Daily Log: 9/17



Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Stacey and Benjamin Smith, Toledo, boy, Sept. 15.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Susan and Jeremy Joyner, Maumee, boy, Sept. 16.

Toledo Hospital

Susan and Jerome Vitas, Toledo, boy, Sept. 15.

Jessica Clark, Toledo, boy, Sept. 15.

Shannon Chartrand, Toledo, boy, Sept. 15.

LaTaya and Melvin Burton, Toledo, boy, Sept. 15.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Sept. 13, 2013

Carl Krumroy, 23, student, and Samantha Horton, 23, nurse, both of Toledo.

Thomas Augustine, 27, logistics, of Toledo, and Sundra Cooper, 27, logistics, of Lambertville.

James Eastwood, Jr., 40, plumber, and Amy Hollenbeck, 28, therapist, both of Temperance.

Joel Gerber, 23, teaching assistant, and Emily Stinehart, 24, secretary, both of Toledo.

Tyler Six, 22, welder, and Jasmine Garcia, 22, both of Adrian.

Derek Haynes, Jr., 27, detailer, and Danielle McKinney, 26, executive assistant, both of Toledo.

Ronald Williams, 48, construction worker, and Shelly Graves, 41, food service worker, both of Toledo.

Mikechel Gary, 42, security guard, and Tylisha Carter, 35, both of Toledo.

Norris McNerney, 83, retired, of Naples, Fla., and Ruth Jeffries, 79, retired, of Toledo.

Bradley Bowen, 31, senior analyst, of Toledo, and Brandy Ford, 29, account manager, of Perrysburg.

Dorian Grey, 49, magician, and Jennifer Mawer, 36, veterinarian technician, both of Toledo.

Jonathan Inman, 40, supervisor, and Katie Snyder, 28, operator, both of Toledo.

Daniel Rudnicki, 54, optometrist, of Holland, and Diane Wolfe, 47, office manager, of Maumee.

Burrow Alexander IV, 22, and Abiola Marshall, 21, nurse’s assistant, both of Toledo.

Richard Furlong, 39, actor, and Tiffany Taylor, 41, sales director, both of Toledo.

Russell Maxon, 25, medical student, of Maumee, and Kayla Jaimez, 25, wellness coordinator, of Toledo.

Steven Williams, 52, and Clementine Madison, 50, insurance verification, both of Toledo.

Shawn Parker, 30, and Danielle Mitchell, 28, factory worker, both of Toledo.

Robert Phillips, Jr., 42, retired military, and Michelle Player, 41, customer service manager, both of Toledo.

Jeffrey Leeper, 53, operations manager, and Jana Dannenberger, 54, payroll representative, both of Sylvania.


Lucas County

Anderson, Jacob, 18 hourrs, Perrysburg, pulmonary hypoplasia.

Bass, Ethel, 97, Homewood Avenue, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Berry, Robert, Sr., 77, Elmore, coronary artery disease.

Binns, Thomas, 62, South McCord Road, Holland, cancer.

Brooks, Carrie, 36, Marblehead, Ohio, hypoxic encephalopathy.

Burton, Zak, 24, Bronson Avenue, homicide.

Bushman, Mildred, 91, Glenview Road, Maumee, ischemic cerebellar infarction.

Cerveny, Angeline, 95, Otterbein Way, Monclova Township, vascular disease.

Clegg, Pauline, 91, Indian Road, Toledo, senile dementia.

Conn, Sarah, 4, McDonald Street, brain tumor.

Cordle, Keith, 32, Lyman Avenue, pending.

Croniser, Philip, 64, Centennial Road, Sylvania, cardiovascular disease.

Czerniejewski, Joseph, 81, Cass Road, congestive heart failure.

Fisher, Marie, 92, Clyde, Ohio, pending.

Grant, Armazell, 71, Pearl Street, cerebral hemorrhage.

Harder, Lola, 64, Curtice, Ohio, cancer.

Hawks, Alta, 80, Archbold-White Road, Whitehouse, carcinomatosis.

Heaps, Lorene, 88, Parkwood Avenue, cardiopulmonary disease.

Johnson, Delvin, 96, Gillingham Drive, Sylvania, coronary artery disease.

