DAILY LOG: 5/16/2013


■ Births
Bay Park Community Hospital

Alicia Elekonich, Oregon, girl, May 14.

Meaghan Blankenship, Pemberville, boy, May 15.

Flower Hospital
Michelle Fisher, Maumee, girl, May 12.

Aleecia and William Rivers, Northwood, boy, May 13.

Jill and Bill Hansen, Ottawa Lake, Mich., boy, May 13.

Pamela and Mike Armentrout, Waterville, girl, May 13.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital
Tanisha Maydun, Toledo, boy, May 13.

Miranda Norris, Oregon, girl, May 13.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center
Angel Williams, Toledo, boy, May 13.

Mindy and Shawn Flack, Toledo, girl, May 13.

St. Luke’s Hospital
Megan and Justin Melendrez, Toledo, girl, May 14.

Toledo Hospital
Jennifer and Michael Ruddy, Toledo, boy, May 13.

Shawna Woody, Toledo, boy, May 14.

Indiola Howell, Toledo, girl, May 14.

Kelly and Michael Gaytan, Toledo, girl, May 14.

Amanda Krempa, Toledo, boy, May 14.

Sara and Tobias Papa, Toledo, boy, May 14.


■ Marriage licenses
Lucas County
May 14, 2013

Dustin Albright, 25, cook, of Toledo, and Alyssa Strickland, 26, cashier, of Oregon.

Andrew Sponseller, 30, and Angela Reed, 26, nurse, both of Sylvania.

Patrick Cook, 27, archivist, and Alysha Hill, 24, teacher, both of Toledo.

John Frank, 32, bank manager, and Christy Horn, 31, supervisor, both of Toledo.

Carter Wilson, 62, professor, and Khadijah Rasheed, 52, student, both of Toledo.

Vernon Young, 57, carpenter, and Leisha Jones, 53, caterer, both of Toledo.

David Mellon, Sr., 35, retired, of Toledo, and Tara Cook, 31, retail sales, of Williamsport, Ohio.

David Pethe, 33, forklift operator, and Wendy Hannafius, 37, both of Toledo.

Kevin Melms, 24, sales, and Coral Winzeler, 22, customer service, both of Toledo.


■ Deaths
Lucas County

Marianne Bemis, 64, Findlay, stroke.

Brynelsen, Wesley, 59, Geneva Avenue, adenocarcinoma.

Bueter, James, 85, North Hollybrook Lane, Sylvania, cancer.

Favorite, Cynthia, 51, Mattatuck Way, Waterville, cancer.

Geiner, Robby, 56, Glanzman Road, multiple sclerosis.

Hatfield, Betty, 87, Temperance, pending investigation.

Jaffe, Charles, 86, Sherwood Forest Manor Road, accident.

Kowalka, Betty, 85, Perrysburg, respiratory failure.

Langenderfer, Terry, 53, Clark Street, small bowel obstruction.

Lenz, Donna, 81, Harroun Road, Sylvania, Alzheimer’s disease.

Marshall, Robert, 76, Pelham Road, renal failure.

McDonald, Joan, 72, Fremont, multisystem organ failure.

Pinkus, Fredric, 76, Michele Drive, cancer.

Raitz, Mark, 49, Glanzman Road, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Ricer, Robert, 93, Angelview Drive, Sylvania, coronary atherosclerosis

Ruiz, Juana, 89, Vinton Street, congestive heart failure.

Sabo, Joseph, 83, Fremont, cancer.

Scherer aka Amborski, Adeline, 83, Munding Drive, Oregon, dementia.

Sneed, William, Jr., Westway Street, pending investigation.

St. Holmes, James, 92, Erie, Mich, stroke.

Stevens, Pamela, 59, Portsmouth Avenue, pulmonary fibrosis.

Stockburger, Roger, 64, Archbold, Ohio, diabetes mellitus.

Taylor, Kevin, 58, Corbin Road, lymphocytic leukemia.

Thomas, Charles, 65, South Avenue, stroke.

Toll, Dorothy, 100, South Wynn Road, Oregon, hypertension.

