Daily Log: 7-8



Toledo Hospital

Amberlea and Perry Stultz, Delta, girl, July 6.

Kelly and Josh Hoot, Toledo, boy, July 6.

Kara and Todd Moore, Toledo, girl, July 6.

Andrea and Bryan Shinaver, Maumee, boy, July 6.

Jill and Brian Rygalski, Perrysburg, girl, July 6.

Courtney and Nicholas Ramos, Sylvania, boy, July 6.

Lauren Soltis, Luckey, boy, July 2.

Tamara and Paul Massingill, Monroe, girl, July 6.

Sara and Lenn Bassler, Jr., Perrysburg, boy, July 5.

Flower Hospital

Indira and Jacklord Ulep, Toledo, girl, July 4.

Brittany and Bradley Patterson, Holland, girl, July 5.

Kaela and Aaron Nagucki, Waterville, boy, July 5.

Kathryn and William Binder, Holland, girl, July 5.

Carrie and Richard Tinsley, Toledo, boy, July 6.

Patti and Brian Brown, Sylvania, girl, July 5.

Sierra Heater, Toledo, boy, July 2.



Lucas County

Wilson, Londa, 61, Copley Drive, breast cancer.

Zapata, Major, 3 hours, Yermo Drive, extreme prematurity.


Crime Reports

Felonious Assaults

Mohammed Dalki, struck in the face by assailant in the 800 block of Walnut.

Mark Kolodzaike, assaulted by a man with a razor in the 2800 block of Monroe.

Daniel Augustyniak, assaulted by man in unit block of Nevada.

Cory Carr, assaulted by two men in parking lot at International Park in unit block of Main.


Lisa Trimble, purse and cell phone by three men who knocked her to the ground in the 1500 block of Monroe.


Eboni Baldwin, TV from residence in 3700 block of E. Manhattan.

Megan Boukissen, TV and laptop computer from residence in 900 block of Clifton.

Juan Ramey, jewelry, two computers, air-conditioner, two TVs, and two video-game units from residence in 1100 block of Peck.

Alisha Parker, men's bicycle, lawn mower, weed trimmer, and gas can from garage in 4200 block of Vermaas.

Roosevelt Stewart, two computers from home in 2300 block of Scottwood.

Sharon Hill, all-terrain vehicle from garage in 500 block of Utah.

Jason Barnhart, all-terrain vehicle from garage in 500 block of Utah.

Joyce Hayes, water heater from residence in the 1700 block of Ottawa.

Toledo Country Club, undetermined amount of food from a deep freezer in the 3900 block of River Road.

Helena Sigler, bedding, clothing, and shoes from residence in the 3200 block of Middlesex.


Dennis Neuhausel, golf clubs, bag, and other equipment from back of pickup in 4400 block of Vogel.

Dennis Roach, radio from vehicle parked in 1400 block of Tecumseh.

Speedy Sewer & Drain, drain cleaning machine, power saw, and cordless drill and case from truck in 4200 block of McGregor.

Kathy Gray, clothing, medication, watch, and mobile cell-phone charger from vehicle parked in unit block of Kenilworth.

John Reitzel, camera, keys, and book from auto parked in 1000 block of S. Reynolds.

Agustin Zandon, stereo, amplifier, and speaker from vehicle in parking lot in 700 block of S. St. Clair.