Owens faculty vote no confidence in provost


The Owens Faculty Association has no confidence in the leadership of college Provost Paul Unger.

The faculty union approved Tuesday a "vote of no confidence" in the provost.

Of the 260 members of the faculty union, 199 voted between Friday and Tuesday, with 86 percent approving the measure.

"I would hope that it would send the message that we do need new academic leadership at Owens Community College to work through these issues that we've had and the majority of faculty believe they were created by the current leadership," union President David Matheny said.

The vote of no confidence is in response to the school's registered nursing program losing national accreditation from the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

The union previously called for the resignation of Mr. Unger because as the chief academic officer for the college, he is ultimately responsible for the loss of accreditation. Mr. Unger has said he will not resign.

The Owens Faculty Association sent the results of the vote to the Owens Board of Trustees on Tuesday evening.

The trustees are meeting with students Wednesday afternoon to discuss the nursing accreditation.