Vanderhorst, Darla, 58, Dorr Street, diabetes.

Van Sickle, Jean, 85, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, Parkinson’s disease dementia.

Vanzile, Berton, 78, Defiance, gastric ulcer.

Vonewegen, Evan, 26, Willard Street, pending.

Watson, Gretchen, 54, San Benito Drive, Sylvania, cancer.

Whitehead, Roy, 71, Bellevue Road, respiratory failure.

Zigray, Mary, 103, South Wynn Road, Oregon, pending.

Zimmerman, Ruth, 96, Alexis Road, Sylvania Township, pneumonia.

Zywicke, Joseph, 63, Navarre Avenue, Oregon, cerebral vascular accident.


■ Crime reports
Felonious assaults
Mike Stuck, assaulted at garage in 800 block of South.

Ramon Dorsey, found shot in alley in 2800 block of North Summit.

Shahab Zekriardehani and Hosein Tasazolian, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash at convenience store in 3300 block of Airport.

Robert Lott, threatened with handgun and threatened with handgun and robbed of cash, jewelry, and set of gold teeth on street at Bishop and Trowbridge.

Debora McCrae, assaulted and robbed of bicycle on street at Brown and Nebraska.

Rex Kennedy, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash in field at Anthony Wayne Trail and South.

Brian Babb, threatened and cut with knife and robbed of cash on street at Wylie and Cummings.

Christopher French, assaulted and robbed of money order and cell phone at parking lot in 2600 block of Whiteway.

Erik Marsh, assaulted and robbed of cash at parking lot in 4300 block of Bennett.

Kevin Turski, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash, cell phone, keys, cigarettes, and wallet on street in 1000 block of Dove.

Gurshaun Lee, assaulted and robbed of wallet with cash, fueling charge card, and ID card on street at Rosedale and Freeman.

Kohlman Bush, assaulted and robbed of bicycle on sidewalk in 500 block of Knower.

Matthew Kiss and Marco's Pizza, pizza delivery driver threatened with handgun and robbed of cash, cell phone, and money pouch on sidewalk in 1100 block of Halstead.

Wanda Saunders, threatened with handgun and robbed of cell phone on street in 1400 block of Potomac.

Mazie Dunn, electronic music keyboard from residence in 1900 block of West Bancroft.

Theodore Cheney, air conditioning unit from residence in 2400 block of Utopia.

Lisa Sancrant, breathing machine and pocket knife from residence in 3000 block of Nebraska.

Spring Wolfenbarger, cash, jewelry, and computer with computer game and accessories from residence in 5900 block of Walnut Circle.

Jan Resch, handgun and TVs from residence in 2000 block of Caledonia.

Danielle Versansky, cash, jewelry, radios, and computers from residence in 1600 block of Bond.

Greg Rodriguez, grill and lawn maintenance equipment from garage in 200 block of Shoreham.

David Forgette, jewelry, handgun, and TVs from residence in 300 block of West Poinsetta.

Tammy Leigh, TV from residence in 600 block of West Gramercy.

Ashley McGaha, jewelry, tablet computer, and video game system with controller from residence in 1200 block of Berdan.

Darren Washington, TV, drill, and beer tap handle from residence in 4200 block of Douglas.

Virgil Bates III, lawn mower from garage in 1400 block of North Michigan.

Bonnie Varnes, cash from residence in 600 block of Woodsdale.

Rashunda Burton, laptop computer and tablet computer from residence in 2000 block of Wyndhurst.

Tri-Mac-Die Inc., machine tooling cutters and fax machine from business in 5200 block of Tractor.

Avis Lightner, bottles of dish soap, cans of beer, case of bottles, and toilet paper from residence in 1300 block of Fairlawn.

Dawn Windsor, cash, DVD player with DVD, and food from residence in 600 block of South.

Jeana Stewart, jewelry from residence in 5800 block of Ryewyck.

Pamela Jenkins, water heater, furnace, plumbing pipes, and central air conditioning unit from residence in 300 block of Richards.

Richard Harvey, TV and video game system with games from residence in 300 block of South Haven.

