Daily log: 3/8



Bay Park Community Hospital

Dezarai and Michael Sweeney, Toledo, boy, March 6.

Selina Reyes, Toledo, boy, March 7.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Jennifer and Jeffrey Russell, Springfield Township, girl, March 4.

Janet and Ryan Moore, Sylvania, girl, March 5.

Robin and Aaron Faehnle, Delta, Ohio, girl, March 5.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Amanda Sattler, Toledo, girl, March 6.

Jayme Minnick, Maumee, girl, March 6.

Surprett Kaur and Sukhpal Singh, Toledo, girl, March 6.

Toledo Hospital

Nordaja Broaden, Toledo, girl, March 6.

Shnitra Claiborne, Toledo, boy, March 6.

Deborah Creque, Toledo, girl, March 6.

Nichole and Jon Farthing, Maumee, boy, March 6.

Patrice Girardot, Toledo, boy, March 6.

Sara Hutchisson, Holland, boy, March 6.

Kristen and Greg Rodriguez, Toledo, boy, March 6.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

March 5, 2013

Donald Benton, 37, laborer, and Lisa Gwinn, 26, beauty advisor, both of Toledo.

Russell Grohowski, 56, retired, and Linda Bruce, 51, manager, both of Holland.

Antwan Robinson, 28, food service, and Virginia Kohl, 27, food service, both of Toledo.

Wilson Greene, Jr., 29, stock clerk, and Dontia Boykin, 26, both of Toledo.

Jamey Aldrich, 45, disabled, and Shea Lynn, 19, student, both of Toledo.

Brent Chinni, 37, lawn care, of Maumee, and Danielle Woods, 34, customer service, of Toledo.

Darrald Piddock, 45, of Toledo, and Barbara Klosinski, 40, of Fremont.

Tyler Houts, 28, graphic designer, and Megan Kolhoff, 28, teacher, both of Toledo.

Scott Grajczyk, 37, production worker, and Rachel Johnson, 40, human resource manager, both of Oregon.

March 6, 2013

Joseph Baranek, 23, mechanical engineer, and Brigitte Sexton, 24, server, both of Sylvania.

Michael Schmude, Jr., 22, and Chelsea Mondragon, 19, both of Toledo.

Victor Monroe, 58, college professor, and Rebecca Byerly, 56, both of Toledo.

Robert Laderach, 20, U. S. Army, of Erie, Mich., and Kellie Sparks, 30, cosmetologist, of Oregon.



Lucas County

Augustyniak, Hattie/Hedwig, 94, Flaire Drive, congestive heart failure.