Daily log: 3/13



Bay Park Community Hospital

Nicole Bridges, Toledo, boy, March 11.

Doneshia Fizer and Quillie Alexander, Toledo, boy, March 11.

Kaitlin and Kyle Ganss, Toledo, boy, March 11.

Flower Hospital

Mary and Steven Wilson, Toledo, girl, March 8.

Sarah Dauer, Perrysburg, girl, March 8.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Nicole and Matthew Everhardt, Toledo, boy, March 7.

Jashanda Townsend, Toledo, girl, March 8.

Kylee and Michael Hanhold, Bowling Green, twin boys, March 9.

Toledo Hospital

Melissa Ellis, Toledo, boy, March 11.

Leila and Khaled Elabyad, Sylvania, boy, March 11.

Julie and James Kerrigan, Temperance, boy, March 11.



Lucas County

Barnd, David II, 47, Findlay, pending.

Betz, Janice, 53, Tiffin, multisystem organ failure.

Bolden, Gary, Sr., 55, North Huron Street, hypertensive heart disease.

Brown, Earlie, Jr., 76, Darlington Road, adenocarcinoma.

Browning, Judd, 55, West Alexis Road, cancer.

Caswell, David, 74, Holly Hill Drive, arteriosclerotic vascular disease.

Males, Robert, 81, West Alexis Road, septic shock.

Mileham, Aaron, 35, Eaglehurst Road, Sylvania Township, pneumonia.

Radenbaugh-Smith, Janet, 73, Secor Road, cancer.

Shaw, Thelma, 89, Woodville, Ohio, respiratory failure.

Szczepaniak, Martha, 89, South Holland-Sylvania Road, dementia.


Crime reports


Maria Hernandez, video game with games and controllers, DVD player, TV, mixer, and blender from residence in 300 block of Eastern.

Devin Rice, furniture and TV from residence in 1100 block of Pinebrook.

Edward Shimborske, iPod and digital camera from residence in 4100 block of Jackman.

Jasmine Witcher, cash and baby clothes from residence in 3300 block of Maple.


Jermaine Shumpert, handgun from residence in unit block of West Hudson.

Toni Ramirez and Nicholas Akers, handgun and wallet with credit cards and driver's license from vehicle in 5000 block of Bennett.

Amanda Embody, purse with cash and personal documents from bar in 100 block of Main.

Karra Bastian, Wendy Bastian, and Manuel Torres, Jr., wallet, cash, and personal documents from residence in 800 block of Woodsdale.

Lillie Smith, cash and checks from residence in 1500 block of Tecumseh.

Latia Crosby, wallet with store card and personal documents from vehicle in 2300 block of Seaman.

David Baker, wallet with cash, credit cards, and driver's license from vehicle in 500 block of Waggoner.

Judy Hoffman, wallet with cash, bank cards, and personal documents from restaurant in 4000 block of Talmadge.

Richard Inderrieden, laptop computer, stereo system with DVD player, and iPod from vehicle in 2000 block of Kensington.

Wolfe Manufacturing Co., scrap metal from factory in 2900 block of Airport.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Wendy Monroe from Todd Monroe.

Todd Monroe from Wendy Monroe.

Sabine Yaghi from Sherhan AlBatti.

David Williams from Linda Hill-Williams.

Linda Hill-Williams from David Williams.

Stephanie Knight from Marcus Knight.

Marcus Knight from Stephanie Knight.

Danyelle McInnes from Craig McInnes.

Sandra Yarbrough from Clifford Yarbrough.

Albert Rucker from Tiffany Rucker.

Sarah Robertson from Robert Robertson.

Linda Shade from Richard Shade.

Kathy Mildenberger from Fred Mildenberger.

Pamela Gilbert from Thomas Gilbert.

Owen Clark, Jr. from Juana Robinson.

Dana Sams from Kenneth Sams.

Mervat Ballut from Moneer Asad.

Moneer Asad from Mervat Ballut.

Stephanie Jeffries from Richard Jeffries.

Bassam Abdelkarim from Patricia Loomis.

Stacie Clark from Joseph Clark IV.

Joseph Clark IV from Stacie Clark.

Michael Darr from Candace Darr.

Aminat Komolafe from Samuel Komolafe.

Corey Emch from Meghan Frohnapfel.

Jenny Koles from Ronald Koles, Jr.

Nolan White from Sharon White.

Sharon White from Nolan White.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Jeannie Landry and John Landry III.

Timothy Cairl and Susan Cairl.

Katherine Diekman and Daniel Diekman.

Carolyn Hall and Howard Hall.

Heather Feck and Benjamin Feck.

Amanda Hensley and Jason Hensley.

Teresa Wayton and Randal Wayton.

Denise Smithers and Clifford Smithers.

David Clark and Keasha Clark.

Gary Arbuckle II and Jamie Arbuckle.