Oregon forums to explore shifting of grades


The Oregon school district will hold a series of community forums this month to discuss the possibility of reconfiguring grades.

The first session was Monday at Jerusalem Elementary School. Five more are scheduled, all at 7 p.m.: Today at Coy Elementary; Monday at Eisenhower Middle School; Oct. 11 at Fassett Middle School; Oct. 15 at Starr Elementary, and Oct. 24 at Clay High School.

School officials are exploring the possibility of shifting grades so elementary schools contain kindergarten through fourth grades, middle schools house fifth and sixth grades, and the seventh and eighth grades would be together in junior high.

Currently, elementary schools house students in kindergarten through fifth grades, and middle school students are in grades six, seven, and eight.

Superintendent Michael Zalar said Oregon's grade configuration is old and has produced average results in the middle-grade levels.

"If we are serious about improving student achievement, then all options must be on the table," he said.