Daily Log: 4/18



Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Bethany and Marc Christensen, Oregon, girl, April 14.

Challen and Jeremy Baker, Lambertville, girl, April 15.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Rosa and Matthew Scott, Toledo, boy, April 13.

Robyn and Cody Ward, Toledo, girl, April 15.

Torie Betts, Toledo, boy, April 15.

Stephanie Keaton, Toledo, boy, April 15.

Mychayla Wright, Toledo, girl, April 15.

Darci and Michael Sennett, Toledo, girl, April 16.

Latreece O’Neil, Toledo, boy, April 16.

Tashemia Rowlett-Allen, Toledo, girl, April 17.

Elizabeth Zeiler, Swanton, girl, April 17.

ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Michelle and Jose Lozoya, Curtice, Ohio, girl, April 17.

ProMedica Flower Hospital

Talacia Murphy, Toledo, boy, April 10.

Tanisha DeBoe, Toledo, girl, April 14.

Molley and RJ Stacnowiak, Toledo, boy, April 14.

Sara and Michael Klocinski, Sylvania, girl, April 14.

Andrea and Corey Guyton, Toledo, girl, April 15.

Lori Sobieniak, Toledo, boy, April 16.

ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital

Erin and Lucas Mayer, Waterville, girl, April 16.

Mandy Bayles, Toledo, boy, April 16.

Katelyn Long, Bowling Green, girl, April 17.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Brandy and Eric Weitzel, Montpelier, Ohio, boy, March 30.

Elizabeth and Mark James, Toledo, boy, April 7.

Katie and Andrew Henson, Pemberville, boy, April 10.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

April 16, 2014

Gordon Sexton, 42, truck driver, and Christina Coleman, 43, medical assistant, both of Holland.

Robert Karrick, Jr., 56, self-employed, of Toledo, and Antoinette Arman, 53, self-employed, of Maumee.

Frank Kynard II, 30, warehouse worker, and Danielle Malone, 27, assistant manager, both of Toledo.

James Patman, 46, laborer, of LaSalle, Mich., and Lynn Fisher, 46, medical biller, of Toledo.

Ryan Snyder, 26, sales, and Amber Orzechowski, 27, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Craig Raberding, 29, doctor, and Samantha Temme, 27, speech therapist, both of Toledo.

Jeffrey Halbert, 23, sales associate, and Jami Wilk, 22, head cashier, both of Toledo.

Chase Muir, 26, painter, and Kimberly McPherson, 27, both of Maumee.

Todd Essig, 21, manager, and Katie Funk, 20, cashier, both of Toledo.

Charles Prater II, 30, production, and Kylee Wieland, 25, student, both of Toledo.


Crime report


Michael Brazeal, medicines from residence in 4700 block of Overland.



Lucas County

Becker, Clarabelle, 82, Nebraska Avenue, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Bertoldo, Christie, 57, Parkwood Avenue, pending investigation.

Binger, Gladys, 79, Darlington Road, dementia.

Bowles, Beverly, 68, Violet Road, diabetes.

Bullimore, Patricia, 69, North Erie Street, cancer.

Cameron, William, 86, Cresthaven Lane, coronary artery disease.

Carson-Jackson, Blanche, 87, Wick Drive, Oregon, dementia.

Coker, William, 61, Wauseon, acute respiratory failure.

Davis, John, 92, Dellwood Drive, cancer.

Dixon, Jarrell, Jr., 2 days, South Avenue, extreme immaturity.

Finley, Patsy, 52, Belmont Avenue, heart disease.

Haman, James, 81, South Byrne Road, cerebrovascular accident.

Hunsinger, Eddie, 76, Swanton, glioblastoma.

Jacobs, Freda, 96, King Road, Sylvania, failure to thrive.

Jones, Lorena, 87, Temperance, acute respiratory failure.

Kendrick, Leigh, 87, Pemberville, cancer.

Knott, Charles, 64, Bowling Green, myocardial infarction.

Marsh, Clarence, 85, Bowling Green, cancer.

Melvin, Joe, 77, Evergreen Road, renal disease.

Nowak, Anastazja aka Anna, 91, Summit Street, dementia.

Osenbaugh, Ryan, 46, Lagrange Street, myocardial infarction.

Perry, Wilfred, Jr., 87, Parliament Square, accident.

Sanderson, James, 82, Castlewood Drive, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Sheares-Key, Donna, 67, Glanzman Road, hypoxic encephalopathy.

Steusloff, Peggy, 65, Swanton, respiratory distress syndrome.

Thomas, Lois, 65, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, renal disease.

Wagner, Timothy, 71, Summer Place Drive, Sylvania, coronary artery disease.

Walls, Lillian, 51, National Avenue, encephalopathy.

Wanamaker, Helen, 87, Lewis Avenue, respiratory failure.

Wells, Dorothy, 88, Hearthstone Place, shock.

Wolf, Ronald, 69, Fairfield Drive, congestive heart failure.