Daily Log: 3-10



Toledo Hospital

Allison and Scott Haase, Maumee, boy, March 8.

Delicious Taylor, Toledo, boy, March 8.

Danyelle McGary, Toledo, girl, March 8.

Lindsay and Daniel Almester, Rossford, girl, March 8.

Courtney Pickard, Northwood, girl, March 8.

Elissa Falcone, Toledo, boy, March 8.

Kristy and Curtis Sharp, Holland, girl, March 7.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Sonya and Jonathan Wielgopolski, Toledo, girl, March 7.

Makaila Gregor, Toledo, girl, March 6.

Karen Becerra, Toledo, boy, March 6.

Tierra Winfree, Toledo, boy, March 7.

Lashy Washington, Oregon, boy, March 4.

Justin and Rochelle Kuharchek, Toledo, girl, March 6.

David and Danielle Butler, boy, Toledo, March 6.

Suzanna and Philip Schumacher, Bowling Green, boy, March 5.

St. Luke's Hospital

Cheryl and Jared Harpster, Bowling Green, girl, March 8.

Stacy Tolles, Bowling Green, boy, March 8.

Flower Hospital

Jamie and David Clouse, Oregon, boy, March 4.

Adrian and Martin Helton II, Toledo, girl, March 6.

Jamie and Brent Lamarand, Perrysburg, boy, March 8.

Rochelle Bowser, Maumee, girl, March 6.

Bay Park Community Hospital

Brittany Saenz, Toledo, girl, March 8.

Machelle and Michael Van Dusen, Perrysburg, girl, March 8.