Teacher of the month: Christina Awls

Southview High School

Christina Awls
Christina Awls

Mrs. Awls is involved in many activities both in and out of the classroom that benefit not only her students but all students at Southview High School. She works with special education students in her classroom and does an outstanding job ensuring that her students have a solid understanding of the curriculum. She is an expert at organizing students and preparing them for success. She has helped to establish school-wide practices to help ensure that students and parents as well as other teachers communicate about classroom assignments.

Mrs. Awls has been an integral part of the Extra Help Program at Southview. She served on the Extra Help committee and worked to establish a designated room, used throughout the day for struggling students. School-wide assignments are collected and shared with students and teachers in guided study skills. The guided study hall is equipped with computers, books and assignment sheets; all suggestions from Mrs. Awls. She is also a big part of Dance for a Chance, our student run program that picks local charities to raise money for. Last year, DYAC raised over $34,000 for Project HAVEN.

“Mrs. Awls does an outstanding job working with special education students to be successful in the classroom,” said Dave McMurray, principal. “She has been a part of many programs that have been developed to assist struggling students and reaches all students at Southview High School.”

Mrs. Awls holds a degree in mild to moderate education of the handicapped from the University of Toledo.