Teacher of the month: Katie McClure

Penta Career Center

Katie McClure
Katie McClure

Katie McClure’s dedication and commitment to her students in the Transition to Work Program at Penta Career Center is second to none. Her motivational and problem-solving skills have helped students obtain community work experiences, and she has successfully developed positive relationships with businesses and organizations in the community, resulting in work opportunities for her students.

Mrs. McClure was honored at 2012 Penta Teacher of the Year, has earned an occupational work experience certificate from Kent State University and an education of the handicapped certificate from the University of Toledo.

“Mrs. McClure is highly effective in assisting students to successfully transition from school to employment,” said Deb Haig, supervisor of special education. “She has a unique ability to inspire students to make good choices at work and at school.”

Mrs. McClure has a bachelor’s degree in education with a comprehensive social studies major from the University of Toledo.