Daily Log: 8-30



Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Timothy and Sonia Simpson, Elmore, girl, Aug. 26.

Derek and Regina Valentine, Springfield Township, girl, Aug. 27.

Crystal Braden, Toledo, girl, Aug. 27.

Sean and Monica O’Connor, Perrysbrug, girl, Aug. 28.


Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Jessica Colebrook and Sean Hamilton, Oregon, girl, Aug. 21.

Sara and Patrick Moreland, Toledo, boy, Aug. 26.

Kurstin Hainer, Oregon, boy, Aug. 27.

Cassandra Flores, Toledo, boy, Aug. 27.

Hillary and Anthony Kaufman, Bowling Green, girl, Aug. 27.

Emily and Jeremy Gould, Sylvania, boy, Aug. 28.


St. Luke’s Hospital

Ashley Mayo, Curtice, Ohio, girl, Aug. 28.

Tiffany Wallace, Toledo, boy, Aug. 28.

Nicole and Kurt Perdew, Delta, Ohio, boy, Aug. 29.


Toledo Hospital

Stephanie Wood, Northwood, boy, Aug. 11.

Caress James, Toledo, girl, Aug. 28.

Brittanie Siler, Delta, Ohio, girl, Aug. 28.

Nicole Taylor, Toledo, girl, Aug. 28.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Aug. 26, 2013

Jimmie Reynolds, Jr., 40, city employee, and Laura Hannah aka McGhee, 49, both of Toledo.


Aug. 28, 2013

Joseph Adamski, 44, plumber, and Lindsay Reese, 33, financial center manager, both of Oregon.

Anthony Althauser, 23, project manager, of Long Beach, Calf., and Kathryn Kerrigan, 23, cosmetologist, of Toledo.

Eric Wagner, 38, zoning administrator, and Rachelle West, 29, pharmacy technician, both of Toledo.

Jonathan Cox, 27, anesthetist, and Mary Sullivan, 28, nurse manager, both of Toledo.

Gregory Evans, 36, production worker,, and Patricia Custer, 32, radiologic technologist, both of Toledo.

Daniel Gust, 25, director of business, and Nina Dossa, 27, student, both of Sylvania.

Timothy Carroll, 70, professor, of South Haven, Mich., and Mary Dorn, 69, of Maumee.

Kevin Snyder, 53, millwright, and Dawn Robinson, 42, quality inspector, both of Toledo.

David Hester, 32, engineering technician, of Erie, Mich., and Cassandra Butler, 35, child life clerk, of Temperance.

Kenneth Hoefflin, 30, asset economist, and Sarah Myers, 28, process safety coordinator, both of Sylvania.



Lucas County

Alexander, Jason, 32, Alexis Road, pending.

Bailey, Fulton, 55, Airport Highway, coronary artery disease.

Baker, Calvin, Jr., 41, White Street, multiorgan failure.

Baker, Duane, Jr., 51, Portage, Ohio, accident.

Basil, Ray, 41, Michigan Avenue, pending.

Benson, Tressie, 101, Moran Street, congestive heart failure.

Bishop, James, 71, Helena, Ohio, pending.

Browning, Robert, 87, Englewood, Fla., respiratory failure.

Burgard, Annette aka Sr. Mary Marc, 71, Secor Road, metabolic encephalopathy.

Carter, Monica, 51, Torrey Hill Drive, hypertensive heart disease.

Clymer, Sandra, 53, Lyons, Ohio, respiratory failure.

Crawford, Yvonne, 66, Collingwood Boulevard, hypertensive heart disease.

Eaton, Thomas, 70, Republic, Ohio, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Fulkert, James, Jr., 66, Liberty Street, aspiration pneumonia.

Goddard, Peter, 77, Oak Harbor, Ohio, cancer.

Hebert, Louise, 85, Heatherdowns Boulevard, accident.

Henricks, William, Jr., 66, Tremainsville Road, coronary artery disease.

Hlebar, Marjorie, 87, Midwood Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Irish, Essie, 78, Collingwood Boulevard, congestive heart failure.

Koralewski, Deloris, 78, South Hill Park Drive, Holland, pneumonia.

Kowalski, Steven, 54, Parrakeet Drive, pending.

Lane, Donald, 70, Darlington Road, arteriosclerosis.

Langenderfer, Hal, 61, Delta, Ohio, cancer.

Marus, Joseph, 67, Douglas Road, heart disease.

Meinzer, William, 77, Greenville Crossing, Waterville, encephalopathy.

Micenec, Ann, 90, Butz Road, Maumee, dementia.

Mulligan, Elizabeth, 91, Warren Street, heart disease.

Peace, Henry, 70, Clover Lane, respiratory failure.