Victoria Braman, TV, laptop computer, and cell phone from residence in 600 block of Elmore.

Barry Bashore, water heater from residence in 1200 block of Paxton.

State Bank & Trust Co., electrical fixtures and copper from residence in 600 block of Virginia.

Dorothy Latigue, TV, laptop computer, and video game system from residence in 800 block of Noble.

Gloria Cade, TVs from residence in 500 block of Cadillac.

Benjamin Mosby II, rims and tires from vehicle in garage in 1400 block of Royalton.

Bank of America, copper pipes from residence in 4000 block of Hearthstone.

James Parnell, laptop computers with chargers, piggy bank with change, and clothes from residence in 3300 block of Middlesex.

Rashawn Saunders, copper pipes from residence in 800 block of Orchard.

Cornelius Stephens, go cart, power washer, and shampooer from garage in 3900 block of Vermaas.

Dawn Lerma, video game system with games and movies from residence in 2000 block of North Ontario.

Teresa Kindle, laptop computer from residence in 2500 block of Consaul.

Whitley Tucker, video game system from residence in 1700 block of Buckingham.

Cora Delbo, cash from residence in 600 block of Stickney.

Debbie Zales, washer, dryer, and furniture from residence in 3000 block of Lambert.

Chad Culbertson and Aaron Culbertson, front grille, in-dash stereo and navigation systems, laptop computer with accessories, chargers, and medicines from vehicle in 800 block of South Detroit.


■ Divorces granted
Lucas County
Kayla Cox from Eric Cox.

Eric Cox from Kayla Cox.

Angela Gray from Ronald Gray.

James Kiefer from Kim Kiefer.

Kim Kiefer from James Kiefer.

Mary Springer from Robert Springer.

Elizabeth Hannigan from Daniel Hannigan.

Daniel Hannigan from Elizabeth Hannigan.

Amy Smith from Paul Wielinski.

Victoria Sweeney from Peter Sweeney.

Tara Hill from Matthew Hill.

Matthew Hill from Tara Hill.

Neil Guyer from Zahra Basal.

Stephen Stump from Jelka Stump.

Laurabell Tracy from Terry Tracy.

Matthew Grabarczyk from Sarah Grabarczyk.

Sarah Grabarczyk from Matthew Grabarczyk.

Vickie Carter from Russell Carter III.

Amanda Lange from Glen Lange.

Glen Lange from Amanda Lange.

Diana Sartor from Richard Sartor.

Crystal Saleh from Wasim Saleh.

Jay Doerner from Amber Freeman.

Johnell Spalding from Leslie Spalding.

Britney Cole from Aaron Cole.

Natasha Potrzebowski from Aaron Potrzebowski.

Ramon Gonzales from Angelique Gonzales.

Rhonda Byrd from Tony Byrd, Jr.

Diane Kibbey from Todd Kibbey.

Leslie Gile from Delores Gile.

Kelley James from Dennis James.

Dennis James from Kelley James.

Amber Laurie from Scott Laurie, Jr.

William Powers from Cynthia Powers.

Brandy Whitehurst from Marshall Whitehurst.

Ashley Harris from Jeno Harris.

Amanda Counts from Charles Griggs, Jr.

Nicole Rice from Christopher Rice.

Bonnie Smith from Dannell Smith.

Sarah Sigurdson from Brian Dubois.

Simon Mickles from Latrice Orume.

Samantha Rank from Hamad Alyousif.

Amy Cox from Douglas Cos.

Reem Helal from Adel Saleh.

Tina Warren from Daniel Warren.

Jennifer Finch from Steven Finch II.


■ Dissolutions granted
Lucas County

Audrey Wildman and James Wildman.

Stacey McPhail and Roland McPhail, Jr.

Hebert Bertz and Rochelle Bertz.

Sherita Kelly and David Bishop.

Reginald Arrington and Deanna Arrington.

Kristin O’Neail and Bryan Waugh.

Annette Alfaro and Manuel Alfaro.

Scott Easterwood and Kelly Easterwood.

Sonya Hollingdale and Daniel Hollingdale.

Patricia Dehenning and Steven Dehenning.