Daily Log: 2-12



Flower Hospital

Katelyn Flowers, Toledo, girl, Feb. 4.

Katelyn and Nicholas Sattelmaier, Toledo, girl, Feb. 4.

Jaimee and John Carter, Jr., Holland, girl, Feb. 4.

Monica and Robert Blanchong, Toledo, girl, Feb. 5.

Cherell Harris, Toledo, girl, Feb. 6.

Renee Reck, Northwood, girl, Feb. 6.

Heather and Brian Duvall, Toledo, boy, Feb. 6.

Chelsea Mondragon, Toledo, boy, Feb. 6.

Kristen Clark, Toledo, boy, Feb. 7.

Jalyn and Robert Bailey, Toledo, boy, Feb. 7.

Barbara and Joseph Arnold, Toledo, boy, Feb. 7.

Jasmine Lewis, Toledo, boy, Feb. 8.

Emily and Patrick Nausbaum, Deerfield, Mich., boy, Feb. 9.

Coreen Haynes, Toledo, girl, Feb. 10.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Melissa and Allen Swackhamer, Toledo, girl, Feb. 8.

Toledo Hospital

Priscilla and Aaron Bersee, Waterville, boy, Feb. 5.

Hillary and Chris Piros, Adrian, boy, Feb. 10.

Erin and John Raitz, Maumee, girl, Feb. 10.

Kayla Salyers, Toledo, boy, Feb. 10.

Andrea and Jeff Schak, Sylvania, boy, Feb. 10.

Jessica and Brian Wozniak, Sylvania, girl, Feb. 10.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Feb. 8, 2013

William Parris Frings, 35, of Asuncion, Paraquay, and Brandy Spalsbury, 30, nurse assistant, of Monroe.

Jose Villarreal, Jr., 42, forklift driver, and Rebecca Bays, 31, server, both of Maumee.

Codie Haskell, 21, forklift operator, of Toledo, and Shanice Smoke, 20, of Hillsdale, Mich.

Dustin Lange, 29, supervisor, of Luna Pier, Mich., and Valerie Grier, 31, teacher, of Monroe.

Corey Smith, 38, and Lee Poupard, 37, nurse, both of Monroe.

Matthew Shaver, 35, stone fabricator, of Swanton, and Tara Maimone, 30, student, of Toledo.

Clayton Birney, 45, sales director, of Sylvania, and Paula Stachowski, 51, medical assistant, of Toledo.

Seyyedvahid Mortazavian, 23, student, and Niloufar Rostami, 23, student, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Benner, William, 63, Little Creek Drive, Whitehouse, carcinoma.

Boone, Carol, 74, Joliet Drive, Maumee, cancer.

Bugg, Erma, 65, Acoma Drive, emphysema.

Chapman, James, 85, Browning Road, Waterville, failure to thrive.

Jurack, John, 60, Luckey, Ohio, respiratory failure.

Love, Delora, 92, Albon Road, Springfield Township, coronary artery disease.

Michelson, James, 60, Eber Road, Holland, aspiration pneumonia.

Neville, Barbara, 85, North Holland-Sylvania Road, pending.

Powell, Robert, Sr., 62, Allison Avenue, carcinoma.

Reed, Ernest, Jr., 70, Tunnel Street, renal disease.

Richard, Karen, 68, Montpelier, Ohio, sepsis.

Rombkowski, Leo/Rand, Lee, 82, Davida Drive, leukemia.

Seadin, Dianne, 47, National Avenue, multi organ failure.

Stinebaugh, Wendy, 36, Elmore, Ohio, infective endocarditis.

Swartz, Robert, 73, Perrysburg, accident.

Thrush, Wayne, 73, Birchall Road, heart disease.

Watson, Irma, 70, East Pearl Street, peripheral artery disease.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Jill Dahmer from Michael Dahmer.

Kim Haman from Debra Haman.

Paul Tierney from Margaret Cypher.

Julie Stachowiak from Jacob Stachowiak.

Jacob Stachowiak from Julie Stachowiak.

Laura Bigelow from Robert Bigelow.

Robert Bigelow from Laura Bigelow.

Cathleen Miklos from David Miklos.

David Miklos from Cathleen Miklos.

Michael Granger from Christine Granger.

Brandy Reynolds from Ronald Reynolds.

Ronald Reynolds from Brandy Reynolds.

Vickie Neubert from Keith Neubert.

Keith Neubert from Vickie Neubert.

Adel Kamal from Tammy Asbury.

Christopher Brownfield from Victoria Brownfield.

Kimberly Stiler-Freeman from Roger Freeman.

Roger Freeman from Kimberly Stiler-Freeman.

Samantha Daunhauer from Justin Smith.

Brian Roush from Holly Roush.

Daniel Brandon from Sheronda Brandon.

Sheronda Brandon from Daniel Brandon.

Amy Deily from Jeffrey Deily.

Harold Rieger II from Gabrielle Rieger.

Alyssa Black from Adam Black.

Haitham Najudi from Reema Bazzy.

Ronald Geckle II from JoAnna Geckle.

JoAnna Geckle form Ronald Geckle II.

Maggie Jackeway from Aaron Jakeway.

Monica Morales-Hill from Victor Hill II.

Brooks Vinson from Deborah Vinson.

Randy Bodi from Dawn Worley.

Dawn Worley from Randy Bodi.

Aaron Braziel from Rodney Braziel, Jr.

Tammy Phillips from Michael Phillips.

Michael Phillips from Tammy Phillips.

Cynthia Wozny from Ralph Wozny.

Thad Disbrow from Kristen Disbrow.

Kristen Disbrow from Thad Disbrow.

Dena Montoya from Mario Montoya, Sr.

Jason Webster from Nicole Webster.

Zulema Herzog from Adam Herzog.

Dwayne Gibson, Jr. from Dionne Gibson.

Leather Stover from Timothy Stover.

Christy Taylor from Terence Taylor.

Marie Mason from Anthony Mason.

Gwendolyn Johnson from T.C. Johnson.

Perry Buck, Jr., from Sherly Hicks.

Yvette Miller from Orian Miller, Jr.

Sevia Witcher from Vincent Witcher, Sr.

April Ankenbrandt from Matthew Ankenbrandt.

Matthew Ankenbrandt from April Ankenbrandt.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Steven Hornyak and Kimberly Hornyak.

Perry Teets and Misty Teets.

Denise Eichenberg and Steven Eichenberg.

Kathleen Sutter-Johnston and Brian Johnston.

Robert Sheline and Marcia Sheline.

Amy Kistner and Matthew Kistner.

Jodi Stecker and Timothy Stecker.

Mark Evanoff and Tamara Evanoff.

William Welever and Nichole Welever.

Larry Wagner and Susan Wagner.

Michael Kopf and Sharon Kopf.

Tammy Glover and David Glover.

Marlyn Plotner and Karla Plotner.

Susan Trim and Rodney Trim.

John Calgie and Melinda Calgie.

Deborah Petersheim and David Petersheim.

Michelle Provo and Steven Provo.

Nanci Moseley and Gene Moseley.

Michelle Guitteau and Timothy Guitteau.

Colleen Kwasniak and David Kwasniak, Jr.

Christopher Rybka and Maria Rybka.

Tracy Stuckey and John Stuckey.

Corianna Lane and Rogrit Lane.

Lynne Toerne and David Toerne.

Michelle McCullough and Shawn McCullough.

Dawn Christen and Kevin Hall.

Tina Warren and Anthony Warren.