Daily Log: 6.14.2013


■ Births

Flower Hospital
Dannica and James Keller, Toledo, girl, June 10.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Andrea Saldana, Toledo, girl, June 11.

Cassandra and Matthew Mingus, Bowling Green, boy, June 11.

St. Luke’s Hospital
Tracy Burk, Bowling Green, girl, June 12.

Toledo Hospital
Laken Weirich, Toledo, boy, June 1.

Lakwanda Brown, Toledo, boy, June 10.

Molly and Casey Harshman, Sylvania, twin girls, June 12.

Marlena Lewandowski, Holland, girl, June 12.

Katie and Patrick Blake, Sylvania, boy, June 12.

Pashula Malone, Toledo, boy, June 12.

Dajarra McCalebb, Toledo, boy, June 12.


■ Marriage licenses

Lucas County: June 12, 2013
David Sturtz, 39, physician, of Royal Oak, Mich., and Angela Carr, 29, teacher, of Maumee.

Dylan Meinert, 25, assistant manager, and Katelyn Dessum, 24, team member, both of Toledo.

Thomas Bixler, 54, of Holland, and Shannon Esparza, 44, of Toledo.

Nicholas Tonegato, 25, teacher, and Kylie Baier, 24, teacher, both of Toledo.

Todd Farless, 24, low voltage technician, and Michelle Jennings, 22, homemaker, both of Maumee.

Flenoice Grace, Jr., 31, carpenter, and Dora Benson, 28, shift manager, both of Toledo.


■ Deaths

Lucas County
Cady, Michael, 59, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, anoxic encephalopathy.

Dmytro aka Dmytryshyn, John, 89, Dearborn, Mich., Alzheimer’s disease.

Fields, Helen, 86, Locust Street, coronary artery disease.

Gibson, Eddie, 71, East Woodruff Avenue, heart disease.

Gill, Theodore, 64, South Avenue, cancer.

Hansen, Patricia, 82, Jamieson Drive, uremia.

Harris, Roberta, 72, Flaire Drive, coronary artery disease.

Hill, Timothy, 55, Bancroft Street, liver failure.

Hofmann, Ella, 75, Lambertville, multiple myeloma.

Hoot, James, 59, Centennial Road, pending.

Jakubec, John, 96, Executive Parkkway, congestive heart failure.

Kimble, Judith, 74, Navarre Avenue, emphysema.

Knapp, Kevin, 49, Anthony Wayne Trail, Waterville, dementia.

Laney, James, 77, Roberts Road, Sylvania, cerebral vascular accident.

Morris, Deborah, 53, Broadway Street, pending.

Schmidt, Frank, 90, Lagundovie Road, Oregon, Parkinson’s disease.

Simon, Hannah, 83, Pheasant Lane, heart disease.

Whitely, Patricia, 55, Chase Street, liver cirrhosis.

Williams, Carolyn, 93, Reen Drive, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


■ Crime reports

Andrea Cross, TV, video game system, and accessories from residence in 3900 block of Airport.

Jefferie Joyner, diamond-studded cross necklace, four rims and tires, computer, two men's rings, and two men's necklaces from residence in 1700 block of Milburn.

Crystal Kaszap, TV from residence in 2000 block of Isherwood.

Francesca Cherry, video game system and games from residence in 2000 block of Kensington.

Donna Flack, U.S. coins from residence in 200 block of Harold.

Merle Stokes, furnace, water heater, and plumbing pipe from residence in 1000 block of Norwood.

I.P.S. Group, five power washers, miscellaneous hand tools, computer, monitor, vacuum cleaner, assorted power tools, and weed trimmer from building in 2200 block of Albion..

Dana Siko, safe, TV, lawnmower, snow blower, video game system, games, computer, electric scooter, microwave oven, shoes, VCR/DVD players from residence in 100 block of West Sylvania.

Jimmie Hamblin, furnace, copper plumbing, and water heater tank from residence in 1200 block of Erie.

Shoreese McKinnie, TV from residence in 2300 block of Fulton.

Nick Irish, TV, fishing poles, DVD player, DVDs, and stereo system from residence in 2200 block of Genesee.

Tatyress Williamson, three TVs, video game system, video games, headphones, controllers, tablet computer, computer, necklace, and cash from residence in 500 block of White.

Selina Lipscomb, TV, video game system, and computer from residence in 900 block of Secor.

Tiffany Meyer, TV video game system and computer from residence in 1000 block of Marmion.

Gloria Wilson, two TVs, two stereo systems, two computers, and safe from residence in 4400 block of Cherry Creek.

Ray Arnold, TV from residence in 3200 block of Glendale.

Matt Spies, two video game systems and camera from residence in 400 block of San Jose.

VFW Post 2510, cash from building in 600 block of Second.

Melissa Holly, video game system, games, TV, and tablet computer from residence in unit block of Neise.

Ariel Webb, stereo, TV, radio unit, computer, clothing, shoes, and jewelry from residence in 4300 block of Truxton.

Shane Kelley, watch from residence in 800 block of Buckeye.

Gregory Rosenbrook, computers and class ring from residence in 3000 block of Chase Street.

Church onStrayer, copper wiring from building in 300 block of West Woodruff.

Charleston Bar, liquor, cash, two TVs, and arcade game from business in 300 block of Broadway.

Kelley Dellinger, credit card, jewelry, and checkbook from vehicle in Walbridge Park.

Duan Williams, outdrive, navigation unit, depth finder, and stereo from boat in 2000 block of Clinton.

Stephanie Kidder, purse with credit card and cash from vehicle in 200 block of West Alexis.

Albert Rucker, four wheels with tires from parking lot in 4000 block of South Village.

Erin Osborne, necklace, gold ring, purse, and wallet from driveway in 5500 block of Clover.

Zachary Teel, handgun from vehicle in 5700 block of Ryewyck.

Sheryl Jacquot, purse, bank card, Social Security card, and cash from vehicle in lot in 4600 block of Heatherdowns.

Quinci Copeland, purse, bank card, Social Security card, and cash from vehicle in lot in 4600 block of Heatherdowns.

Matthew Armstrong, computers and wallet from vehicle in 1200 block of Hidden Ridge.

Latasha Maddox, wedding ring and diamond earrings from counter of building in 3800 block of North Detroit.

Peter Gorman, computer, checkbook, cash, and U.S. passport from vehicle in 4200 block of River Road.

Antonio Gary, Sr., watch from residence in 4600 block of North Haven.

Kimberly Ertle, briefcase with checks from vehicle in 2600 block of Middlesex.

Wesley Yarborough, computer, clothing, and camera from two vehicles in 2900 block of Cheltenham.

Alaina Szilak, computer and cash from vehicle in driveway in 2900 block of Barrington.

Timothy Farmer, bank card from ATM machine in 3200 block of Alexis.

Richard Smith, clothing and tools taken from vehicle in 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Melvin Mosley, bank card information from residence in 500 block of Martin.

Timothy Farmer, bank card from ATM machine in 3200 block of Alexis.

FedEx, packages, purse, bank debit card, and checkbook from delivery vehicle in 800 block of Cherry.