Daily Log: 10-8



Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Ashley Aldrich, Toledo, girl, Oct. 4.

Dawn and Milo Webb, Toledo, boy, Oct. 6.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Megan Nighswander, Toledo, boy, Oct. 3.

Nicole Lake, Toledo, boy, Oct. 4.

Nichole and Michael Galvan, Fostoria, boy, Oct. 5.

Kristie and Daniel Joseph, Toledo, girl, Oct. 6.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Margaret and Scott Highhouse, Bowling Green, girl, Oct. 5.

Stacey Sirotnyak, Toledo, boy, Oct. 6.

Lindsey and Keith Stanley, Perrysburg, boy, Oct. 7.

Toledo Hospital

Amanda and Paul Irving, Holland, girl, Oct. 5.

Myshala Cummings, Toledo, girl, Oct. 6.

Jennifer Daly, Toledo, boy, Oct. 6.

Elizabeth and JB Graham, Maumee, boy, Oct. 6.

Elizabeth Eason, Swanton, boy, Oct. 6.

Loreal Watkins, Toledo, boy, Oct. 7.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Oct. 4, 2013

Anthony Berger, 34, construction coordinator, and Erica DeWeese, 34, shipping clerk, both of Toledo.

Matthew Young, 23, U.S. military, of Chamberlain, Maine, and Dayle Ziegler, 22, of Oregon.

Aaron Escareno, 28, flight follower, and Lisa Pacholek, 31, shift supervisor, both of Toledo.

Karl Hall, 22, machine operator, and Alena Szczerba, 24, machine operator, both of Whitehouse.

Brett McDougle, 26, warehouse associate, and Kristina Vasko, 25, recruiter, both of Oregon.

William Massie, Jr., 29, electronics assembler, and Rachel Dute, 28, product specialist, both of Toledo.

Christopher Brunsman, 22, stable worker, and Sarah Femia, 21, commercial driver, both of Toledo.

Nicholas O’Neal, 34, boilermaker, of Genoa, and Amy Vargas, 42, heavy equipment operator, of Toledo.

Joshua McDade, 34, utility worker, and Tanya Blatt, 37, student, both of Toledo.

Xianan Feng, 28, engineer, and Mei Zhang, 25, student, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Bennings, Lee, 70, Maher Street, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Bragg, Ella, 84, King Road, Sylvania, failure to thrive.

Fagan, Sharon, 54, Brookview Drive, cardiogenic shock.

Greenawalt, Velma, 88, Royalton Road, heart disease.

Hassan, Salwa, 81, Alexis Road, hypoxic respiratory failure.

Hui, Kwan, 70, Perrysburg, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Knapps, Lee, 68, Nebraska Avenue, pneumonia.

Kubicz, Norman, 80, Vistamar Road, carcinoma.

Lehmann, Donald, 71, Custer Drive, cardiogenic shock.

Olah, Mary, 86, Wallwerth Drive, carcinoma.

Pressley, Donald, Jr., 29, Fitchland Avenue, chronic seizure disorder.

Stemen, Robert, Jr., 40, Watson Avenue, multisystem organ failure.

Stone, Harold, 79, Douglas Road, dementia.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Stephanie Minor from Mark Minor.

Bobbi Tussing from Ronald Tussing.

William Hart from Rachel Hart.

Jeremy Thibault from Linda Thibault.

Stephanie Marable from Kenneth Marable.

Darryl Jones from Adonica Jones.

Jacqueline Webb from Camerren Webb.

Teresa Below from Virl Below.

Kenisha White from Ricki Berry.

Valentine Villarreal from Juliana Musa.

Margaret Newton from John Newton.

Kathleen Hartle from Jeffrey Hartle.

Jeffrey Hartle from Kathleen Hartle.

Lashawna Richardson from Latoine Richardson.

Michelle Ward from Brian Ward.

Daniel Bennett from Billie Bennett.

Melisa Gonzalez from Miguel Gonzalez.

Jose Rodriguez from Leslie Rodriguez.

Edwin Felton, Jr. from Angela Wooden-Felton.

Carleen August from Phillip August.

Lorenzo Byrd from Bianca Byrd.

Lee Anna Bornt-Williams from Jonathan Williams.

Kelly Schonherr from Raymond Oliver.

Donnal Sautter-Flack from Bruce Flack.

Christine Hottman from Ronald Hottmann, Jr.

Michael Stubblefield from Angel Stubblefield.

Angel Stubblefield from Michael Stubblefield.

Vashawn Estis from Katie Estis.

Tanya Hardenl from Harry Hersey.

Lynette Shorter from James Shorter, Jr.

Jessica Penrod from Wesley Penrod.

Julie Kolodzieski from David Kolodzieski.

Shawn Kimble from Kayla Kimble.

Stacey Curry from Jeffrey Horton.

Lakeisha Coley from Thomas Coley.

Kiya Valdez-Fenderson from Kevin Fenderson.

Kelly Culbertson from Keith King.

Cheri Hill from Clint Hill.

Julie Dewaard from Jack Dewaard.

Nereida Estep from Gary Estep, Jr.

Emanuel May from Theresa May.

Robert Seymour from Rich-Allana Seymour.

Sallie Hock from Mark Hock.

Mark Hock from Sallie Hock.

Laurie Koerper from Joseph Koerper.

Amanda Foeller from Robert Foeller.

Robert Foeller from Amanda Foeller.

Jasmine Hicks from Bruce Hicks.

Andria Vargas-Balonek from Bret Balonek.

John McPherson from Sandra McPherson.

Joseph Rodriguez from Blanca Rodriguez.

Heather Kretin from Jonathon Kretin.

Rudy Strong, Sr., from Rochelle Strong.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Deanna Viengmany and Samphanh Viengmany.

Michael Spears and Hope Spears.

Lloyd Ritenour and Joyce Ritenour.

Camille Combs and Stephen Combs.

Christopher Ricci and Cynthia Hartman.

Denise Krouse and Marc Krouse.

Margaret Mallory and Larry Clark.

Kenneth Newman and Andrea Newman.

Mindy Scott and Joseph Scott.

Bonnie Clark and Michael Clark.

Michael Collins and Connie Collins.

Tamara Swartz and Eugene Swartz.