Daily log: 6/11



Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Holly Clark, Toledo, boy, June 5.

Brooke and Michael Flannagan, Jr., Millbury, girl, June 7.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Amanda and Leroy Thomas, Toledo, boy, June 6.

Erin and Matthew Hagedorn, Oregon, girl, June 7.

Laura and Derek Ortega, Toledo, boy, June 9.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Kacie and Chris Walenczak, Maumee, girl, June 9.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

June 7, 2013

Reginald Murphy, Jr., 40, fabricator, and Tolana Reynolds, 41, nurse, both of Toledo.

Will Ulis, Jr., 36, and Gladys Harris, self employed, 31, both of Toledo.

Brian Griffin, 36, janitor, of Toledo, and Karin Minsel, 35, grocery clerk, of Ottawa Lake, Mich.

Derek Burkard, 27, scheduler, and Vanessa Herrero, 28, scheduler, both of Waterville.

Corey Jones, 34, operations suspervisor, and Ashley Weaver, 29, department manager, both of Toledo.

Evan Rankin, 27, professional hockey player, and Jenna Lento, 26, health coach, both of Oregon.

Travis Kinn, 25, teacher, and Melissa Shomody, 24, HES professional, both of Toledo.

Corey LaPoint, 25 industrial radiographer, and Tiffany Wallace, 24, both of Toledo.

Thaddeus Thallman, 34, service mechanic, and Rebecca Roberts, 39, cost estimator, both of Toledo.

Lance Jackson, 28, and Susan Mruk, 29, both of Toledo.

David Zielinski, 33, carpenter, and Amber Hayes, 27, nurse assistant, both of Toledo.

Jamie Gottschalk, 37, sales representative, and Lynn Mayer, 32, student, both of Toledo.

Stefam De Valle, 23, U.S. military, of Kettering, Ohio, and Ellen Smith, 22, student, of Toledo.

Isa-Abdullah Abdul-Karim, 33, plaster mason, and Darla Turner, 43, teacher, both of Toledo.

Kenneth Warren, 49, forklift driver, and Bridget Wright, 44, technician, both of Toledo.

Jose Aldaco III, 41, construction worker, and Norma Pena, 42, restaurant manager, both of Toledo.

Gary Tscherne, Jr., 29, imaging specialist, and Wendy Croke, 26, student, both of Oregon.

David Scott, Jr., 51, and Traci Harris, 46, medical intake, both of Toledo.

Kevin Spencer, 36, retail sales representative, and Jamie Watkins, 35, telecommunications, both of Toledo.

Edwin Bracey, 48, and Jessica Gordon, 28, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Berfield, Robert, Jr., 53, Perrysburg, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Brookenthal, Albert, 84, Pine Creek Drive, respiratory failure.

Busdiecker, Lucille, 84, Woodville, Ohio, sepsis.

Clingenpeel, Marcella, 76, Smithfield, Va., diabetes.

Cox, Jackie, 65, South, Raab Road, Swanton, liver disease.

Devries, Garrett, 72, Kenwood Boulevard, neoplasm/bronchus and lung.

Drescher, Amy, 53, East Glenn Street, intracranial hemorrhage.

Earl, Kevin, 30, Whittemore Street, pending.

Gaydosh, Ronald, 26, Morenci, Mich., pending.

Gentry, Marcia, 71, Monroe Street, sudden cardiac death.

Henderson, John, Sr., 90, Jervis Street, chronic osbtructive pulmonary disease.

Koppelman, Margaret, 98, Whiteford Township, Mich., Alzheimer’s disease.

Koziel, Leocadia, 99, Ponderosa Drive, Oregon, cancer.

Lauffer, Richard, 61, Brown Road, Oregon, sepsis.

Leiby, Shirley, 72, Bowling Green, shock.

Lewis, Skylar, 8, Genoa, pending.

Mirra, Edward, 73, Golf Creek Drive, Sylvania, cancer.

Moore, Thomas, 75, West Bancroft Street, cancer.

Moses, Wanda, 83, Schneider Road, pleural effusions.

Murphy, Debra, 60, Tremainsville Road, myocardial infarction.

Nalley, Connie, 60, Manley Road, Monclova Township, renal disease.

Peterson, Carl, 81, June Drive, Maumee, multiple myleoma.

Rabara, Graig, 50, Tremainsville Road, pending.

Ristredt, Barbara, 64, Secor Road, cancer.

Sewell, Melissa, 39, West Central Avenue, pending.

Simon, Mazie, 73, Stickney Avenue, chronic respiratory failure.

Thaxton, Winston, 79, Gary, Ind., Alzheimer’s disease.

Van Etten, Carla, 45, Trellis Way, Sylvania, accident.

Wright, Leroy, 79, Erie, Mich., coronary artery disease.

Zimmerman, Todd, 41, Riga, Mich., transitional herniation.


Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Miguel Garcia, shot at outside bar in 300 block of North Superior.

Charles Jackson and Darnell Buck, shot at residence in 1200 block of Halstead.


Kevin Burns, threatened with handgun and robbed of wallet with cash, food stamp card, medicines, and personal documents on street at Albion and Joel.