Daily Log: 11-09



Bay Park Community Hospital

Danielle and Johnny Wilhelm, Oregon, boy, Nov. 7.


Flower Hospital

Dakota Manley, Holland, girl, Nov. 6.

Whitney Cooper, Toledo, girl, Nov. 6.


Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Nickie Wilison, Toledo, boy, Nov. 7.

Keri Myers, Toledo, boy, Nov. 7.


Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Danette Flowers, Toledo, boy, Nov. 6.


St. Luke’s Hospital

Jennifer and Jeff Burnor, Toledo, girl, Nov. 8.

Sarah and Thomas Weiland, Stryker, Ohio, boy, Nov. 8.


Toledo Hospital

Tracy and Jamie Maunter, Toledo, boy, Nov. 5.

Valerie Jones, Toledo, boy, Nov. 5.

Amanda and Douglas Szparka, Sylvania, girl, Nov. 7.

Alison and Jeff Marchal, Toledo, girl, Nov. 7.

Brittany and John Craig, Perrysburg, boy, Nov. 7.

Misty Conner, Toledo, girl, Nov. 7.

Eidah and Ahmed Alrashedi, Toledo, girl, Nov. 7.


Marriage license

Lucas County

Nov. 7, 2013

Joseph Comiskey, 53, retired, and Rebecca Hodnett, 54, retail sales representative, both of Toledo.

Bobby Bradford, 30, banker, and Maria Beltran, 32, recreational therapist, both of Toledo.

Randy Schroeder, 28, case manager, and Angela David, 28, administrative assistant, both of Toledo.

Elton Shreves, 39, and Crystal Hardin, 29, both of Toledo.

John Williams III, 24, sales representative, and Savannah Chapman, 24, customer service representative, both of Toledo.

Jesse McBride, 44, mill operator, and Marlina Thomas, 34, accounts representative, both of Toledo.

Marrion Jennings III, 39, laborer, and Sunni Ybarra, 37, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Jeffrey Cislo, 49, delivery driver, and Sandra Abel, 40, bartender, both of Toledo.

Matthew Fall, 43, and Leanne Hicks, 39, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Manke, Gladys, 90, Harvest Lane, Alzheimer’s disease.

Morgan, Betty, 91, Swan Creek Drive, coronary artery disease.

Nagel, Connie, 77, Attica, Ohio, pneumonia.

Odom, Paula, 65, South McCord Road, Holland, ventricular arrythmia.

Odoms, Bobby, 73, Spring Street, dementia.

Parke, Leroy III, 21, Yermo Drive, pending.

Sheffield, John, Jr., 64, Port Byron, N.Y., sepsis.

Toth, Joyce, 69, Penelope Drive, cardiac arrest.

Tunison, Paul, Jr., 71, Birkdale Road, coronary artery disease.

Van Horn, James, 70, Lambertville, cancer.

Wells, Clifford aka Donald, 75, Maywood Avenue, leukemia.

Wilson, Beth, 60, Key Street, Maumee, pulmonary embolism.


Crime reports


Janet Helfrich, loss undetermined from residence in 2000 block of Harlan.

Jessica Magris, cash from residence in 900 block of Artis.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Andrea Reed from Melvin Fleck.

Rebekah Simpson from Kenneth Simpson, Jr.

Lezlie Tilton from Matthew Tilton.

Jessica Reebel from Derran Reebel.

William Quinlan from Juliette Quinlan.

Shauna Ohms from Shaun Ohms, Sr.

Shaun Ohms, Sr. from Shauna Ohms.

Sherri Jacobs from Robert Jacobs.

Anita Brown from Charles Brown.

Renee Hindall from Jeremy Hindall.

Debra Epperson from Michael Epperson.

Erica Gardner from Cory Gardner.

Cory Gardner from Erica Gardner.

Joseph Koren from Amber Koren.

Kenneth Fischer from Patti Fischer.

Tina Harding from Rodney Harding.

Rodney Harding from Tina Harding.

Amy Conlee from Andrew Conlee.

Andrew Conlee from Amy Conlee.

Johnathan Grow from Tina Grow.

Ashley Sparrow from Scott Sparrow.

Amy Nadeau from Jason Nadeau.

Jennifer Sifuentes from Jose Sifuentes.

Jose Sifuentes from Jennifer Sifuentes.

Roxanne Clark from Robert Clark.

Wendy Gutowitz from Steven Gutowitz.

Alvin Robinson, Sr. from Nicholette Robinson.

Dametris Ross-Voet from Wilhelm Voet.

Jordin Conklin from Matthew Conklin.

Amanda Lewis from George Beauchamp.

Vincent Riley from Patrice Davis.

Connie Pelland from Mickey Pelland.

Joyce Vasquez from Lorenzo Vasquez.

Lisa Campbell from Everett Milam.

Caroly Young-Stubblefield from Wardell Stubblefield.

Debra Schroeder from Stephen Schroeder.

Tanya Drcar from Michael Drcar.

Jamie Branson from Carl Branson.

Robert Hutchison from Carrie Hutchison.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

John Adamski and Meredith Csuri.

Jennifer Fackelman and Nicholas Fackelman.

Martha Jude and Patrick Jude.

Hassan Moussa and Laila Moussa.

Regina Shoblaq and Hussam Shoblaq.

Jeffrey Daniels and Dawn Stawowy.