Daily Log: 10-28



Flower Hospital

Kim and Brian Leverenz, Toledo, boy, Oct. 24

Kristin and Pete Pedersen, Holland, boy, Oct. 25.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Oct. 24, 2013

Robert Schalitz, 75, retired, and Jacquelyn Hammon, 74, retired, both of Waterville.

Matthew Spies, 24, system engineer, and Kisten Lyon, 24, both of Toledo.

Jeremy Farrell, 37, manager, of Toledo, and Amy Klaum, 36, manager, of Johnstown, Pa.

Jason Slutz, 23, cashier, Massillon, Ohio, and Andrea McConnell, 24, preanalytic technician, of Sylvania.

Jeremiah Swanson, 25, material handler, Oregon, and Mallory Schneider, 23, homemaker, of Millbury, Ohio.

Damian Gensler, 23, self employed, and Jennifer Brashear, 26, both of Toledo.

Nicholas Vitou, 32, television director, and Dara Hays, 31, manager, both of Toledo.

Matthew Carter, 29, social worker, and Kylie Kiefer, 26, social worker, both of Toledo.

Jack Baker, Jr., 34, and Ashley Reider, 30, transcriptionist, both of Whitehouse.

Eric Perry, 51, utility worker, and Maria Harris, 44, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Eric Nijakowski, 27, department manager, and Megan Mohr, 27, office manager, both of Toledo.

Clarence Labiche (Brown), 29, supervisor, and Tiffanie Gulley, 29, nurse assistant, both of Toledo.

Nicholas Benner, 32, architect, of Columbus, and Stefanie Dunlap, 30, banker, of Toledo.

Johnathan Bailey, 23, factory worker, and Shila Gordon, 23, server, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Avery, John, 63, Wayne Street, hypoxic encephalopathy.

Bagley, Douglas, 67, Petersburg, Mich., congestive heart failure.

Barhite, Scott, 51, Flaire Drive, cardiovascular disease.

Cunningham, Eleanor, 77, Petersburg, Mich., dementia.

Fisher, Marilyn, 76, Fremont, sepsis.

Fletcher, Charles, 63, Genoa, pneumonia.

Habernigg, Bobby, 56, Norwalk, Ohio, septic shock.

Hansen, Cynthia, 57, Northwood, pulmonary embolism.

Heffner, Sandra, 69, South Dorcas Street, liver cirrhosis.

Hemminger, Toby, 38, Grand Rapids, Ohio, pending.

Johnson, Theresa, 54, Mansfield Road, cardiovascular disease.

Oblizajek, William, 93, King Road, Sylvania, paralysis agitans.

Paffrath, Edward, 73, Genoa, septic shock.

Sanchez, Bernard, 78, Hazelton Drive, Oregon, congestive heart failure.

Schwiebert, Kevin, 35, Napoleon, pending.

Smeltzer, Ruth, 86, South Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Stevens, Earl, Sr., 89, Bayard Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Subbaiyer, Sambamurti, 97, Solon, Ohio, accident.

Toth, Barbara, 67, 303rd Street, cancer.


Crime reports


Monica Barnum and Kalief Ringger, threatened with handgun and robbed of smart phones, cash, wallet, and Social Security card in parking lot in 4400 block of Hill.

Christian Knudson, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash in vehicle in alley at unknown location in East Toledo.

Nehemiah Cannon, cell phone and tablet by two males who accosted him in 300 block of North Michigan.

Stop & Go convenience store, cash by two males, one armed with gun, who fled on foot from building.

Nicholas Lau, attacked by three men during unsuccessful robbery in 1500 block of Broadway.

Vitos Pizza, unsuccessful robbery in 2100 block of Reynolds by armed male who fired shot into air after confronting two employees and fled.


Betsy Gonzales and William Elvey, copper pipes from residence in 3900 block of Kimberton.

Chantell Nolen, TV, laptop computer, and video game systems with games from residence in 1300 block of North Cove.

Mark Pawelczak, tablet computer from residence in 3700 block of Oak Forest.

Greg Sevilla, microwave oven from residence in 2500 block of Greenway.

