Daily Log: 10-22



Bay Park Community Hospital

Samantha and Adam Andrews, Port Clinton, boy, Oct. 20.

Kasandra Woodley, Toledo, girl, Oct. 21.

Leah and David Rymers, Elmore, Ohio, boy, Oct.21.

Flower Hospital

Jessica Whitley, Toledo, boy, Oct. 18.

Stephanie Grigson, Toledo, boy, Oct. 18

.Sarah and Erich, Piland, Perrysburg, girl, Oct. 18.

Taren Lutchey, Toledo, girl, Oct. 19.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Tiffany and Joshua Storrer, Archbold, girl, Oct. 17.

Megan Garza, Springfield Township, boy, Oct. 18.

Amy Stewart, Toledo, girl, Oct. 18.

Kayla Delvaux, Toledo, girl, Oct. 18.

Abby and Dan Landrum, Toledo, boy, Oct. 20.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Heather Steck, Grand Rapids, Ohio, boy, Oct. 19.

Toledo Hospital

Jennifer and Ryan Grant, Whitehouse, twins, girl and boy, Sept. 4.

Amber Graham, Lima, Ohio, girl, Sept. 19.

Theresa and Matthew Tharp, Findlay, girl, Oct. 18.

Courtney and Ryan Sampsell, Oregon, boy, Oct. 19.

Megan Knappins, Toledo, boy, Oct. 19.

Jamie and Jared Kaelber, Rossford, boy, Oct. 20.

Melissa McGaharan, Toledo, girl, Oct. 20.

Delanna Senecal, Toledo, girl, Oct. 20.

Sharon and Dan Wright, Ottawa Lake, Mich., boy, Oct. 20.

Felicia and Muneeb Siddiqui, Toledo, boy, Oct. 21.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Oct. 18, 2013

Jon Strausbaugh, 26, engineer, and Stacy Pockett, 27, X-ray technician, both of Toledo.

Orrin Calhoun, Jr., 38, factory worker, and Heidi Funk, 22, nurse aide, both of Toledo.

Joshua Bethel, 23, cashier, and Adriane Dashner, 25, caregiver, both of Sylvania.

Margarito Cantu, Jr., 43, welder fabricator, and Victoria Oyerbides, 45, auditor, both of Toledo.

Gregory Hendrzak, Jr., 24, warehouse manager, and Amy Nyitray, 26, repackaging manager, both of Holland.

Bradley Schmitz, 26, engineer, and Taylor Melton, 21, substitute, both of Toledo.

Ryan Adams, 25, assembler, of Sylvania, and Jamie Barnett, 22, supervisor, of Milan, Mich.

Roger Smith, 44, factory worker, of Belleville, Mich., and Melinda Guy, 44, retail manager, of Monroe.

Jacinto Rodriquez, II, 25, of Toledo, and Andrea Torres, 30, laborer, of Hudson, Mich.

Marcus Rohde, 28, hospitality, and Abigail Hines, 29, nurse, both of Maumee.

William Haefner, Jr., 49, retail, and Irma Nagel, 40, maintenance, both of Toledo.

Timothy Tyree, 50, retired, and Deborah Beeman, 49, manager, both of Maumee.

Jason Brown, 27, customer service representative, and Jessica Laytart, 22, call center respresentative, both of Maumee.

Jeffery Jeffers, 51, sales consultant, and Kelie Budd, 46, educator, both of Toledo.

Andrew Myers, 45, tool and die maker, and Judith Myers, 45, attorney, both of Maumee.

Raymond Martinez, 26, crane operator, and Lauren Bollinger, 26, teacher, both of Sylvania.

Johnathen Pheils, 22, Army National Guard, and Tiffany Painter, 24, intake coordinator, both of Sylvania.


Lucas County

Arp, James, 79, Rapid River, Mich., chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Barton, Bessie, 70, Ontario Street, congestive heart failure.

Berndt, Shirley, 61, Perrysburg, brainstem hemorrhage.

Brooks, Patricia, 53, Lindsay Avenue, cancer.

Burton, Monique, 28, Hampton Avenue, ventricular fibrillation.

Day, Mildred, 97, Almon Avenue, dementia.

Falk, Mary, 92, Banks Street, congestive heart failure.

Gorsuch, Betty, 84, Harvard Boulevard, cancer.

Hendricks, David, 66, Rhode Island Road, Holland, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Konwin, Betty, 83, Parkcliff Lane, dementia.

Kosier, McMillian, 82, Stamford Drive, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Kozak, Joan, 84, Monclova Road, Maumee, anoxic brain injury.

Lewis, Louise, 97, North Wheeling Street, lung mass.

Maxwell, Margaret, 85, Hill Avenue, cerebrovascular accident.

Ramos, Richard, 58, Bowling Green, hepatorenal syndrome.

Sawyer, Fletcher, 79, Avondale Avenue, osteomyelitis.

Spychalski, Richard, 57, West Bancroft Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Straube, Christopher, 53, Pimlico Park, Holland, gliosarcoma.

Szmania, Raymond, 96, Perrysburg, myelodysplastic syndrome.

Thompson, Ricardo, 40, Parkdale Avenue, hyperkalemia.

Ulrich, Marie, 81, Bradmore Drive, cancer.

Vasquez-Hernandez, Ma Sagrario, 46, Magnolia Street, glioblastoma/brain.

Young, Evie Jr., 85, Monroe, MRSA meningitis.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Douglas Osborn from Lisa Osborn.

Mary Jo Schweizer from William Schweizer.

Joseph Cosby from Shoshana Cosby.

Ron Harris from Kimberly Driscoll.

Star Vasser from Mitchell Hoover.

Jaime Clark from Nelson Clark.

Sheronda Foster from Rodney Jackson, Jr.

Lana Anderson from Joseph Anderson.

Derrick Austin from Maxzine Crawford.

Jeffrey Egbert from Kari Egbert.

Starra Abbott from John Abbott.

Kevin Manning, Sr. from Marlise Manning.

Zakia Wappner from James Wappner.

Jerry McCarver from Williene McCarver.

John Jones from Shaundra Jones.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Robert Murd and Ashley Murd.

Rigoberto Estrada-Reveles and Yolanda Estrada.

Helen Cole and David Cole.

Alan Nowakowski and Karen Nowakowski.

Laura Dinardo-Bendekgey and Samuel Bendekgey.

Christopher Hamburg and Tiffiny Hamburg.

Deborah Reimond and Todd Reimond.

Amy Spengler and William Spengler.

Cody Penske and Amanda Penske.

Avery Miller and Summer Miller.

Rebecca Paholak and William Paholak IV.

Joel Scilzo and Michelle Scilzo.

Marquitta Bey and Willie Wilson, Jr.

Jennifer Belt and Frank Hammond.

Julie Nessia and Benjamin Nessia.

Martin Petersen and Joanne Petersen.

Samantha Petiniot and Adam Petiniot.

Erin Thomas and Judd Thomas.

Tracey White and Justin Hogan.

Justin Collins and Nicole Collins.

Maren Macallister and Matthew Macallister.

Elizabeth Mastin and Cody Mastin.

Shelly Olejniczak and Timothy Olejniczak.

John Gartee and Dawn Gartee.

Rachel Wallace and Mario Wallace II.

Mary Challen and Christopher Challen.

Lewis Ackerman and Stacy Ackerman.

Trisha Erwin and Jerry Erwin, Jr.