Daily log: 3/27



Flower Hospital

Kondra and Joseph Burks, Toledo, boy, March 22.

Krista Thielen, Toledo, girl, March 23.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Andrea and David Olivarez, Bowling Green, girl, March 25.

Kaitlin and Brent Sibert, Sylvania, girl, March 25.

Toledo Hospital

Chloe Doppel, Temperance, girl, March 24.

Hayley and Nathan Schultze, Genoa, girl, March 24.

Suzanne and Dirk Kramer, Perrysburg, boy, March 25.

Jessica and Brandon Holmes, Holland, boy, March 25.

Sarah and Doug Adams, Maumee, girl, March 25.

Dena and Mohamad Orra, Oregon, boy, March 25.

Stephanie and Zachary Andrzejewski, Northwood, boy, March 25.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

March 25, 2013

Nathaniel Geer III, 35, and Tiana Robinson, 26, teacher, both of Toledo.

Rickey Moore, Jr., 28, shift manager, and LaMore Ross, 28, food service, both of Toledo.

Michael Miller, 35, and Melis-sa Wilcox, 37, both of Toledo.

Justin Frank, 33, construction worker, and Katie Shepard, 27, student, both of Toledo.

Shamon Wilborn, 34, cook, and Lakia Bacon, 24, waitress, both of Toledo.

Christopher VanAlst, 30, factory worker, and Stephanie Kreger, 38, cashier, both of Maumee.

Ian Le Pla, 19, U.S. Army, of Sylvania, and Taylor Roberts, 18, coach, of Toledo.



Lucas County

Allore, Martha, 89, Millbury, Ohio, hypertension.

Archambo, Glen, 83, North Stadium Road, Oregon, congestive heart failure.

Armola, Beckham, 11 days, Cushman Road, Sylvania, pending.

Barteck, Margaret, 83, Navarre Avenue, Oregon, sepsis.

Brooks, William, 75, Garden Lake Parkway, carcinoma.

Conine, Dixie, 73, Heffner Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Cooke, Georgia, 88, Clay Street, congestive heart failure.

Daugherty, Diane, 69, Waterville Road, Whitehouse, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Davoll, Earle, 83, Favony Avenue, Holland, intracranial hemorrhage.

Dunn, Fred, 75, Hillandale Road, carcinoma.

Easterwood, Grant, Jr., 81, Perrysburg, cerebrovascular accident.

Elchert, Wilfred, Jr., 91, Chapel Drive, pneumonia.

Ellinger, Michael, 54, Rose Acres Road, pneumonia.

Fisher, Demetria, 26, Noble Street, pending investigation.

Germann, Gary, 61, Cragmoor Avenue, heart disease.

Harris, Gloria, 69, Cone Street, renal failure.

Hasapes, Donna, 69, Perrysburg, coronary artery disease.

Henderson, Theodore, 76, Melrose Place, aspiration.

Hopkins, Carol, 77, Hazelhurst Avenue, carcinoma.

Jones, Robert, 70, Deerfield, Mich., respiratory failure.

Kiger, Kimberly, 49, Harefoote Street, Holland, adenocarcinoma.

Krebs, Larry, 70, Elmore, cancer.

LeVally, Mary, 62, Fremont, hypoxic encephalopathy.

Mayfield, Shadrick, 65, Sandusky, stroke.

McBrayer, Kelvin, Jr., 26, North Westhaven Street, pending.

McCall, Pamela, 56, Mettler Street, pending.

Miller, Beverly, 76, Woodsdale Avenue, renal disease.

Murphy, Margaret, 80, Defiance, cerebral vascular accident.

Murtagh, William, Sr., 85, South Citation Road, Parkinson’s disease.

Nagy, Ernest, 87, North Eastmoreland Drive, Oregon, respiratory failure.

Pokornik, Jerry, 93, Lyons, Ohio, congestive heart failure.

Robles, Luis, 48, Sylvania Avenue, carcinoma.

Romp, David, 52, Joliet Drive, Maumee, coronary arteriosclerosis.

Rukieh, Layla, 92, Sylvania-Metamora Road, Sylvania Township, coronary atherosclerosis.

Saunders, Bert, 75, Kingsbridge Drive, Sylvania, cardiomyopathy.

Sharp, Walter, 52, Emery Street, coronary artery disease.

Simon, Janet, 58, Northwood, septic shock.

Sniadecki, David II, 35, Secor Road, accident.

Soncrant, Marjorie, 89, Sylvania-Metamora Road, Sylvania, coronary atherosclerosis.

Soviar, Alice, 86, 119th Street, congestive heart failure.

Steffen, William, 77, McKinley Avenue, liver mesastases.

Thayer, Louise, 91, Swanton, renal failure.

Villhauer, Edward, 85, South Eber Road, Monclova Township, heart disease.

Watson, Roger, 60, Paxton Street, hypertensive heart disease.

Welch, Ulalia, 90, Parkdale Avenue, cancer.

West, Domniack, 2 hours, North 14th Street, extreme prematurity.

Wilguess, Cheryl, 54, Wauseon, cardiogenic shock.

Williams, Patricia, 63, Lambertville, carcinoma.

Woodard, Jerry, 64, Hillsdale, Mich., hypoxemic respiratory failure.

Zahm, Vera, 89, Lambertville, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


Crime reports

Felonious assaults

De Juan Wellington, assaulted at residence in 700 block of North Miller.

Lionel Smith, assaulted on street at Nevada and Walden.


Royal Pizza and Bradley McCullough, robbed of cash at gas station in 2300 block of North Detroit.

George Spearman, assaulted and robbed of cell phone on street at Idaho and White.