Jones, Mary, 85, Arlington Avenue, adenocarcinoma.

Lipinski, Elizabeth, 88, Chalmette Drive, presumed hepatoma.

Lungulow, Kreszenz, 88, Rossford, congestive heart failure.

Markin, Donald, 83, Woodville, cerebral vascular accident.

McClellan, Robert, 37, Quail Lakes, Holland, pending.

McGee, Betty, 81, Ottawa Lake, Mich., congestive heart failure.

Mendoza, Gilbert, 71, Emerson Streer, cancer.

Mentz, Thomas, Jr., 71, Gibralter Heights, pending.

Merrick, Frederick, 78, Erie, Mich., dementia.

Myers, Shirley, 81, South Fearing Boulevard, heart disease.

Ngwashi, Kapya, 1 hour, Archwood Lane, extreme prematurity.

Ngwashi, Pundu, 12 minutes, Archwood Lane, extreme prematurity.

Ocock, John, 65, Indian Trail, Sylvania, interstitial pneumonitis.

Oglesby, James, 32, East Central Avenue, homicide.

Pylant, Elsa, 89, Parkcliffe Lane, aspiration pneumonia.

Rayford, Johnny, 76, Beaumont Drive, Alzheimer’s disease.

Shepherd, Roman, 83, Defiance, ventricular fibrillation.

Simov, Simeon, 83, Dustin Road, Oregon, intracerebral hemorrhage.

Slider, Julie, 54, Temperance, cancer.

Street, Jerry, 74, Findlay, coronary artery disease.

Thomas, Heavenly, 8 hours, East Manhattan Boulevard, extreme prematurity.

Thomas, Mark, 59, Willesden Green Road, cancer.

Thomas, Sandra, 51, Pickard Drive, liver cirrhosis.

Valasek, Bernardine, 87, Longwater Drive, Maumee, dementia.

Woodall, Catherine, 78, Grand Rapids, Ohio, cerebrovascular accident.

Young, Victor, 63, Wauseon, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Zimmer, Jerald, 78, Fremont, pending.

Zupancic, James, 61, Eastfield Drive, Maumee, cancer.

Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Aaron Short, shot at on street in 500 block of Church.

Fernando Barringer, assaulted at residence in 400 block of 6th.

Kimberly Marshall, assaulted at bar in 3200 block of Stickney.

Tobias Czlapinski and Corey Kelly, in building in 1700 block of Airport at the time of a drive-by shooting.

Shabbaz Merritt and Dorian Wilson, shot on street in 3600 block of Jackman.

James Bellfy, Jr., shot at at residence in 400 block of Saint Louis.

Tyler Jones, shot on street at Auburn and Monroe.

Theodore Kolinski, assaulted at residence in 200 block of Everett.

Justin Galloway, shot at parking lot in 1100 block of North Byrne.

Brandon Schley, stabbed at residence in 3900 block of Airport.

James Bollinger and Thomas Hall, shot at in 200 block of Licking.

Maliq Lawson, assaulted at residence in 900 block of Norwood.


Everett Smith, assaulted and robbed of cash on street in 600 block of Fernwood.

Griffin Stewart, assaulted and robbed of cash at parking lot in 2800 block of West Sylvania.

Dennis Byndom, cash by gunman in 4000 block of Vermaas.

Adrian Griffin, threatened with handgun and robbed of wallet with cash in vehicle in 1200 block of Cribb.

Charles Hayes, assaulted and robbed of cash in alley in 600 block of Main.


Toni Montgomery, prescription medication from residence in unit block of East Capistrano.

Luis Gonzalez, TV, cologne, and “pit bull” type dog from residence in 1800 block of Mulberry.

Melissa Stewart, two TVs, electronic video game, and 15 software units from residence in 900 block of Byrneport.

Angelica DaConceicao and Marcos DaConceicao, TV, wallet, two bank cards, tablet computer, personal papers, and computer from residence in 1400 block of College.

Patricia and Wendell Meek, shotgun shells, other ammunition, baseball cards, baseball caps, TV, cash, silver dollar collection, jewelry, pellet pistol, two digital cameras, .32 revolver, .22 revolver, 16-gauge shotgun, 20-gauge shotgun, and .22 rifle from residence in 400 block of Utah.

