The right stuff


Courage and compassion are the rarest of commodities in politics, a sometimes sleazy endeavor ruled by expediency and cold calculation. But Gov. John Kasich has shown he is capable of both virtues.

Mr. Kasich bucked the extreme wing of his party to expand Medicaid in Ohio under the Affordable Care Act, a move that appeared motivated by genuine compassion for the poor.

And last week, he postponed the execution of convicted child-killer Ronald Phillips to determine if his “nonvital” organs could be harvested as he requested.

A new execution date was set for July 2.

Phillips wants to donate nonvital organs or tissues to his mother or possibly others. Phillips’ death sentence was not commuted — just delayed so that he could possibly benefit another human being.

Mr. Kasich’s action was unprecedented in the nation in the case of an imminent execution, a death penalty expert said.

Unprecedented, maybe, but principled and right.