Daily Log: 5-31



Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Bethany and Ryan Leisure, Perrysburg, girl, May 28.

Samantha and Cory Speelman, Toledo, girl, May 29.


ProMedica St. Luke‘s Hospital

Megan and Brandon Erme, Maumee, girl, May 30.

Walaa Ibrahem and Asem Aboelzahab, Perrysburg, boy, May 30.

Amber Boyer, Toledo, girl, May 30.

Michaela Gutierrez, Toledo, girl, May 30.


ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Kylie McCrory, Toledo, boy, May 29.

Natalie and Josh Neal, Toledo, girl, May 29.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

May 29, 2014

Justin Kruse, 31, insurance salesman, and Stephanie Bodette, 28, benefits analyst, both of Toledo.

Scott Harmsen, 29, shipping supervisor, and Jenna Lower, 25, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Patrick Miller, 21, Marine, and Morgan Taylor, 21, secretary, both of Walbridge.

David Moede, 23, cook, and Lauren Osgood, 24, cashier, both of Toledo.

Robert Eskridge, 22, Nyckole Watkins, 23, both of Toledo.

Dennis Forney, II, 33, autoworker, of Aurora, Ohio, and Britteney Stanton, 27, nurse, of Toledo.

Timothy Smarszcz, 44, drywall finisher, and Danielle Elsholz, 33, barmaid, both of Toledo.

Matthew Ogorzaly, 26, engineer, and Courtney Gerhart, 25, pharmacist, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Ayers, Dennis, 63, Earl Street, cancer.

Baker, Ashtyn, 19, Fayette, Ohio, pending.

Belcher, Maynard, 74, Berdan Avenue, respiratory failure.

Boor, Jon, 77, Tremainsville Road, lymphoma.

Brink, Barbara, 88, Perrysburg Holland Road, Holland, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Grob, Shawn, 39, Mantey Lane, pneumocystis pneumonia.

Groszewski, Marilyn, 52, West Gramercy Avenue, respiratory failure.

Hodge, Yvonne, 63, Warren Street, respiratory failure.

Jackson, Jacqueline, 69, Monroe Street, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Kasper, Jerry, 77, Pickard Drive, gangrene.

Michalski, Pamela, 67, Lewis Avenue, cancer.

Miller, Lois, 87, Sunset Boulevard, cancer.

Nichols, Roberta, 77, Burnham Green, respiratory failure.

Nicklas, Janie, 68, Cedar Ridge, cancer.

Robinson, Ronald, 56, Sisson Drive, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Singleton, Katherine, 84, Clifton Boulevard, congestive heart failure.

Spivey, James, 56, North Detroit Avenue, heart disease.

Stein, Jack, 75, Cushman Road, Sylvania, respiratory failure.

Stewart, Emily, 69, Findlay, sepsis syndrome.

Stoianoff, Annette, 85, Yermo Drive, exsanguination.

Taylor, Harold, 80, Pendleton Road, ventricular tachycardia.

Tibbits, Marjorie, 89, Hinsdale Drive, cryptogenic cirrhosis.

Tomanski, Stephanie, 99, Sylvania-Metamora Road, Sylvania, failure to thrive.

Tucker, Lewis, 72, Rockingham Street, cancer.

Ulrich, Betty, 90, Monroe, cerebral vascular accident.

Uyttenhove, Judith, 71, Royal Village, homicide.

Vallade, Victoria, 87, Temperance, respiratory failure.

Vizneau, Marie, 97, North Holland Sylvania Road, failure to thrive.

Vondran, Gerald, 73, Gladhaven Drive, Oregon, heart disease.

Watson, Charles, 53, Kelsey Avenue, pending.

Wehinger, Thomas, 78, Cheyenne Boulevard, ocular melanoma.

Wieck, Frank, Jr., 100, Cresthaven Lane, accident.

Wilbarger, Marjorie, 86, Navarre Avenue, Oregon, coronary atherosclerosis.

Wilson, H.N., 66, North 22nd Street, pending.

Woodley, Robert, 66, Berdan Avenue, suicide.

Woodling, Raymond, 85, Leith Street, Maumee, anoxic brain injury.

Worley, Mary, 57, Higgins Street, pending.

Wormley, Earl, Sr., 76, Brookley Boulevard, arteriosclerosis.

Wright, Benjamin, 87, Karyl Street, Waterville, pulmonary hypertension.

Zdybek, Margaret, 95, Mulberry Street, failure to thrive.


Crime reports

Felonious assault

Michael Martin, assaulted on street in 300 block of Parker.

Mark Buchanan, shot at outside residence in 1800 block of West Bancroft.

Patricia Goin, assaulted in alley in 1200 block of Front.

Richard Manning, shot outside convenience store in 5800 block of Secor.



Hunter Padgett, assaulted and robbed of bicycle outside school in 500 block of Chicago.

Michelene Wood, robbed of purse with cell phone, medicines, and wallet with child support card and personal documents at cemetery in 2200 block of Dorr.

Calvin Harris, assaulted and robbed of backpack with cash, laptop computer, phone adapter, medicines, and pair of sunglasses at Hill and South Byrne.

Shell True North Energy, clerk robbed of cash from register at gas station in 2200 block of South Reynolds.



Victor Wilson, microwave oven from residence in 3100 block of North Detroit.

Marjorie Mulcahy, jewelry, television, computers, smart phone, and digital camera from residence in 3800 block of Heatherdowns.

Derrick Young, rims and tires from vehicle in garage in 1500 block of Milroy.

Laura Grayer, televisions and computers from residence in 1800 block of Genesee.

Selene Finance, copper plumbing from residence in 4200 block of Fairview.

Huanvetrice Thompson, television from residence in 900 block of South 14th.

Mike Morris, cash, television, DVD player, Blu-ray player, computer, camera, and radio receiver from residence in 300 block of East Manhattan.

Norb Kirian, copper plumbing and garbage can from residence in 200 block of Hausman.

Randolph Block, medicines, coin collection, watches, cordless phone, television, DVD player, and espresso machine from residence in 800 block of McKinley.

Cynthia Cappelletty, jewelry, televisions, speakers, and video game system with games from residence in 1400 block of Liberty.