Mary Kepes, lawn mower from residence in 700 block of Woodford.

Michelle Cooke, cash by three men who invaded her residence in 2700 block of Powhattan; intruders also struck Stratman Cooke, 18, on head with pistol, took cell phone.

Leann Maier, computer from residence in 700 block of Vandalia.

Eugene Stimson, air conditioner from residence in 300 block of Orville.

Patricia Redding, cash and jewelry from residence in 900 block of McKinley.

Steven VanHouten, copper pipes from residence in 3600 block of Rugby.

Angela Garcia, cash, jewelry, TVs, and video game system from residence in 1900 block of Genesee.

Melody Brewer, bicycle and tools from garage in 2500 block of Glenwood.

Ronnie Draper, TV and cash from residence in 1600 block of Freeman.

Sharyna Dixon, purses, clothes, shoes, video-game system with games, air conditioner, and headphones from residence in 3500 block of Willow Run.

Linda Sutton and Kevin Sutton, deep freezer, food, keys, and sport-utility vehicle from residence in 800 block of Vance.

Forrester's on the River, cases of beer and bottles of wine from restaurant in unit block of Main.

Amanda Rodriguez, video game system with games from residence in 600 block of Milton.

Ivan Iliev, furnace, oven, refrigerator, and bathtub from residence in 300 block of West Oakland.

Kevin Connor, Kyle Connor, Cody Connor, and Kristopher Connor, smart phones, headphones, and wallets with cash, checks, and credit cards from hotel room in 400 block of North Summit.

Beverly Lear, radio, computers, and video-game systems with accessories from residence in 3900 block of North Lockwood.

Stephanie Smith, cash, safe, TVs, video-game system with controllers, laptop computer, shoes, headphones, and jackets from residence in 100 block of East Woodruff.

Emily Adkins, TV and video-game system from residence in 1400 block of Brooke Park.

Tameka Depp, TVs and tablet computer from residence in unit block of East Oakland.

Debbie Urzykowski, cell phone from residence in 3200 block of Glendale.

Jerome Pope, Sr., lawn maintenance equipment from garage in 600 block of North University.

Tawana Yates,TV, video-game systems, and tablet computer from residence in 1800 block of North Summit.

Robert Dibble, copper pipes, old records, and flashlights from residence in 2600 block of Southwood.

Lisa Baldwin, TV from residence in 300 block of Hiett.

Sandra Ancrum, TVs, laptop computer, tablet computer, video game system, movies, and jewelry box with jewelry from residence in 300 block of West Oakland.

Steven Sutton, video-game system with games and controller from residence in 100 block of East Broadway.

Benny Logan, video-game system and cable box from residence in 100 block of East Broadway.

Bobby Black, wires, floor vents, kitchen sink, and downspouts from residence in 500 block of Yondota.

Roger Coy, video disc, microwave oven, and booklet with personal computer data from residence in 5800 block of Dorr.

Ernest Wilcox, stereo system from residence in the 300 block of Moravan.

Sharitta Murphy, TV and cable box from residence in the 1700 block of Freeman.

Thomas Schreiner, washer and dryer from dwelling in 1600 block of Roosevelt.

Tomeka Shum, computer, TV, and snowblower from residence in 1600 block of Ottawa.

Charlotte Hicks, bicycle from garage at home in the 4600 block of Manorwood.

Younes Sabet, furnace, electrical wiring, and plumbing from home in the 3000 block of Chestnut.

Cortini Beck, TV and DVD player from residence in the 1200 block of N. Huron.

Angela Woodson, computer, TV, and electronic gaming device and controller from residence in the 400 block of Courtland.

Caress James, two TVs, cash, cell phone, and computer and software from residence in the 3200 block of Mercer.

Janet Hunter, computer and cell phone by two men who surprised her in her residence in the 2500 block of Plum Leaf.

Ray's Party Store, cigarettes, lottery tickets, and cell phones from store in 600 block of Main.

Laurence Mitchell, portable alarm system, copper pipe, and water meter from dwelling in the 2600 block of Midwood.

Carol Zomkowski, jewelry, prescription medicine, cash from residence in 1100 block of Park Lane.

