Temperance aide credited with saving choking girl


TEMPERANCE -- A fast-acting lunchroom aide at Temperance Road Elementary School is credited with preventing a potential tragedy by successfully performing the Heimlich maneuver on a girl choking on a piece of hot dog.

Kindergarten student Arianna Haaser got the piece of meat lodged in her windpipe during lunch and was coughing and holding her mouth when she approached the aide, Kate Schmus.

Mrs. Schmus realized the girl was choking and began efforts to clear the blockage.

That's when Nancy Brancheau, the school's other lunchroom aide, approached from behind to assist and Mrs. Schmus yelled, "Nancy, Heimlich!" Mrs. Brancheau then reached around the girl and performed the maneuver, and the piece of food popped out of Arianna's mouth.

The girl was examined by the school's health aide, then was taken home by her mother, Christina Haaser.

She acknowledged she was scared but said she would make sure her 1-year-old sister, Kylie, took small bites and chewed her food before swallowing.

Bedford Public Schools Superintendent Ted Magrum praised the aides for their quick action and cool heads.

They are to be recognized at the Oct. 4 board of education meeting.