Daily Log: 7-8



Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Sarah Toth and James Bollinger, Oregon, boy, July 2.

Olivia Upchurch, Oregon, boy, July 3.

Sarah and Scott Doss, Toledo, girl, July 4.

Mercy St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Renee and Scott Lehren, Toledo, boy, June 30.

Ursula Barrera-Richards and Jimmy Richards, Toledo, boy, July 2.

Naa Johnson and Stephen Ohene-Larbi, Toledo, boy, July 3.

ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Adrienne and Brent Maldonado, Toledo, girl, July 3.

Lindsay and Albert Hilt, Toledo, girl, July 4.

ProMedica Flower Hospital

Maraysia Dean, Toledo, girl, June 30.

Jennifer and Chris Hedden, Sylvania, girl, June 30.

Jessica and Tony Cass, Delta, girl, June 30.

Shamika and Madison Hughes, Toledo, boy, July 1.

Candace Brown, Toledo, twins, girl and boy, July 3.

Jennifer Doyle, Bowling Green, girl, July 3.

Sherry Khurana and Raminder Abluwalia, girl, July 4.

Tiffany Johns, Toledo, boy, July 4.

Lynne and Dennis O’Leary, Toledo, boy, July 4.

ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital

Diana and Timothy Lorigan, Toledo, boy, July 2.

Cassidy and Bret Berry, Swanton, girl, July 3.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Shyanna Fowler, Tiffin, Ohio, boy, June 17.

Shontelle Kincade, Toledo, boy, July 1.

Jennifer Rosa, Maumee, boy, July 5.

Darea Swain, Toledo, girl, July 5.

Amber and Chris Reed, Wauseon, Ohio, girl, July 6.

Tiffany Carter, Sylvania, boy, July 6.

Alexis and Ian Madden, Toledo, July 6.

Erica Allison, Toledo, girl, July 7.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

July 2, 2014

Douglas Blackmore, II, 28, mechanic, and Jessica Kother, 23, both of Toledo.

Eugene McClain, Jr., 44, truck driver, and Olivia Parker, 37, nursing, both of Toledo.

Kristopher Lindsey, 29, laborer, and Shantoya Lyons, 29, nurse aide, both of Maumee.

Thomas Tittle, 67, retired, and Kathy Carter, 62, retired, both of Toledo.

Joseph Carter, 44, construction worker, and Brandie Carnes, 39, both of Toledo.

Christopher Ruth, 24, sales manager, and Brittany Brough, 24, sales, both of Toledo.

Richard Barbaza, 29, manager, and Dawn Schings, 27, both of Toledo.

Jon Cobourne, 49, service technician, and Deborah Williams, 59, bookkeeper, both of Swanton.

Delano Winters, 34, self employed, and Katina Fetter, 32, labor, both of Toledo.

Austin Bohn, 22, military, of Sylvania, and Samantha Kisov, 22, customer support, of Lambertville.

Nathanie Bond, 23, teacher, of Toledo, and Hannah Rostan, 22, student, of Taylorville, N.C.

Terry Hinds, Jr., 37, professor, and Jenalee Lentz, 35, teacher, both of Maumee.

July 3, 2014

Joseph Clark, IV, 37, field service engineer, and Kristin Moriarty, 38, accounts receivable manager, both of Sylvania.

Jeremy Riehm, 29, sorted, and Rachel Thiel, 27, medical receptionist, both of Holland.

David Johnson, 34, and Heather Mullins, 34, retail, both of Toledo.

Edward Engel, Jr., 24, assembly line, and Alison Delaney, 24, nanny, both of Maumee.

Matthew Hill, 40, rodeo clown, and Summer Arnott, 37, public relations, both of Maumee.

Scott Arnold, 27, student, of Whitehouse, and Katherine Barnes, 27, physical therapist, of Marysville, Ohio.

David Fitts, 23, supervisor, and Chelsea McCauley, 23, toddler teacher, both of Toledo.

Damian Harris, 26, skilled packer, and Jumica Kimble, 27, skilled packer, both of Toledo.

Kyle Beals, 50, retired, and Kristin File, 44, factory worker, both of Blissfield, Mich.

Ursky Alexander, 26, laborer, and Wendy Auguste, 25, both of Toledo.

David McNidder, 27, teacher, and Tory Bishop, 27, teacher, both of Toledo.

Brian Huddleston, 51, carpenter, and Mary Knapich, 55, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Paul Volmar, 42, electrical engineer, and Tracy Orr, 40, production operator, of Dundee, Mich.

Robert Napierala, III, 23, business systems specialist, and Samantha Pierson, 23, intervention specialist, both of Sylvania.

Kenneth Muson, Jr., 41, driver, and Jennifer Mohr, 40, customer service, both of Adrian, Mich.

Budd May, Jr., 59, retired, and Karla Phillips, 53, clerk, both of Toledo.

Jeffrey Kline, 37, cook, and Heather Carney, 23, cook, both of Toledo.

Donald Runkle, 40, detailer, and Carrie Dunnigan, 33, production worker, both of Holland.

Steven Ciha, 55, service technician, and Jean Balcerzak, 52, retired, both of Toledo.

Alex Kanouh, 20, military, and Julea Rodriguez, 21, cosmetics, both of Perrysburg.

Adam Hicks, 22, sales, and Anisa Thomas, 19, both of Toledo.

Brian Mercier, 25, machinest, of Toledo, and Brittni Malkin, 24, nurse, of Ottawa Lake, Mich.

Vincent Daniels, 38, asbestos worker, and Lashawn Nash, 41, independent provider, both of Toledo.

Joseph Gerace, 65, retired, of Fort Myers, Fla., and Anita Enright, 43, retired, of Sylvania.

John Butler, 28, IT, of Maumee, and Adrienne Walch, 33, accountant, of Toledo.


Lucas County

Austermiller, John, 67, McClure, Ohio, septic shock.

Behrendt, Ralph, 63, 13th Street., cardiovascular disease.

Brooks, Ramona, 63, Platt Street, cancer.

Crim, Kathy, 62, Willys Parkway, pending.

Fields, Daryl, 60, Perrysburg, chronic respiratory failure.

Horoszewski, Walter, 100, West Bancroft Street, coronary artery disease.

Jacobs, Esther, 74, Hidden Ridge Road, chronic respiratory failure.

Lister, Kenneth, 75, Flanders Road, Sylvania, myocardial infarction.

Pahl, John, 69, Dyke Road, Curtice, cancer.

Ramirez, Laura, 53, Oak Street, cancer.

Rauch, Dorothy, 91, Napoleon, Ohio, septic shock.

Rowland, Kathleen, 65, 136th Street, cancer.

Sartin, Homer Sr., 60, Oak Street, liver failure.

Siegert, Arleen, 91, South Wheeling Street, Oregon, abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Tucker, Anna, 96, King Road, Sylvania, sepsis syndrome.

Weldon, Roseanne, 56, Therfield Drive, Sylvania, myocardial infarction.

Williams, Mary, 85, Astor Avenue, myocardial infarction.