Daily Log: 11-13



Bay Park Community Hospital

Lindsey Dantzer, Toledo, girl, Nov. 11.

Jessica Stahl, Toledo, boy, Nov. 11.

Flower Hospital

Amber and Philip Stone, Toledo, boy, Nov. 10.

Jessica Sneed, Sylvania, girl, Nov. 11.

Dominique Allen, Toledo, boy, Nov. 11.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Leslie and Jeffrey Campbell, Martin, Ohio, boy, Nov. 9.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Courtney and Christopher Buczkowski, Toledo, girl, Nov. 11.

Lexus Love, Toledo, girl, Nov. 11.

Toledo Hospital

Jenni and Kevin Harris, Toledo, girl, Nov. 9.

Sharlene Peraza, Toledo, boy, Nov. 9.

Jessica Shoemaker, Toledo, boy, Nov. 10.

Ashley and Dennis McCoy, Toledo, boy, Nov. 10.

Taris Brown, Toledo, girl, Nov. 10.

Lauren and Walter Pope, Toledo, girl, Nov. 11.

Aaliyha Bennett, Toledo, girl, Nov. 12.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Nov. 8, 2013

Bradley Bischoff, 51, diesel mechanic, and Veronica Villagomez, 44, photo technician, both of Toledo.

Gary Floor, 55, operations manager, and Sherry Cannon, 46, secretary, both of Toledo.

Aaron Ilstrup, 23, factory worker, and Jennifer Dietz, 21, nurse’s assistant, both of Tole-do.

Christopher Nelson, 25, manager, of Toledo, and Veronica Bowsher, 21, student, of Defiance.

Francis Orume, 48, consultant, and Stephanie Tameze, 32, pharmacist, both of Toledo.

William Hatch, Jr., 64, retired, of Boynton Beach, Fla., and Sue Bolton, 64, claims examiner, of Toledo.

Blake Thilo, 23, millwright, of Adrian, and Richae Tuttle, 23, of Lansing.

Anthony Wilson, 36, engineer, and Beth Burns, 31, self-employed, both of Toledo.

Mario Carter II, 22, and Jamila Carter, 26, nurse’s assistant, both of Toledo.

Duane Chittum, 42, painter, and Sandra Avila, 44, teacher, both of Maumee.

Dwayne Anderson, 39, self-employed, and Michelle Forbes, 32, factory worker, both of Toledo.

Sanjiv Josh, 42, physician, of Sylvania, and Reena Dar, 41, government employee, of Brampton, Ont.

Ryan Liedel, 31, project manager, and Bethany Bondy, 28, financial analyst, both of Toledo.