Elaine Woodward, furniture and TVs from residence in 1000 block of Sisson.

Shirley McPherson, cash and video game system with game and accessories from residence in 5700 block of Harschel.

Anderson Television Repair, TVs and stereo speakers from business in 400 block of Chicago.

Robert Morrison, handgun, computer, video game systems, amplifier, TV converter box, speaker, and collection of knives from residence in 5500 block of Lewis.

Subway restaurant, cash by unknown perpetrator in 400 block of North Superior.

Amanda Rutan, two TVs and computer from residence in 2000 block of Mansfield.

Deborah Riley, stove, refrigerator, air conditioner, kitchen cabinetry, and washing machine from mobile home in 2700 block of Tremainsville.

India Bass, three TVs from residence in 100 block of East Woodruff.

Kari Willier, electronic gaming device from residence in 3100 block of Glenwood.

Subway restaurant, cash by unknown perpetrator in 2100 block of Reynolds.

Gabrielle Berning, four TVs and electronic gaming device and controllers from residence in 800 block of Willow.

Khoudre Tawil, copper piping from residence in 200 block of Greenwood.

Robin Kaczmarek, jewelry and two TVs from residence in 3300 block of Otto.

Tara Woodruff, copper tubing from dwelling in 500 block of Yondota.

Robert Plummer, Jr., TV from residence in 500 block of Whittemore.

Roger Horton, Jr., copper tubing, furnace, and water heater from dwelling in 1500 block of Tecumseh.

Chasity Pinkelton, two TVs, electronic gaming device, computer, cell phone, camera, and DVD player from residence in 3200 block of Glanzman.

Evan Jackson, TV from residence by man with gun who threatened teenage occupant in 2200 block of Westmonte.

Glass City Realty, copper piping, kitchen sink, light fixtures, vent covers, furnace, and faucets from dwelling in 500 block of Oswald.

City Forest of Toledo, copper wiring from dwelling from residence in 900 block of Blum.

Whitney Barlow, three TVs and electronic gaming device from residence in 3600 block of North Erie.

Franklin Pusey, TV, electronic game system, and several game modules from residence in 4100 block of Walker.

Ashley Hammonds, electronic game system, controllers, and game modules from residence in 1100 block of Artis.

Jonathan Perry, foiled break-in by male who dropped TV as he was leaving Perry residence in 3500 block of Stickney.

Ariel Hahn, TV and pet shih tzu dog from residence in 300 block of Hiett.

Kris Bell, four TVs, computer, two tablets, electronic gaming unit with controllers and 20 games, men's ring, 2 watches, necklace, cash, diamond earrings, 12 pairs of tennis shoes, bedding, blankets, backpack, medication, and cable remote from residence in 1600 block of Homestead.

Austin Webster, weightlifting plates from garage in 100 block of Warrington.

Sahvanna Lopez, TV from residence in 200 block of Valleywood.

U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, two air conditioning units from dwelling in 4100 block of North Lockwood.


Matthew Watkins, automotive sound system from SUV parked in 3100 block of Sherbrooke.

Jeffrey Jurrus, two backpack leaf blower and weed trimmer from vehicle parked in 3400 block of Secor.

Arturo Perez, Jr., handgun from pickup parked in 600 block of Maywood.

Renee Granades, two cameras and accessory bags from auto parked in 600 block of Main.

Steven Kerekes, birth certificate, house deed, and blank checks from residence in 300 block of Sandusky.

Jamison Oberhaus, CDs, electronic gaming device, CB radio, and cash from vehicle in 2000 block of South Reynolds.

Sarah Lawrence, unauthorized person charged purchases totaling $850 to her debit card, which she believes she lost in 5800 block of Heatherdowns.

Martha Carncross, wallet, personal papers, bank cards, and cash from business in 6000 block of Secor.

Kristie Madrid, TV from residence in 2100 block of Chase.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Rachel Wallace and Mario Wallace II.

Mary Challen and Christopher Challen.

Lewis Ackerman and Stacy Ackerman.

Trisha Erwin and Jerry Erwin, Jr.