UT law students urge provost to reinstate dean


More than 100 current and former students of the University of Toledo s college of law attended a forum yesterday and grilled a top university leader about why the college s dean was demoted to a teaching position.

The students, who also signed a petition in support of Dean Phillip Closius, urged Provost Alan Goodridge to reconsider his decision and negotiate a new contract with the dean.

Many noted that the dean has improved the law school its test scores, admissions, and rankings. They said they fear for the college s future if he s no longer at the helm.

They also expressed displeasure that the university s decision has prompted Associate Dean Beth Eisler to announce her departure from the law school s administration. Ms. Eisler confirmed yesterday that she plans to return to UT s teaching faculty at the end of the summer if a compromise is not reached with Mr. Closius.

Mr. Goodridge decided not to renew the contract because of the dean s contract stipulations. The provost pointed to a proposal from the dean that said he would leave if UT leaders did not accept one of two scenarios he offered.

Our decision then was, we can t work with a dean who takes this approach to working with the administration, Mr. Goodridge said.

At the same time, Mr. Good ridge elected not to renew the contract of David Stern, dean of the college of arts and sciences, for similar reasons.

Both men have appealed the provost s decisions.