Daily log: 5/1



Bay Park Community Hospital

Kristine Worley, Toledo, girl, April 30.

Toledo Hospital

Sydney Lee, Toledo, girl, April 26.

Rondria Henson, Toledo, boy, April 27.

Lisa Dyko, Toledo, boy, April 26.

Koral Coutcher, Toledo, girl, April 29.

Theresa and Dan Fink, Belleville, Mich., girl, April 27.

Tanisha Shelmon, Maumee, girl, April 27.

Cierra Church, Toledo, boy, April 27.

Kiara Sisson, Toledo, girl, April 27.

Tempri White, Toledo, boy, April 27.

Kristy and Eric Dearth, Perrysburg, twin boy and girl, April 29.

Erin and Kyle Failor, Bowling Green, girl, April 28.

Carolyn and Scott Showalter, Perrysburg, boy, April 28.

Christina and Mike Collins, Curtice, Ohio, girl, April 29.

Emily Manning, Temperance, boy, April 29.

Kathryn and Adam Rodriguez, Toledo, boy, April 29.



Lucas County

Alexander, Annie, 67, Cresthaven Lane, glioblastoma multiform.

Baker, Patricia, 69, Bowling Green, ischemic colitis.

Carol Doherty, 79, Chula Vista, Calif., Alzheimer’s disease.

Candy Fisher, 28, Woodville Road, pending.

Gawrych, Raymond, 86, Chestnut Street, renal failure.

Liesenfeld, Virginia, 88, Temperance, colon carcinoma.

Marshall, Rosamond, 93, Maumee, cardiac cachexia.

Pappas, Allyn, 66, Yermo Drive, liver failure.

Peck, Ruth, 82, Chaney Drive, coronary artery disease.

Rodgers, Gwendolyn, 60, Arlington Avenue, septic shock.

Rubin, Joanne, 57, Partridge Lane, carcinoma of the breast.

Sotelo, Reuben, 68, Adrian, myocardial infarction.

Zilba, David, 64, Williamsdale Drive, pending.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

April 25, 2013

Shane Crabtree, 23, dispatcher, and Jennifer Hall, 22, cashier, both of Toledo.

Alexander King, 26, sales representative, and Jayme Stoddard, 22, teller manager, both of Toledo.

Kyle Ward, 22, machine operator, and Rebecca Ruse, 20, accounts payable clerk, both of Maumee.

Gerald Holman, 32, shop foreman, and Emily Gould, 30, teacher, both of Toledo.

Shane Haas, 27, laborer, and Amy Koles, 26, both of Toledo.

Melvin Marek, 32, maintenance supervisor, and Lindsay Trosin, 29, new business specialist, both of Toledo.

Leonard Pietrzak, 31, retail merchandiser, and Kimberly Ehret, 29, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Michael Dean Nyitrai, 26, accountant, and Jessica Snyder, 26, classroom behavior therapist, both of Toledo.

Chad Boecker, 34, mechanical engineer, and Tina Jarvis, 42, hairstylist, both of Toledo.

Dillion Tracy, 23, crew member, and Ashley Germain, 23, cook, both of Adrian.

Andre Kevin Deal, 24, student, and Brittany Terrell, 22, both of Toledo.

Joshua Buck, 28, salesman, and Danielle Butler, 21, retail manager, both of Toledo.

Stanley Curry, 55, bus driver, and Aleeta Henderson, 38, cashier, both of Toledo.

Jeremy Liebat, 25, sales associate, and Stacy Coci, 24, both of Toledo.

Jose Mejia, 43, cook, and Megan Sturm, 34, data analysis, both of Toledo.

Corey Williams, Sr., 44, and Natasha Hampton-Bey, 32, pharmacy technician, both of Toledo.

April 26, 2013

Jose Sepulveda, 48, state worker, and Christine Knack, 47, registered nurse, both of Toledo.

Charles DeBenedetti, 44, attorney, of Toledo, and Katarzyna Sapinska, 36, translator, of Warsaw, Poland.

Bobby McDole, 46, and Tiffany Dent, 37, teacher, both of Toledo.

Christian Regalado, 23, repair technician, and Christina Smith, 34, medical assistant, both of Sylvania.

Robert Woodard, 53, and Mary Kerivan, 56, both of Toledo.

Timothy Woodard, 27, retail manager, and Laura Irmen, 26, retail banking, both of Toledo.

