Suburban crime log: 4/13


Springfield Township


Jeffrey Sodd and Lori Sodd, money bag with cash, laptop computer, and music player from vehicle in garage in 1800 block of Tremont.

William Swade, refrigerator, stove, and copper pipes from residence in 6200 block of Garden.

Nathan Bigelow, laptop computer, TV, snowboard, and snowboard boots from residence in 6200 block of Garden.

Brandon Lapoint, jewelry and cameras from residence in 2200 block of Albon.

Maryann Tracy, DVD movies from residence in 200 block of North Harefoote.

Robert Greenway and Carrie Greenway, car, purse, wallet, cash, credit cards, checkbook, and cell phone from residence in 6200 block of Wexford.


Rhunia Rice, cash from outside residence in 2100 block of North McCord.




Mizar Motors, Inc., trucks from parking lot in 10700 block of Airport.


Bedford Township


Scott Leonard, vehicle damaged at self-storage facility in 200 block of East Stateline.

Nicole Gladney, laptop computer and cell phone charger from residence in 7200 block of Dunbar.

Jane Morrin, cash from residence in 6700 block of Crabb.

Trevor Krall and Karen Krall, cash, wallet, TV, laptop computer, video-game system, and camera from residence in 2100 block of Sterns.

Jason May, jewelry from residence in 4300 block of Section.


Lisa Shaull, laptop computer with accessories from church in 8900 block of Jackman.

John Miller, license plate from vehicle in 9100 block of Valetta.

Anthony Camillo, handicap license plate from vehicle in 15200 block of South Dixie.


Sylvania Township


Mark Rumsey, equipment and copper pipe from residence in 2900 block of Davidson.


Mark Zarecki, sports and exercise equipment from residence in 3700 block of Rye Hill.

Angela Frary, cash and wallet from business in 5800 block of Central.

Cameron Ludwig, phone from business in 5400 block of Sylvania.




Janelle Barker, phone and cash from park in 1300 block of Eastfield.

William Krosky, cell phone and cash from vehicle in 1600 block of Miami.

Jennifer Uribes, music player from business in 1300 block of Conant.




Danny Baldridge, water heater from residence in 200 block of Union.


University of Toledo


Linda Turk, property from classroom in 3000 block of Arlington.

Asia Hill, cell phones from dorm in 3000 block of Residence.




Jeff Meyers, tools from residence in 400 block of Grasser.

Bob Gottschalk, batteries and tools from residence in 500 block of Grasser.

Scott Culler, TV and laptop from residence in 2800 block of Pickle.


Marcia Castro, cash and CDs from vehicle in 2900 block of Dustin.

Rochelle McCoy, checks and mail from residence in 3000 block of Stafford.

Troy Dart, cash from vehicle in 2700 block of Pickle.

Michael Castle, cash from vehicle in 2700 block of Pickle.

Jameson Rowley, personal belongings from vehicle in 2700 block of Pickle.