Suburban crime log: 1-19


Bedford Township


Arctic Cafe, register drawer with cash from business in 8100 block of Secor.

Avalyn Bear, antique watches and jewelry boxes with jewelry from residence in 8500 block of Jackman.


Tammy Dailey, purse with cash, gift cards, driver’s license, and personal photos from vehicle in 200 block of Enterprise.

Candace Vogel, cash from vehicle in 8100 block of Bay.

Wayne Bostwick, checkbook from residence in 1500 block of West Sterns.


Jerusalem Township


Richard Kusan, TV from residence in 12100 block of Corduroy.


Sherrie Myers, jewelry from residence in 11900 block of Reubens.


Lake Township


James Hicks and Jessica Szczepanski, TVs, camera, jewelry, guitar, and tools from residence 2600 block of Moline Martin.


Susan Vincent, iPod Touch from residence in 28000 block of Lemoyne.

Matthew Prufert, Movado watch from residence in 29000 block of Owens.

David Antonacci, tool box and assorted tools from vehicle at residence in 6600 block of Alexander.

Lawrence Cser, GPS unit and iPod speaker from vehicle at residence in 6600 block of Alexander.

Craig McCawley, 1999 beige Chevy from driveway of residence in 6600 block of Alexander.




Jason Keating, cash and Gucci box from residence in 1600 block of River.


Kyle Stephens, Silver Creek, Perrysburg, coat, keys, and wallet and contents from 5900 block of Monclova.

Laurie Stoiber, Five Point, Perrysburg, purse and contents from vehicle in 1300 block of Conant.

Bradley Spraw, iPad, laptop computer, head phones, charging cords, and bookbag and contents from vehicle at residence in 800 block of Scott.

Jeremy White, Aurora, Colo., suitcase and contents from vehicle in 100 block of Dussel.




Alfred Collins, unknown person broke into residence in 3800 block of Willacker, no loss reported.

Jerry Takacs, computer and two iPads from residence in 1300 block of Bury.

Bryon Nusbaum, Melissa Hinkle, and Tyler Orth, unknown person broke into residence in 2400 block of Burnside, no loss reported.

Mark Tracy, throwing knives and throwing stars from vehicle at residence in 2400 block of Eastvale.

Joshua Miller and Kenneth Miller, wireless router from residence in 2100 block of Oakdale.

Mundy Sass, TV and cable box from garage of residence in 2700 block of Randall.

Cynthia Hooks, dog from residence in 4900 block of Bay Shore.


Linda Spillis, wallet and contents from residence in 1700 block of South Wheeling.

Ashland Church, copper from air conditioner unit of the church in 2300 block of Starr.

Marcella Gonzalez, purse and contents from vehicle parked at residence in 1500 block of Reswick.

Curtis Hairabedian, wallet and contents from 5600 block of Seaman.

Auto Max, dealer license plate from business in 2200 block of Navarre.

Echo Meadows Church, inner parts from air conditioner unit of church in 2900 block of Starr.

Northern Seal, Inc., Kalkaska, Mich., generators, welder, and gas can from vehicle in 1700 block of Meder.

Cynthia Hooks, keys and tool set from residence in 4900 block of Bay Shore.

Kenneth Jeffries, coins, glasses, medication, and liquor from residence in 1900 block of Garner.




Dennis Nagy, tool bag and hand gun from vehicle at residence in 200 block of West South Boundary.

Madeline Sulewski, Laurel, wallet and contents from 13000 block of Roachton.


Perrysburg Township


Randy Weiland, unknown person broke into residence in 9500 block of Dowling, loss undetermined.


Douglas Steinhauser, 4200 block of Morgan, utility trailer from 26000 block of Glenwood.

John Hutchins, Woodland, Rossford, change jar containing cash and wedding band from vehicle in 26000 block of Bates.

Beverly Loenig, medication from residence in 27000 block of Oregon.




William Wilson, 4600 block of Curtice, TV from 200 block of Rood.


Anna Wilson, 4600 block of Curtice, purse and contents from vehicle in 4500 block of Woodville.

Bruce Hoyt, Howard City, Mich., grease tank from 4500 block of Woodville.


Springfield Township


Cleveland Plant and Flower Co., car from 1200 block of South McCord.

Gleason Construction Co., Inc., pipes from property in 1400 block of Kieswetter.

Brett Miller, vehicle trailer from residence in 8600 block of Nebraska.

Stephanie Twigg, purse from vehicle in 300 block of Cheswick.

Darla Wielinski, jewelry from residence in 6800 block of Kranz




Tangi Henderson, Blairsville, Pa., clothing from room in 1100 block of Buck.


Spencer Township


Sabrina Carroll, TVs, subwoofers with box, and box of clothes from residence in 9800 block of Oak Place.




Lourdes University Bookstore, assorted books from business in 4900 block of North McCord.


Sylvania Township


U-Haul, assorted tools from business in 2700 block of North Reynolds.


Luke Rundquist, 5800 block of Sylvania, wallet and contents from locker in 6400 block of West Sylvania.

Patrick Sparks, cash from residence in 6000 block of Chaney.




Katheryn Belkofer, 500 block of North Main, purse and contents from 400 block of North Main.