Daily Log: 10-12



Bay Park Community Hospital

Darnitra Brooks, Oregon, boy, Oct. 9.

Jennine Lewandowski, Toledo, girl, Oct. 10.

Kristin Wilhelm, Toledo, girl, Oct. 10.

Amal and Matthew Duffy, Toledo, boy, Oct. 10.


Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Sarah Conlee, Toledo, boy, Oct. 5.

Stephanie and Aaron Knight, Sylvania, boy, Oct. 8.

Shelly Haas, Toledo, girl, Oct. 8.

Leah and Christopher Salter, Lyons, Ohio, girl, Oct. 9.

Mercedes Braden, Monroe, boy, Oct. 9.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Oct. 10, 2013

Donald Collins, 23, mechanic, and Megan Gorney, 22, cashier, both of Swanton.

Jason Hall, 36, inspector, and Angela Crawford, 29, nurse, both of Toledo.

Scott Keefe, 51, carpenter, and Brenda Daly, 49, waitress, both of Toledo.

Kristopher Lafeir, 30, supervisor, and Ashtan Barto, 24, factory worker, both of Maumee.

Joel Pym, 22, sales manager, and Nicole Lobdell, 21, sales associate, both of Toledo.

Todd Lenz, 25, welder, and Amanda Wisniewski, 23, receptionist, both of Toledo.

Louis Sutton, Sr., 50, retired, and Saulene Bush, 48, cardiovascular technician, both of Toledo.

Philip Kozak, 28, contractor, and Jodi Roach, 31, nurse, both of Toledo.

Brian Kessinger, 35, laborer, and Heather Limes, 30, cashier, both of Maumee.

Marcus Harrison, 35, TV producer, and Adriana Ruiz, 34, customer service representative, both of Toledo.

Zachary Zaebst, 24, application programmer, and Erin Niese, 24, visual specialist, both of Toledo.

Jose Salazar, Jr., 24, manager, of Blissfield, Mich., and Laura Fellman, 21, manager, of Ida, Mich.



Lucas County

Barber, Gary, 61, Oakdale Avenue, Oregon, acute myocardial infarction.

Bertram, Richard, 97, Luddington Drive, congestive heart failure.

Bialecki, Donald, 89, Wyndale Drive, cancer.

Comer, Virginia, 83, Tiffin, multisystem organ failure.

Cook, Elizabeth, 52, Ostrich Lane, Whitehouse, multisystem organ failure.

Cousins, Lois, 84, Sylvania-Metamora Road, Sylvania, coronary atherosclerosis.

Edwards, Terry, Sr., 64, Walbridge, Ohio, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Elrod, Robert, Jr., 84, Sylvania-Metamora Road, Berkey, multiple myeloma.

Frazho, Loretta, 72, Adrian, respiratory failure.

Killian, Lee, 63, Heatherlawn Drive, stroke.

Schoonover, Warren, 89, Charmaine Drive, pending.

Senci, Janet, 76, North Holland-Sylvania Road, cancer.

Siegel, Grace, 84, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, congestive heart failure.

Snyder, Evelyn, 78, Ambleside Drive, Oregon, respiratory failure.

Stahlwood, Anna, 89, Robin Road, cardiovascular accident.

Taylor, James, 68, Dickens Drive, anoxic encephalopathy.


Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Antonio Roundtree, shot outside bar in 2000 block of Starr.

John Reed, assaulted on street at North Detroit and Wall.



Stop and Shop, clerk threatened with knife and robbed of cash at convenience store in unit block of North Reynolds.

Stop and Go, clerk threatened with knife and robbed of cash at convenience store in 3100 block of West Sylvania.



Alex Kekes, cash from residence in 2000 block of Woodford.

Terra Brown, TVs, laptop computer, and video game system with accessories from residence in 400 block of Elmdale.

Tom McQuire, TVs, laptop computer, video game systems withgames, Blu-Ray DVDs, and clothes from residence in 600 block of Carver.

Jacqueline Thomas, sink, refrigerator, microwave oven, and personal documents and papers from residence in 500 block of Arden Place.

Michael Finn, radiators from residence in 1000 block of North Huron.

Joseph Ceglio, weed cutter, leaf blower, and diaper bag with cash, keys, and personal documents from garage and vehicle at residence in 2800 block of 118th.

Jennifer Ford, TV, and wallet with cash, debit cards, child support card, and personal documents from residence in 300 block of Rockingham.

David Kloss, lawn maintenance equipment from shed in 2800 block of Claredale.

First Federal Bank, microwave oven, music mixing board, and speakers from vacant bar in 3300 block of Lagrange.

Paul Aranda, TV, video game systems, and pairs of shoes from residence in 700 block of Carver.

Elizabeth Louviaux, bicycles from garage in 3700 block of Beverly.

Marc Willier, jewelry and DVDs from residence in 3100 block of Glenwood.



Trebor Singletary, medicines from residence in 1100 block of Turner.

Northwest Trailer Sales & Service, trailer from trucking business in 100 block of West Alexis.

Ron Folds, air conditioners from duplex in 3700 block of Wallwerth.

Denetta McGarry, TVs, video game system with remote controls, and jewelry from residence in 4700 block of Chicory.


Dissolution granted

Lucas County

Tamara Swartz and Eugene Swartz.