Daily log: 3/17



Flower Hospital

Joni and Roy Sewell, Millbury, boy, March 13.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Pamala Moore, Toledo, boy, March 7.

Stephanie and Brent Combs, Curtice, boy, March 9.

Tiffani Groll, Toledo, girl, March 13.

Angela Hannibal, Toledo, boy, March 13.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Caitlin and Bryson Martinez, Archbold, Ohio, girl, March 12.

Meilana Gonzales, Toledo, boy, March 15.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Ranae and Eric Marks, Toledo, boy, March 15.

Amanda and Drew Van Ness, Waterville, boy, March 16.

Emily and Ian MacFarlane, Toledo, boy, March 16.

Toledo Hospital

Nancy and Jeffrey Eberly, Waterville, boy, March 14.

Janee Joyce, Toledo, girl, March 14.

Lacey Cromer, Toledo, girl, March 14.

Karteia Collins, Toledo, boy and girl, March 15.

Krystal Gushard, Toledo, girl, March 15.

Tyjean Powell, Toledo, boy, March 15.

Jammie and Mark Cassoni, Oregon, girl, March 15.

Jennifer and Mike Smith, Petersburg, Mich., twin girls, March 15.

Erika and Phillip Wright, Toledo, girl, March 15.