Daily Log: 7/02



Bay Park Community Hospital

Lana Jeffers, Port Clinton, girl, July 1.

Flower Hospital

Tiffany and Enrique Cruz-Cerrito, Toledo, girl, June 28.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Bridget Wagner and Marcus Hickenbottom, Toledo, boy, June 28.

Alije Harris, Toledo, boy, June 28.

Brittany Piddock, Toledo, girl, June 28.

Ellie and Chris Ramsey, Toledo, girl, June 28.

Toledo Hospital

Rachel and Matt Lotycz, Perrysburg, girl, June 21.

Gladys Petrey, Toledo, girl, June 30.

Laura Primo, Temperance, boy, June 30.

Raquel Martinez, Toledo, boy, June 30.

Jacquel Miles, Toledo, girl, June 30.

Jodi Connors, Toledo, girl, June 30.

Ashia and Brandon Brown, Sr., Toledo, girl, June 30.

Crime reports


Tylisha Carter, television and coffee table from home in 3200 block of Franklin.

Kimberly Brown, computer and two handguns from residence in 1200 block of Bedford Woods.

Glen Bartholow, cash and video-game system from home in 4500 block of Overland Parkway.

Amber Labiche, TV and air conditioner from house in 300 block of Elm.

Ulysses Gray, handgun, wristwatch, computer, and jewelry from home in 900 block of Continental.

Sarah Barker, TV from home in 1600 block of Miami.

Holy Rosary Catholic School, numerous household items from church kitchen in 2500 block of Collingwood.

Charlean Ballard, television, video game system, computer notebook from residence in 3900 block of Vermaas.

Angela Spitler, 2 TVs, DVD players, and 150 DVDs from home in 1800 block of Wyndhurst.

Tammy Rikard, lawnmower and air conditioner from garage in 2800 block of 115th.

Kevin Struck, TV from home in 3400 block of Worley.

Josh Squires, set of golf clubs, TV/stereo unit, TV, high-definition projector, audio-video receiver, speaker towers, woofer speaker, surround-sound speakers, clothing, computer, pool cues, shoes, and cash from residence in 4100 block of Lewis.

PHH Mortgage Corp., copper plumbing from house in 4200 block of Foxchapel.

Cedric Mills, 2 TVs and video-game systems from mobile home in 2400 block of Nebraska.

Shawndreka Moten, video-game system from residence in 2400 block of Woodford.

Glen Williams, TV from residence in 200 block of 21st.


Stacy Schmidt, wallet containing credit cards from building in 1600 block of S. Byrne.

Ohio Vending Co., vending equipment missing from building in 600 block of Lagrange.

Army Corps of Engineers, outboard boat motor from facility in 3900 block of Summit.

Gregory Walker, 2 tablet computers, tennis shoes from auto in parking lot in 2500 block of W. Village.

Robert Gerrie, revolver from home in 5300 block of 308th.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

June 28, 2013

Patrick Amsdell, 22, pharmacy technician, of Perrysburg, and Jennifer Dudek, 23, emergency room scribe, of Holland.

John Skeldon, 31, banker, and Elizabeth Neuhausel, 31, veterinary assistant, both of Toledo.

Jason Beier, 33, self employed, and Heather Rediger, 31, sales, both of Toledo.

Terry Boyer, 46, and Shannon Westfall, 43, both of Toledo.

Aaron Flanner, 23, financial manager, and Jennifer Culpon, 21, secretary, both of Toledo.

Jeffery Forbes, Jr., 22, and Lauryel Porthouse, 27, both of Toledo.

Steven Wheeler, 25, and Tiffani Groll, 26, server, both of Toledo.

Marion Henderson, 31, and Frostina Toler, 32, both of Toledo.

James Bayer, 62, disc jockey, of Neapolis, Ohio, and Sara Schwartzwalder, 34, of Toledo.

David Garcia, 39, carpenter, and Sofia Otero, 29, bank teller, both of Toledo.

Sli Bostelman, 25, union carpenter, and Amanda Matusek, 22, marketing, both of Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Steven Hales, 53, attorney, and Sharon Lindeen, 53, controller, both of Toledo.

David Meyer, 29, grain elevator, and Alisha Gillespie, 27, cashier, both of Oregon.


Lucas County

Buckenmeyer, Margaret, 87, Carver Boulevard, cerebrovascular disease.

Carey, Marvin, 68, Brint Road, Sylvania, melanoma.

Largent, Peggy, 59, East Nevada Street, cancer.

Maher, Grace, 79, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, coronary artery disease.

Mustafa, Ziad, 53, Woodlake Drive, subdural hematoma.

Netry, Thelma, 83, Suder Avenue, presumed coronary artery disease.

Novak, Alex, 93, Convent Boulevard, Sylvania, debility.

Novotny, John, 92, St. Bernard Drive, congestive heart failure.

Pomeroy, Diana, 72, Hugo Street, Maumee, respiratory failure.

Riley, Marilyn, 88, Oak Grove Place, carcinoma.

Robertson, Christopher, 39, Temperance, occlusive artery disease.

Roland, Leah, 15 hours, Walbridge, Ohio, septic shock.

Sanders, Mary, 94, Navarre Avenue, Oregon, cerebrovascular accident.

Slabe, Edward, 91, Port Drive, Maumee, liver disease.

Wall, Raymond, 86, King Road, Sylvania, cancer.

Warren, Ardell, Jr., 61, North Huron Street, cancer.

Wonser, Althea, 66, Lewis Avenue, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.