Willie Harper, lawnmower, pop machine, snowblower, gas stove, furnace, sandstone slabs from garage and yard of dwelling in the 1200 block of Moore.

Jessica Watson, lockbox, .22 Taurus revolver, 2 electronic gaming systems, 3 TVs, diamond earrings, tablet computer, camcorder, piggy bank from dwelling in the 700 block of Southbriar.

Michael Lee, assorted scrap from apartment building in the 500 block of 4th.

Sandra Sancrant, 2 weed trimmers, lawnmower from residence in the 300 block of Danberry.

Harold Turney,TV from residence in the 1200 block of South.

Chase Prime, copper piping, duct work, water heater, furnace, air conditioning unit from dwelling in 1500 block of Jermain.

Sharcy Bostic, 3 computers, modem, electronic gaming system, TV, purse, cash from residence in the unit block of Birmingham.

Devin McConnell, 2 bicycles from garage at home in the 2700 block of Oxbridge.

Brianna Traylor, 1 pair of basketball shoes from residence's garage in the 200 block of Valleywood.

Wayne Ahumada, chain saw, lawnmower, ladder, gardden tiller from house's storage shed in the 2300 block of Woodford.

Cynthia Vaillant, prescription medicine from dwelling in the 200 block of Summerdale.

Andrea Rodriquez, diamond and silver necklace from residence in the 3600 block of Brunswick.

Ronald Jones, 2 lawnmowers, refrigerator from residence's shed in the 1000 block of Walbridge.

Lee's Beauty Supplies, miscellaneous jewelry, hair extensions from shop in 500 block of Dorr.

Michael Bais, prescription medicine from residence in the 1100 block of N. Superior.

George Thompson, kitchen sink, cabinetry, electrical box from vacant home in the 1400 block of Champlain.

Ramona Hutchison, cash, computer, TV from residence in the 1500 block of N. Ontario.

Madonna Green, refrigerator, TV gas stove, mattress-box spring set from residence in the 2300 block of Chase.

Theresa Black, TV, DVDs, clothing from the 500 block of Platt.

Steffanie Hawkins, 4 pit bull-type puppies, footwear, assorted men's clothing from residence in 1100 block of Utah.

Anita Krall-Szalay, copper tubing from plumbing system of home in the 5500 block of San Juan.

Detraie Marquardt, tablet computer from residence in the 3000 block of Parkwood.

Cordell Moore, 3 TVs, 2 computers, shotgun, jewelry from residence in the 3000 block of Pemberton.

Stephen Franks, washer and dryer from residence in the 600 block of Eleanor.

Michael Johnson, cigarettes, CDs, bank card from truck in the 1900 block of Olimphia.

Timothy Wilde, cash from residence in the 4200 block of Kingsmoor.


Brian Elderkin, cash by Internet acquaintance who acquired data to gain access to victim's bank account.

Tameka Jones, navigation device, DVD player, CD player, and tablet computer from auto parked in 500 block of Market.

Edmund C. Recker, leather clutch, cash, bank cards, keys, and personal papers from tavern in 500 block of Madison.

Elaine Fox, patio swing, lawn mower, fencing, and chair cushions from residence in 1000 block of prouty.

James Douglas, two men's gold rings from console of truck parked in 2200 block of Laskey.

Kendra Turner, unauthorized charges to bank card by known suspect.

Arian Schultz, stereo music system, 12 speakers from vehicle parked in driveway in 1100 block of Amanda.

Andra Parker, .380 pistol, lock, case, and ear muffs from home in 1700 block of Milburn.

Tabithia Martin, prescription medication from home in 100 block of Elgin.

Jenna Bannister, stereo system from SUV parked in driveway in 2600 block of Claredale.

Amber Williams, wallet with personal papers, bank card from retail store in 5800 block of Airport.

Shannon Franklin, purse with prescription medicine, bank cards, and personal papers from vehicle parked in 1800 block of Alvin.

Vivian Holgate, handicap placard from vehicle parked in 1200 block of Flaire.

AJ Landscaping, two backpack leaf blowers, two grass trimmers, and sidewalk edger from job site in 5000 block of Monroe.

Joseph Emerson, wallet, cash, personal papers, and bank card taken at unknown location. Card used by unauthorized person at retail store in 2500 block of Glendale.