Daily Log: 8-23



Bay Park Community Hospital

Jessica and Billee Gordon, Curtice, Ohio, girl, Aug. 20.


Toledo Hospital

Marquita Veley, Toledo, boy, Aug. 14.

Danielle Koonce, Toledo, boy, Aug. 14.

Rachel and Jason McAllister, Toledo, girl, Aug. 14.

Kristin Cargill, Toledo, boy, Aug. 14.

Anne and Kevon Binder, Blissfield, Mich., girl, Aug. 14.

Jamie McCormick and Michael Redd, Toledo, girl, Aug. 19.

Markisha and Christian Allen, Toledo, girl, Aug. 21.

Mary Eich, Swanton, boy, Aug. 21.

Stephanie and Brian Evanson, Toledo, boy, Aug. 21.

Kathleen Jackson-Henk, and Jason Henk, Toledo, boy, Aug. 21.

Christine and Glenn Siddens, Waterville, boy, Aug. 21.

Ashleigh and David Spackey, Temperance, twin girls, Aug. 21.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Aug. 21, 2013

Erik Eckman, 24, night clerk, and Amanda Koppert, 24, baker, both of Toledo.

Joshua Van Etten, 27, cook, of Sylvania, and Evelyn Lopez Zazueta, 19, of Mexico City.

Kevin Keifer, 24, factory worker, of Whitehouse, and Kristin Nagle, 20, cashier, of Monclova Township.

Albert Brown III, 25, assembler, of Toledo, and Myra Grimes, 21, assembler, of Northwood.

Ramsey Abu-Absi, 44, software developer, and Rebecca Weghorst, 37, occupational therapist, both of Toledo.

Gerry Hudson, 27, pharmacy technician, and Alexia Dumas, 30, nurse, both of Toledo.

Ronald Jaquay, Jr., 34, construction worker, of Toledo, and Emily Bowman, 21, stock associate, of Dexter, Mich.

Thomas Johnson III, 43, electrician, and LaShanda King, 39, nurse, both of Toledo.

Anthony Gruber, 30, and Alyssa Hensley, 19, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Archie, Booker, 87, Nebraska Avenue, hyperkalemia.

Baker, Andrew, 23, Capron, Ill., pending.

Becker, Scott, 58, Glanzman Road, cancer.

Culpepper, Josephine, 64, Robinwood Avenue, cancer.

Czaja, Brian, 55, Telegraph Road, pending.

Donbrosky, Sheryl, 56, Deerfield, Mich., complications morbid obesity.

Drlik, Emily, 82, West Woodruff Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Eisenhard, Doris, 63, Perrysburg, intracerebral hemorrhage.

Hernandez, Humberto, 83, Cresthaven Lane, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Hulliberger, David, 49, North Huron Street, heart disease.

Johnson, Daniel, 72, West Alexis Road, heart disease.

Jourdain, Doris, 98, Pawnee Road, pending.

Konecki, Alice, 82, Orvieto Drive, Sylvania, pending.

Lovette, Sadie, 88, North Summit Street, dementia.

McHugh, Gregory, Sr., 66, Greenlawn Court, coronary artery disease.

McIntosh, Jacqueline, 59, East Woodruff Avenue, multisystem organ failure.

Nunemaker, William, 87, Carrietowne Lane, Sylvania Township, senile dementia.

Oberhaus, Harold, 69, Bowling Green, multiorgan system failure.

Pheils, Donna, 84, Cass Road, cerebrovascular accident.

Prange, Robert II, 53, Hudson, Mich., cholangiocarcinoma.

Rothrock, Stanley, 79, Williston, Ohio, clostridium difficile colitis.

Sampson, Renee, 53, Oak Hill Court, multisystem failure.

Williams, Marianne, 55, Glanzman Road, pending.

Wilson, Steven, 57, North Erie Street, cancer.

Wyley, Dimengga, 40, Stahlwood Avenue, complications morbid obesity.


Crime reports


Jeffrey Carson, two lawnmowers and grass trimmer from garage in 3300 block of Blanchard.

Stephanie Grier, entertainment sound system from residence in 1300 block of Brooke Park.

Vistula Heritage apartment complex, kitchen stove, refrigerator, and sink from rental unit in 1000 block of Noth Michigan.

Jermaine Smith, socks and respiratory inhaler from residence in 200 block of Fassett.

Cara Cahill, TV from residence in 1400 block of Kenyon.

The House Stop, copper plumbing from residence in 4400 block of Eastway.

Jetta Packer, three lawnmowers and tool kit from garage in 1600 block of Milburn.

Remax Realtors, faucets and copper plumbing from residence in 4400 block of Asbury.

David Kirby, cash from residence in 2400 block of West Alexis.

Richard Davis, Jr., automobile seats, wheel rims, lift kit, and struts from garage in 1000 block of West Woodruff.

Christine Haley, sofa, computer, end table, washing machine, dryer, dishes, rocking chair, clothing, buffing machine, dehydrator, stove, kitchen table, floor lamp, VCR, and coffee grinder from residence in 3800 block of Beechway.

Herbert Hart, two TVs from residence in 5000 block of Breezeway.

Ronald Peters, air compressor, two bicycles, and pressure washer from garage in 4700 block of Douglas.



Zonta Moore, tablet computer and navigation system from auto parked in 1800 block of Berkshire.

Kevin Loeffler, computer from vehicle in 3700 block of Monroe.

Bryan Orwig, tablet from auto in parking lot in 5000 block of Monroe.

All Nu Construction Co., two cordless drills, hammer drill, drill bits, multi-tip set of drivers for bits, circular saw, blades, caulking guns, belt sander, navigation unit, air compressor, hammer screwdriver set, and nail set from locked toolbox at construction site in 3900 block of Heatherdowns.

Joseph Esteves, navigation unit from car parked in 5800 block of Hagman.

Shana Kott, .380 pistol from her residence in 400 block of Daniels.

April Shaver, purse, cell phone, checkbook, cash, and prescription drugs from vehicle in 900 block of Wright.

Karen Robinson, prescription drugs from residence in 3000 block of Tremainsville.

Latosha Morris, cash, credit cards, personal papers, house keys, and two gift cards from vehicle in 200 block of Kingswood.