Daily log: 3/30



Bay Park Community Hospital

Nicole and Mike Arnold, Toledo, girl, March 28.

Kate and Josh Hornyak, Toledo, boy, March 28.

Flower Hospital

Martha and Joshua Dieter, Monclova Township, girl, March 26.

Michelle and Sam Wernert, Sylvania, boy, March 27.

Brittany Mack, Toledo, boy, March 28.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Jason and Sarah Mendoza, Oregon, girl, March 24.

Airyele Held, Woodville, Ohio, girl, March 25.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Andrea and James Ruhland, Waterville, boy, March 28.

Toledo Hospital

Courtney Poturalski, Toledo, girl, March 1.

Tiffany and Todd Bobash, Maumee, boy, March 28.

Kayla Godwin, Toledo, boy, March 28.

Angel Lopez, Toledo, girl, March 28.

Nicole and Scott Krupp, Toledo, girl, March 28.

Olivia and Ryan Hunt, Toledo, boy, March 28.

Holly Katschke and Matthew Pero, Toledo, boy, March 28.

Shelby and Corey Brennan, Toledo, boy, March 28.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

March 28, 2013

Travis Parker, 25, construction worker, and Julia Decatur, 25, associate financial representative, both of Holland.

Reginald Williams, 48, and Gladys Carpenter, 44, both of Adrian.

Anthony Pattin, 28, assistant professor, of Royal Oak, Mich., and Carla Burel, 27, college instructor, of Toledo.

Andrew Mumford, 23, of Sylvania, and Lyndsey Masic, 19, of Toledo.

Gary Keel, 45, and Anne Muszynski, 44, both of Toledo.

Duane Nelson, 52, and Diane Carrington, 55, both of Toledo.


Crime reports


Rafael Terry and Quintesa Coleman, assaulted and robbed of cell phones outside apartment building in 800 block of North Ontario.


John Brown, cash, TVs, and video game system from residence in 1700 block of Tremainsville.

India Parcher, TV and video game system with games from residence in 1400 block of Moore.

Marlowe Sapietro, video game system with game and controllers from residence in 800 block of Clark.

Dontae Taylor, cash and costume jewelry from residence in unit block of East Park.

Karen Bush, bicycles from garage in 4900 block of Burnham.

Donovan Browning, TV from residence in 4200 block of Lewis.

Eddie Gaston, TVs, blender, furs, clothes, and pair of athletic shoes from residence in 3900 block of Airport.

Alicia Rocker, jewelry, TVs, computers, video game system, and pair of headphones from residence in 5500 block of Ryewyck.

Leroy Moore, cash, TV, speakers, and video game system with games from residence in 3000 block of Nebraska.

Trivia Bulson, washer, dryer, stove, microwave oven, TV, bicycle, clothes, and pairs of shoes from residence in 1400 block of Goodale.

Paul Calhoon, tools and food from garage in 400 block of Walden.

Antoine Gibson, cash, CD player, and video game system with games from residence in 2200 block of Collingwood.

Loraine Smith, furniture from residence in 600 block of Leach.

Denise Segura, sink, drain, and faucet from residence in 400 block of Arden.

Teresa Hoddinott, TV and video game system from residence in 200 block of Elgin.

Yvette Richardson, TV, furniture, and clothes from residence in 1300 block of Kelsey.

Crystal Pettis, TVs, video game system, and CD player-tuner system with speakers from residence in unit block of East Pearl.

Stacy Walker, handguns and TV from residence in 2300 block of Rockspring.

Brian Curtis and Ron Curtis, “pit bull”-type dog and shotguns from residence in 700 block of Stillman.


Heather McLin, purse with personal documents and papers from vehicle in 4400 block of Heatherdowns.

Charles Tuggle, cash, cell phone, and book bag with clothes from residence in 700 block of Leach.

Donald Hall, check book and tools from residence in 900 block of Magnolia.

Chris Glenn, clothes, pairs of shoes, and briefcase with business checks from vehicle in 4400 block of Heatherdowns.

Pablo Losoya, Jr. and Elizabeth Losoya, purse, bank cards, medicines, and personal documents from vehicle in 1000 block of Ostrich.

Jerrel Valliant, tablet computer and stereo equipment from vehicle in 3700 block of Hill.

Hassan Hassan, tablet computer and checkbook from vehicle in 2500 block of West Sylvania.

Tyler Smith, book bag and wallet with cash, debit card, and driver's license from vehicle at Douglas and West Sylvania.

Robert Smenner, Jr., handgun from vehicle in 5100 block of Lewis.

Zach Hofelich, laptop computers, navigation system, and projector from vehicle in 4900 block of Monroe.

Antwon Morris, radio and camera with lens from vehicle in 1100 block of Amanda.

Heather Dinklage, laptop computer and briefcase from vehicle in 3500 block of Executive.

Willie Smith, stove, TVs with converter box, and tool box with tools from residence in 1600 block of West Bancroft.

Denise Freeman, debit card from residence in 2000 block of Abygail.

Kiara Sisson, money order from office in 2500 block of Eastgate.

Bambino's Pizza, copper from heating and air conditioning unit from restaurant in 1500 block of Eleanor.

Terry Zimmerman, furniture from vehicle at South Reynolds and Glendale.

Eric Brayboy, debit card from homeless shelter in 100 block of 17th.

Kelly Kaczmarek, handgun from residence in 1200 block of Manila.

Joseph Rowe, tires and rims from vehicle in 200 block of Plymouth.

Harris Ball, Jr., catalytic converter from vehicle in 800 block of West Central.

Gary McGrath, wallet with personal documents and papers from vehicle in 2700 block of South.

Tymara Carter, handgun from vehicle in 3800 block of Loch Lomond.

Sandy Harris and Brittany Harris, car stereo with speakers and computer with accessories from vehicles in 2600 block of Christie.

Eric Heller, central air conditioning unit from rental property in 100 block of Emery.

Richard Pietras, wallet with cash, credit cards, and Social Security cards from parking lot in 2600 block of West Central.

Michael-Diana Peer, jewelry from residence in 1800 block of Milroy.

Edith Nims and Robert Wilcox, Sr., purse with debit card, checkbook, and keys from vehicle in 3500 block of Hazelhurst.

Coleman McElyea, laptop computer, tools, and costume jewelry from vehicle in 2500 block of West Village.

Maxine Brumley, cash from motel in 1800 block of Miami.

Tiffany Quisno, purse with cash, bank cards, smart phone, and keys from store in 4900 block of Jackman.

Albring Vending Co., Inc., cash from business in 5200 block of North Summit.

Universal Service & Repair Ltd., heavy mechanical equipment from warehouse in 5500 block of Telegraph.

Patty Linkey-Wongrowski, central air conditioning unit from residence in 1300 block of Crestwood.

Diane Wilson, siding from house in 3500 block of North Erie.

Christina Sorlien, TVs and cable box from residence in 2700 block of Wayman Palmer.

Ann Kubicz, tires and rims from vehicle in 3200 block of Cottage.

Cortney Crable, purse with cash and tote bag with clothes from vehicle in 2700 block of Hemlock .