Suburban crime log: 4/6




Ruth Streib, wallet and contents from business in 1300 block of Conant.

Evan Bates, alcohol from vehicle in 300 block of Conant.

Everett Liner, cash, prescription medications, and gun from residence in 5600 block of Monclova.

Linda Leaf, solar powered lights from residence in 1200 block of Shelly.

Madeline Dominique, decorations from residence in 1000 block of Village Trail.

Rouen Toyoto, vehicle from business in 1300 block of Conant.




William Fox, personal belongings in 1900 block of Tracy.


Lake-Wood Edison, copper pipes from residence in 900 block of Lemoyne.

Butler Transportation, 85 gallons of fuel from vehicles in 26000 block of Baker.

Victor Blankenship, medical equipment from vehicle in 3000 block of Laketon.

Wojo's Heating, tools and equipment removed from business in 5000 block of Woodville.


Bedford Township


Dale Decker, all-terrain vehicle, wallet, bank cards, and keys from residence in 1900 block of West Erie.

Terry Burkholder, window frames, freezer, and utility trailer with scrap metal from residence in 6800 block of Sarah.

Jolenna Short and Grace Brown, navigation system and wallet with cash and personal documents from vehicle in 1900 block of Tennyson.

Kelly Baldwin and Mary Wisniemski, plastic container with cash and CDs, smart phone, and purse with credit cards and personal documents from vehicle in 7300 block of Douglas.

Troy Knopp, CB radio, CDs, medicines, and tool box with tattoo supplies from vehicle in 9000 block of Minx.




Richard Zak, identification from residence in 2700 block of Eastvale.

Danielle Davis, game hardware from residence in 3100 block of Lantern.


Grace Vonewegen, guns from residence in 2800 block of Eastmoreland.

Arbors At Oregon, medications from residence in 900 block of Isaac Streets.

Andrew Lucas, vehicle from residence in 3000 block of Pickle.

Sara Coy, cellular phone from business in 3100 block of Navarre.

Desi Thomas, identification and paperwork from residence in 2700 block of Pickle.




Stanley Szparka, DVD player and tools from garage in 500 block of North King.


Jeanette Ingram, jewelry, laptop computer, cell phone, and suitcases from vehicle in 6500 block of Airport.

Sean Doherty, 5-week-old “pit bull” puppy from residence in unit block of East Woodside.


Sylvania Township


Taylor Perry, electronic device from vehicle in 5000 block of Monroe.

Melvin Adams, equipment from residence in 8000 block of Bancroft.

Bernadine Kimbrough, identification, credit cards, and cash from business in 5800 block of Central.

Carleton Averill and Associates, air conditioner unit from business in 2600 block of Reynolds.




Gregory Kolbeck, cash from vehicle in 100 block of Indiana.

Springfield Township


Seth Oney, amplifiers and subwoofers from vehicle in 7500 block of Dorr.

Latoya Frazier, cash and debit card from residence in 6300 block of Garden.


Swanton Township


Debra Miracola, scrap metal from lot in 11800 block of Oak River.