Firm donates $25,000 for Pearson playground


BP-Husky Refining has made a second $25,000 contribution to the Metroparks of the Toledo Area for a new playground at Pearson Metropark.

BP-Husky made its initial contribution last year and committed to making a second donation in the same amount if that sum could be raised in the community. The France Stone Foundation, Friends of Pearson, and the Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce have made donations totaling that amount.

The funds will be used to construct the Metroparks’ signature playground consisting of custom-made interactive sculptures that incorporate an interpretation of nature. Artists at Graphite Design and Build in Toledo will produce play structures in the shape of trees and animals found in the park. These will be integrated with the conventional playground equipment in a new landscape near the location of the existing playground.

BP-Husky representatives also will help with the construction of the playground. In 2006, BP gave $50,000 to help establish the 300-acre park addition on Seaman Road known as Pearson North. The company also gave $15,000 in 2010 to renovate a Window on Wildlife in the park’s Packer-Hammersmith Center.