Christopher Ricci-Sons, 29, manager, and Andrea Mitchell, 32, manager, both of Toledo.

Jason DiTerlizzi, 26, dental student, of Ann Arbor, and Brittany Begin, 28, radiology technologist, of Maumee.

Adrian Henry, 24, self employed, and Sache Verner, 25, package handler, both of Toledo.

Derren Fenter, 22, construction worker, and Kisara Whaley, 22, certified medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Michael Marek, 24, student, of Canton, Mich., and Laura Justen, 27, student, of Toledo.

Robert McClellen, 31, IT analyst, and Laurie Retzlaff, 33, accountant, both of Toledo.

Brian Moore, 27, territory manager, of Davenport, Iowa, and Brooke Paul, 27, sales executive, of Oregon.

Duane Hieber, 39, self employed, and Melissa Molter, 22, both of Toledo.

Ronald Papke, 33, corporate relations, of Ypsilanti, Mich., and Mariah Osborne, 31, teacher, of Toledo.

Jeff Sanderson, 40, delivery driver, and Rebecca Filipovich, 34, financial advisor, both of Toledo.

Robert Hill, 28, machinist, and Katherine Comfort, 25, clerical worker, both of Curtice, Ohio.

Marcus Seiler, 31, technical support, and Velissa Burkholder, 29, photo lab specialist, both of Berkey.

Jeremy Pryba, 38, engineer, and Allison Schlicher, 36, certified tumor registrar, both of Holland.

April 29, 2013

Christopher Stairs, 32, service technician, and Afina Kegley, 36, surgery assistant, both of Toledo.

David Hughes, 58, retired, and Marie Burgess, 48, warehouse worker, both of Toledo.

Alfonso Sanchez, Jr., 40, banker, and Ashley Parsons, 29, human resources, both of Oregon.

Ryan Siebert, 22, mechanic, and Ellen Johannessen, 24, student, both of Toledo.

Matthew Cabell, 35, inspector, and Traci Blackford, 38, phlebotomist, both of Toledo.

Aureliano Villarreal Jr., 37, ironworker, and Holly Worthington, 32, legal assistant, both of Maumee.

Armon Grier, 32, supportive living, and Latoya Brooks, 28, machine repair, both of Toledo.

David Grueshaber Jr., 25, laborer, and Erica Sweatt, 24, nursing assistant, both of Maumee..

Jeffery Tilton, 44, field operations, of Toledo, and Manda Eigensee, 37, teacher, of Maumee.


Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Annette Williams, assaulted at residence in 3700 block of Upton.

Kendra Cartlidge, stabbed at residence in 500 block of Earl.


Alicia Shankster, threatened with handgun and robbed of purse with debit card, store cards, smart phone, medicines, and personal documents at convenience store parking lot in 1700 block of Tremainsville.

Joey Alfaro, assaulted and robbed of cell phone at Chestnut and Sherman.


Ebony Gregory, TVs and video game system from residence in 400 block of West Bancroft.

Dorothy Ollivier, bicycle and lawn maintenance worker from garage in 700 block of Valleywood.

Dale Murphy, generator and lawn maintenance equipment from shed in 5900 block of Katherine.

Jeri Yates and Kathleen Dunn, cash, jewelry, knives, and handgun with ammunition from residence in 5600 block of Home.

Richard's Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ, lawn mower, sheets of drywall, garage door, buckets of dry wall mud, water heater, and football equipment from garage in 1100 block of Nebraska.

Rebecca Tomalewski, TV and video game systems with games from residence in 700 block of Prouty.

Remisha Parker, TVs and clothes from residence in 1900 block of South Ottawa Cove.


Amy Shirk, laptop computer, navigation system, notary embosser, tablet computer, and car charger from vehicle in 1100 block of Shadow.

Jim Lortie, wallet with cash, credit card, and driver's license from vehicle in 3500 block of West Sylvania.

Roger Swick-Snyder, bank check from residence in 700 block of Caswell.

Hennie Ivey, jewelry from residence in 3800 block of Baybrook.

Randy Killen, jewelry, coin collection, DVDs, and clothes from residence in 1000 block of Madeleine.

Ernest Hornes, Jr., handgun from vehicle in 300 block of Dennis.

Linda Ebright, washer, dryer, microwave oven, dishwasher, and flute from residence in 100 block of Lake Shore.

Richard Lashley, wallet with bank cards and personal documents from vehicle in 3100 block of Wendover.