jar from residence in 6200 block of Amberwood.




Donna Lamb, purse with cash and medicine from vehicle in 6500 block of Airport.




Eric Leggett, laptop computer with case from vehicle in 3400 block of Briarfield.




Shell, cash from clerk by unknown person in 2400 block of Oregon.


Northwood Estates, furnace and water heater from home in the 1900 block of Tracy.


Jerimy Kohn, 2000 block of Momany, AM/FM/CD player, amplifier, medication, video game, and video cartridges from vehicle while parked in 1700 block of S. Wheeling.

Penske Collision Center, assorted tools from business in 2800 block of Innovative.

David Zemenski, 1900 block of Bailey, clothing bag and contents and messenger bag and contents from vehicle while parked in 200 block of Lemoyne.

Valerie Rhoades, West Edgefield, Genoa, video game and backpack with contents from vehicle while parked in 400 block of Lemoyne.




Benjamin Laubender, parcel from residence in 300 block of Commodore Way.

Robin, Birchdale, license plate from vehicle parked in 300 block of Portside.

Laurie Pangle, Homestead, Rossford, briefcase and contents from vehicle while parked in 2000 block of Hollenbeck.

Evan Thomas, Appaloosa, laptop computer from vehicle while parked in 2000 block of Hollenbeck.

Kristy Spackey, Belmont Meadows, purse and contents from vehicle while parked in 6100 block of Levis Commons.


Perrysburg Township


Chad Woodward, Muskegon, Mich., laptop computer, boots, drill, and video game from vehicle while parked in 27000 block of Helen.

David Luce, 9600 block of Bishopswood, wallet and contents from 26000 block of Lime City.

Troy Hertzfeld, sign from residential yard in 9600 block of Bishopswood.

Ernest Molnard, Christmas card with cash from mailbox at residence in 9600 block of Millcroft.


Springfield Township

Felonious assault

Kaylee Vasquez, assaulted at apartment complex in 700 block of South McCord.


Martitus Holloway, video-game system with games and controllers from residence in 6800 block of Oakfield.

Lushawna Turner, television from residence in 1800 block of North McCord.


Amelia Bohl, purse with personal documents from store in 1200 block of South Holland Sylvania.

Shelby Kellar, purse from shopping cart at store in 1400 block of South Holland Sylvania.

Lena Piggee, license plate from vehicle in 6900 block of Oakfield.




Kyle Ehrecke, credit cards, cash, cell phones, video games, smart phone, checkbook, and medication from residence in 4900 block of South Main.

American Carpet Services, unknown person broke into business in 5100 block of Railroad, loss undetermined.

Learning Express Toy Store, cash from business in 5500 block of Monroe.

Olga Soto, unknown person broke into home in 5500 block of Roan, no loss reported.


Sarah Klepzig, 2500 block of Live Oak, cash from purse in 7200 block of West Sylvania.


Sylvania Township


Robert Wendt, jewelry and jar of coins from residence in 3400 block of Corey.

Berry Koala, television and cash from business in 6700 block of West Central.

Kyota Ka Restaurant, unknown person broke into business in 6800 block of West Central, no loss reported.

Paul Herman, handguns and cash from residence in 3500 block of Wilford.

Katie Griggs, laptop computer, televisions, and gifts cards from residence in 3200 block of Millicent.




James Spires, cash from room in 5500 block of Anthony Wayne Trail.


Whiteford Township


The Tile Shop, no loss reported at business in 3400 block of Sterns.