Suburban Crime Log: 7/6


Lake Township


Reliance Rental, unknown person broke into business in 3500 block of Genoa, no loss reported.

Stephen DeYoung, children’s toys from garage of residence in 28000 block of Main.


Leslie Michener, rear license plate from vehicle at residence in 1000 block of Lakehurst.

Jeffs Trucking Co., North Canton, Ohio, GPS unit and CB from vehicle in 3400 block of Latcha.

Robert Marchington, Three Forks, Mont., GPS unit from vehicle in 26000 block of Baker.



Maumee Laundry and Dry Cleaning, cash from vending machine inside business in 100 block of East Indiana.

Deborah Krause, assorted jewelry from residence in 1200 block of Kirk.


Marc O’Neill, cell phone from vehicle at residence in 500 block of McIntyre.

Melinda Cannon, change, charging cord, and cigarettes from vehicle at residence in 2200 block of Willow Tree.

Daniel Novotny, cash from vehicle at residence in 2200 block of Maple Tree.

Gregory Mahlman, handgun and change from vehicle at residence in 2200 block of Willow Tree.

Maureen Conroy, cell phone and change from vehicle at residence in 2000 block of Cass.

Brian Ruff, Eaglewood, Sylvania, assorted tools from vehicle in 1300 block of Arrowhead.

Samantha Griner, Edgerton, Ohio, cash and wallet and contents from vehicle in 400 block of West Dussel.

Thomas Rice, landscape lights and copper downspout from residence in 2700 block of River.

Joan Horton, South Range, Wis., truck bed cover, camera, jewelry, laptop computer, case, and briefcase and contents from vehicle in 1500 block of South Reynolds.

Monclova Township


Edmund Murray, dirt bikes from residence in 4900 block of Eber.


Christopher Clement and Amy Clement, kitchen cupboards from residence in 3100 block of Alex Court.



Scott Holden, Latrobe, Pa., handgun from room in 2400 block of Oregon.


Steven Reed, Reitz, Perrysburg, 1997 Chrysler LHS from 2400 block of Oregon.



Deborah Richards, cash from safe at residence in 1300 block of East Meadow.


Oregon Clinic, cash and personal checks from business in 3800 block of Navarre.

Domonique Gresky, Corduroy, Curtice, Ohio, cell phone and purse and contents from vehicle in 4900 block of Bay Shore.



Nicole Eddy, iPod and video game from residence in 300 block of Edgewood.

Linda Zieroff, purse and contents from 300 block of Commodore Way.

Perrysburg Township


Angel Fultz, unknown person broke into residence in 27000 block of Oregon, loss undetermined.


Cindy Patterson, chain binders, log chains, tool boxes, and tools from barn of residence in 9200 block of Reitz.

Michael Jeffries, Thurman, Ohio, raffle ticket money from 10000 block of Fremont Pike.

Matthew Ratcliffe, 500 block of Orchard, metal posts from business in 28000 block of Glenwood.

Samuel Slaughterbeck, handgun from residence in 7600 block of Reitz.



Amanda Bronikowski, lawn mower from garage of residence in 100 block of Elm.

Springfield Township


Michelle Nadeau, medicines from residence in unit block of North Favony.

Chris Rohrbacher, laptop computer from gas station in 1400 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Matthew Hinz, handgun from residence in unit block of North Favony.



Suzane Kamel, unknown person broke into residence in 7700 block of Edgeview, no loss reported.

Nancy Walles, Temperance, wallet and contents from 5200 block of Harroun.


Leah Catanese, Bromley, Toledo, wallet and contents from 6200 block of Monroe.

Judith Dixon, assorted jewelry from mailbox at residence in 6000 block of Elden.

Matthew Williamson, 5700 block of Elliott, cash, laptop computer, Kindle Fire, and cell phone from vehicle in 5500 block of West Alexis.

Sylvania Township


Michael Shepherd, two computer tablets from residence in 3300 block of Waldmar.


Connor Smith, Mountain Lakes, N. J., wallet and contents from vehicle in 6000 block of Cobblestone.

Kari Vernier, Metamora, Ohio, assorted jewelry and wallet and contents from locker in 2800 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Impact Electric, 2600 block of Shetland, power tools from vehicle in 6800 block of Woodmeadow.

Amy Figliomeni, 5100 block of Sprucewood, ID and credit cards from vehicle on Brint at Centennial.

Washington Township


Olivia Pidgeon, air conditioner unit from residence in unit block of Cypress.



Gary Kuns, jewelry from residence in 5900 block of North River.

Waterville Township


Mark Winzeler, chain saw from garage in 5000 block of Whitehouse Spencer.