Pencheff, Dorothy, 83, Rose Garden Drive, congestive heart failure.

Plate, Scott, 43, Bellevue, Ohio, pending.

Riblett, Kevin, 59, Rossford, cancer.

Rodriguez, Barbara, 69, Montery Court, respiratory failure.

Rosebrock, Shirley, 82, Defiance, septic shock.

Shultz, John, 81, Oak Alley Court, cerebrovascular accident.

Snyder, Mareta, 86, Metamora, Ohio, congestive heart failure.

Thompson, Vincent, 91, West Alexis Road, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Wagoner, Jean, 87, Commonwealth Avenue, pneumonia.

Wyrostek, Sharon, 70, Hidden Forest Drive, Holland, cancer.


Crime reports


Meon Allen, computer and electronic game device from residence in 400 block of Martin.

Terry Disher, computer from residence in 800 block of Toronto.

Faye Hill, lawnmower, DVD player, revolver from residence in 1500 block of Avondale.

Teresa Abramczyk, lawnmower, vacuum cleaner, circular saw, computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, and spray paint cans from residence in 2100 block of Consaul.

Bianca Byrd, three TVs, computer, electronic game device, and DVD player from residence in 2400 block of York.

Robert Knisely, Jr., jewelry, electric meter, and computer software from dwelling in 200 block of Raymer.

Sylvia Perez, TV and cell phone from residence in 500 block of Clark.

David Feahr, hair clippers, electronic game station, and TV from residence in 2000 block of Hurd.

Middlebrook Estates, lawnmower, grass trimmer, hedge trimmer, and backpack leaf blower from trailer on grounds in 300 block of South Reynolds.

Zachary Woods, lawn tractor, lawnmower, weed trimmer, toolbox, assorted tools, and saw from residence's garage in 900 block of Eton.

Terri Miller, cash, baby items, and hand-held computer game from residence in 5000 block of Norwich.

Ramond Haithcock, two gaming consoles and two computers from residence in 1600 block of Indiana.

Kim Devlin, computer from residence in 1900 block of Genesee.

Kurtis Tucker, electronic gaming device, purse, and wallet from residence in 3800 block of Inverness.

Franchesco Jones, TV from residence in 400 block of San Jose.

Michael Zacharias III, leaf blower, toolbox, and assorted tools from residence in 2600 block of 104th.

Michael Sperry, two electronic gaming systems and accessories, credit cards, two computers, basketball shoes, camera, iPod with headphones, jewelry, diamond earrings and pendant, diamond necklace with pendant, silver ring, and cell phone from residence in 4800 block of Harvest.

Brandi Nash, three TVs from residence in 2000 block of Marlow,

Tamboia Lampkin, three TVs, DVD player, camera, computer, navigation system, lawnmower, music player, binoculars, and electronic photo frame system from residence in 3200 block of Glenwood.

Shalon Tidwell, TV, computer games, jewelry, gold bracelet, earrings, and blank checks from residence in 200 bkock of Macomber.

Debra Neal, two TVs, two computers, and assorted tools from residence in 3400 block of Twining.

Jeanette Young, computer from residence in 900 block of Clay.

Kathleen Gagen, curbside trash bin, curbside recycling bin, copper tubing, and aluminum door frame from construction site in 200 block of East Hudson.

James Woodard, TV, couch, chair, and bedroom suite from residence in 1000 block of Woodward.

Jeffrey Graham, water meter, curbside refuse bin, seven storm windows, and slabs of sandstone from dwelling in 1100 block of Peck.

Cora Delbo, cash from residence in 600 block of Stickney.

Diane Dabney, cash, TV, and 12 ceramic figurines from residence in 500 block of East Hudson.

Keith Corder, building supplies, sink, furnace, water meter, and copper plumbing from building site in 800 block of Galena.



Kathleen Ruiz, prescription medicine from residence in 200 block of Van Buren.

Andrew Maki, backpack, checkbook, computer and accessories, and cash from vehicle in driveway in 2600 block of Drummond.

Rosalind Gonzalez, assorted tools, two cell phones, and navigation unit from van in 4000 block of Monroe.

Audrey Hopkins, purse, wallet, bank card, checks, Bluetooth device, and personal papers from vehicle in 200 block of Mitchell.



Lucas County

Crystal Goodnight from Scott Goodnight.

Scott Goodnight from Crystal Goodnight.

Heather Williams from Burton Williams.

Mary Jo Gercak from William Yaney.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Terry Awls and Christina Awls.

Shawn Erik-Brown and Evangelina Brown.

Robert Cousino and Shannon Cousino.

Pamela Thibert and Todd Thibert.

Emily McKarns and Nathan McKarns.

Fred Vandrieson and Dorothy Vandrieson.