Reshawn Beasley, threatened with handgun, assaulted, and robbed of wallet, cash, cell phone and, sweatshirt at residence in 700 block of Lagrange.

Samuel Smith and Cathryn Reed, robbed of jewelry and camcorder on street in 1300 block of South.

Anthony Perkins, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash and car keys on street in 3200 block of Maplewood.

John Johnson, assaulted and robbed of wallet, cash, credit cards, and driver's license at Bowman and Lotus.

Mildred Laurence and Joseph Waters, Jr., threatened with handgun and robbed of cash, debit card, prepaid card, food stamp cards, and driver's license on sidewalk in 1300 block of Blum.

Dana Dusseau, assaulted and robbed of cash, welfare card, and driver's license on sidewalk in 700 block of Main.

Raymond Brown, assaulted and robbed of cash at store in 1100 block of East Broadway.


Dianna MacGregor, tools and lawn maintenance equipment from garage in 2100 block of Woodford.

Stephen Allen, credit cards and cell phone from residence in 200 block of Glenwood.

Alethea Hemmert, TV with remote control from residence in 600 block of Carlton.

Gisele McCoy, TV, computers, and video game systems from residence in 1300 block of Brookview.

Debbie Tucholski, TV from residence in 5900 block of Edgewater.

Brandi Ray, TV from residence in 1700 block of Perth.

Ryan Vetter, plumbing pipes and cable wire from residence in 3700 block of Sherbrooke.

Bradley Fields, helmets from garage in 3900 block of Stannard.

Joseph Vardaman, bicycle, router, and saw from garage in 1900 block of North Michigan.

Larry Brown, jewelry, TV, laptop computer, pairs of athletic shoes, and shoe box with pairs of hair clippers from residence in 1100 block of Baker.

Butz Welding & Fabricating, fence polls and rolls of commercial fence from business in 1500 block of Champlain.

Michael Hooper, bicycle, furnace, and tools from garage in 700 block of Utah.

Jason Draper, TV, video game system, and pairs of shoes and boots from residence in 200 block of Whittemore.

Lue Hobbs, lawn maintenance equipment and security video monitor from garage in 700 block of Independence.

Karen Armour, jewelry and cash from residence in 3600 block of Altheas.

Robert Dixon, wood stove with pipes and chimney from residence in 400 block of Chicago.

David Miley, laptop computer, stereo equipment, and TV with antenna from residence in 2200 block of Parkwood.

John Avery, TV, and video game systems with games from residence in 1500 block of Wayne.

Flagstar Bank, furnace and air conditioning unit from residence in 6oo block of East Hudson.

Van Taylor, refrigerator, stove, water heater, furnace parts, copper pipes, and register covers from residence in 1200 block of Palmwood.

Dymon Bolton, TVs and video game systems from residence in 1000 block of Broer.

Aurora Academy, metal money boxes from school in 500 block of Utah.


Anthony Geftos, leather satchel, laptop computer with accessories, makeup, and wallet from vehicle at Water and Monroe.

Thayer Power & Communication Line Construction Co., tools from vehicle in 3500 block of Secor.

Antwonique Sims, wallet with bank card and personal documents from vehicle in unit block of Neise.

Chelsea Joseph and Kelsey Schmidt, purse, cash, credit card, driver's license, and phone charger from vehicle in 2000 block of Adams.

Mercedes Yanez, purse with cash, food stamp card, personal documents, and medical supplies from shopping cart at parking lot in 2900 block of Glendale.

Geoffrey Skibinski, tools from vehicle in 3800 block of Sheffield.

Whitney Hayes, cash and bank cards from vehicle in 5400 block of Airport.

Dale Rollman, laptop computer from residence in 1100 block of Oak.

Brian Bonnell, catalytic converter from vehicle in 500 block of Ohio.

Cynthia Smith, wallet with credit cards, jewelry, keys, and personal documents from church in 2000 block of Ashland.

William Hill II, tools from vehicle in 1300 block of Brooke Park.

Jennifer Parks, ammunition, ear muffs, vehicle title, digital camera, rims with tires, phone charges, gym bag, and clothes from vehicle in 1300 block of Royalton.

Ericka Metzger and Andrew Metzger, purse and ID card from vehicle in 4400 block of Secor.

Heather McLin, purse with personal documents and papers from vehicle in 4400 block of Heatherdowns.

Charles Tuggle, cash, cell phone, and book bag with clothes from residence in 700 block of Leach.

Donald Hall, check book and tools from residence in 900 block of Magnolia.

Chris Glenn, clothes, pairs of shoes, and briefcase with business checks from vehicle in 4400 block of Heatherdowns.

Pablo Losoya, Jr. and Elizabeth Losoya, purse, bank cards, medicines, and personal documents from vehicle in 1000 block of Ostrich.

Jerrel Valliant, tablet computer and stereo equipment from vehicle in 3700 block of Hill.

Hassan Hassan, tablet computer and checkbook from vehicle in 2500 block of West Sylvania.

Tyler Smith, book bag and wallet with cash, debit card, and driver's license from vehicle at Douglas and West Sylvania.

Robert Smenner, Jr., handgun from vehicle in 5100 block of Lewis.

Zach Hofelich, laptop computers, navigation system, and projector from vehicle in 4900 block of Monroe.

Antwon Morris, radio and camera with lens from vehicle in 1100 block of Amanda.

Heather Dinklage, laptop computer and briefcase from vehicle in 3500 block of Executive.

Willie Smith, stove, TVs with converter box, and tool box with tools from residence in 1600 block of West Bancroft.

Denise Freeman, debit card from residence in 2000 block of Abygail.