Daily Log: 5-21



Bay Park Community Hospital

Nichole and Shane Westfall, Blissfield, Mich., girl, May 20.

Flower Hospital

Kelsey and Christopher Cardell, Maumee, boy, May 14.

Jessica and Richard Blanc, Bowling Green, girl, May 15.

Sarah Larberg, Toledo, girl, May 16.

Nikkea and Bryan Sims, Toledo, girl, May 16.

Erin and Eric Heilmeier, Sylvania, boy, May 16.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Kelsey Layne, Toledo, girl, May 16.

Chenice Hendrickson, Toledo, girl, May 18.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Trista Blain, Whitehouse, boy, May 18.

Audra and Nick Distler, Toledo, girl, May 18.

Christina Reucher, Toledo, girl, May 19.

Toledo Hospital

Tara and Stephan George, Toledo, boy, May 18.

Adriana and James Montelongo, Toledo, boy, May 18.

Meghan and Brad Kaiser, Waterville, girl, May 18.

Erin Jones-Briney and Nate Briney, Sylvania, girl, May 18.

Stephanie Strunk, Holland, boy, May 18.

Sarah and Brent Goede, Toledo, girl, May 19.

Elizabeth and James Swartz, Walbridge, boy, May 19.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

May 17, 2013

Szymon Ryzner, 25, project manager, of Sterling Heights, Mich., and Valerie Allen, 26, student, of Sylvania.

Jason Parks, 35, millwright, and Caroline Ferns, 30, nurse, both of Toledo.

Benjamin Mercer, 26, supervisor, and Riley Steinman, 22, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Kenneth Sayen II, 32, iron worker, and Jennifer Griffiths, 31, student, both of Toledo.

Maxwell Austin, 35, business owner, and Stephanie Brown, 30, marketing manager, both of Toledo.

Neal Davis, Jr., 58, couselor, and Merianna Whitcomb, 48, office manager, both of Toledo.

Mark Stevens, 29, truck driver, and Ashley Smith, 27, nurse, both of Maumee.

Ova Tate, Jr., 58, retired, and Venetia Harris, 52, security monitor dispatcher, both of Toledo.

Louis Deloney, Jr., 54, and Peggy Lipscomb, 68, retired, both of Toledo.

Migue Gaytan, 30, photojournalist, and Bonita Ward, 42, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Marlon Walker, 41, and Sparkle Holloway, 34, nurse, both of Toledo.

Dean Scroeder, 29, engineer, of Columbus Grove, Ohio, and Cori Higgins, 24, intervention specialist, of Whitehouse.

Kristopher Harmon, 25, U. S. military, and Rachal Hofner, 21, nurse assistant, both of Oregon.


Lucas County

Adair, Douglas, 54, Burger Street, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Bomia, Edward, Sr., 76, Erie, Mich., sepsis.

Ferraro, Neil, 63, Ontario Street, heart disease.

Garcia, Mario, Sr., 75, Lindsey, Ohio, accident.

Geoffrion, Joanne, 77, Lowe Road, cancer.

Jude, Elias, Jr., 82, Massillon Street, carcinoma.

Kent, Nick, 55, Cheswick Road, Holland, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Klos, Colleen, 88, Streicher Street, congestive heart failure.

Martin, Dean, 48, Findlay, accident.

Mausser, Andrew, 90, Kingston Avenue, respiratory failure.

Meeks, Wiley, Jr., 91, Parkside Boulevard, failure to thrive.

Poe, Paul, Sr., 89, Fairfax Street, heart failure.

Randolph, Randy, Jr., 22, Jervis Street, pending.

Rose, James, 88, Northgate Parkway, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Schank-Hyden, Lauryn, 27, Tiffin, hyperkalemia.

Seavolt, Eldon, 79, Rowland Road, cancer.

Spanfellner, Robert, 77, Perrysburg, salmonella sepsis.

Terry, Lisa, 51, Lambertville, multiple sclerosis.

Wilcox, Helen, 97, Alexis Road, Sylvania Township, dementia.