Daily Log: 6-07



Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Krystal Honsberger, Toledo, girl, June 2.

Victoria McQuin, Toledo, girl, June 2.

Marquisa Bolden, Toledo, boy, June 2.

Chrissa Slinker, Toledo, girl, June 4.

Elizabeth Ray, Toledo, girl, June 5.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

June 5, 2014

Richard Bushart, 41, analyst, of Westland, Mich., and Dawn Braker, 39, paralegal, of Toledo.

Patrick Langenderfer, 27, field technician, of Toledo, and Danielle Steusloff, 26, coordinator, of Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

Duane Bancroft, Jr., 36, and Carreanne Provost, 34, both of Toledo.

Thinh Khuong, 37, machine operator, and Nicole Khuong, 29, self-employed, both of Sylvania.

Justin Rains, 20, and Nadine Reaper, 20, artist, both of Toledo.

Michael Lee, 25, fabricator, and Elizabeth Cousino, 24, sales associate, both of Toledo.

John Gralak, 65, retired, and Carol Ellis, 64, retired, both of Toledo.

Tracey Glenn, Sr., 47, entrepreneur, and Samantha Davidson, 25, both of Toledo.

Timothy Jakubowski, 33, roofer, and Tanya Svihl, 35, both of Adrian.

Jason Arble, 27, sales representative, of Lambertville, and Andrea Houghton, 26, of Toledo.

Tomazz Wilson, 37, laborer, and Jasmine Reid, 23, both of Toledo.


Crime reports


Tony Miller, bicycles and lawn maintenance equipment from residence in 800 block of South Erie.

Rena Kemp, television and DVD player from residence in 4100 block of Garden Park.

Luke Mazur, copper plumbing from residence in 1900 block of Brussels.

Sur-Jon Jacobs, televisions, computers, and shoes from residence in 500 block of East Pearl.

Douglas Schroeder, television and medicines from residence in 3100 block of North Detroit.

Deon Jones, televisions, laptop computer, and video-game systems with games from residence in 900 block of East Bancroft.

Andrew Gibbs, video-game system with games and cables from residence in 200 block of 21st.

Robbin Shadix, television and DVD player from residence in 5300 block of North Detroit.

Travis Groszewski, medicines from residence in 300 block of West Gramercy.

Vivian Garber, television from residence in 600 block of Whitlock.

Warren Thorp, cash from residence in 300 block of Willamont.

Anissa Young and Kayla Ross, wallet and laptop computer from residence in 1100 block of Alcott.

Michael Luce, handgun and box of checks from residence in 200 block of East Northgate.

Regina Walker, television from residence in 800 block of Western.



Lucas County

Anderson, Dale, 91, Tall Pines Drive, lung mass.

Briones, Adolfo, Sr., 66, Brookridge Drive, renal failure.